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  • I remember Ceiba having an excellent, pick from the menu, restaurant week deal two years ago. Food there is amazing.

    I’ve also had some lackluster restaurant weeks. Ceiba alone has made this a worthwhile experience for me.

  • Too long. We need bite-size articles in the blog-Age.

  • Having several friends in the “fine dining industry” and regrettably spending last summer in it as well, I’m definitely a hater. Restaurants specifically order lower-quality food for the “special menu” and the lower prices mean smaller tips, so worse service. Servers assume anyone who’s coming in for restuarant week is cheap and doesn’t even bother trying to get a good tip most of the time. Also, restaurant week is so popular the places get stupidly crowded.

    Hope you have a great restaurant week!

  • I had the wild boar pappardelle Wednesday night at Dino. It was virtually inedible. The no-corkage fee policy, on the other hand, was quite nice given the restaurant’s proximity to a great wine shop.

  • I thought the length of this article was perfect; I love reading foodie related stuff! I haven’t been to a lot of Washingtonian’s Top 100 either, but of those I have dined in I would have to say Proof has been my favorite. I told my server that I was a vegetarian and I let him choose my entire meal for me- right down to the wine pairing. It was heaven. 😀

  • too long…ashley’s got too much time on her hands.

  • Dino has terrible service. They time your meal (and will promptly ask you to leave if you go over your allotted time and for a three course meal and beverages, it takes a while to even get your app) and treat young people (read mid 20s) like crap. Not only are they rude and bring you food that is burnt, but they will accuse you of using your phone (a major no no) at the slightest sight of any reflection. Sorry sir, it was the reflection off my spoon, not my cell phone.

    Yes, $25 would seem like a great deal- but the lousy food combined with the even more lousy service, I would rather spend the $15 more and have a delightful experience elsewhere.

  • 100 percent hater. Most of the places I really want to try, but are generally too prohibitive (City Zen, Komi, Minibar, Marcel’s, things of that nature), don’t participate anyway. The places that DO participate honestly don’t discount the price all THAT much, and it is SO not worth it for the surly, pissed-off service and substandard, pre-made food items. I am 0-3 on restaurant week experiences (a fancy steakhouse that served crappy pre-cooked meat that would have been bad if it was at a wedding, and I had a terrible all around meal at one of the fancy hotel restaurants in Georgetown, plus one other that escapes me right now), each time I had a terrible meal, and I will never participate again.

  • I don’t think Ashley’s got too much time on her hands. I think the people whose sole commentary is on the length of her post have too much time on their hands.

    I agree with the shoutouts to Ceiba. I did a restaurant week lunch there last year and it was their normal menu with upcharges limited to one or two items. The food was great. Same with Ten Penh. I’ve never run into surly service during restaurant week. Or perhaps I should say that I have not noticed service that was any surlier than usual.
    I think that the term “restaurant week” has too much baggage. A lot of diners go into restaurant week expecting to be disappointed and short-changed and, not surprisingly, that’s what they perceive. And on the other side of the equation, there are a lot of servers who presume that most of the restaurant week crowd will be boorish and demanding and not used to dining anywhere other than Applebees. And not surprisingly, that’s what they perceive.
    I’ll bet that one reason a number of restaurants are not participating this year is because they are tired of the complaining on both sides. Better to offer a similar deal at a better price (from the restaurant’s perspective) and drop the “restaurant week” moniker and its associated baggage.

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  • We may be busy, anon4:49, but most of us have time to type out “your”.

  • I don’t get why, if you see a post is too long, you wouldn’t just skip it. What’s the point of making someone feel bad because you’re too busy or illiterate or whatever to read a post that’s more than two sentences long?

    There are real people at the other end of these posts who are worth just a little bit of consideration.

    And no, I am not Ashley, I don’t know Ashley, I have not been to the restaurants mentioned here, etc.

  • Hater. Restaurant Week is a ripoff, especially if you’re vegetarian. I’m going to check out Proof though.

  • too much time and money – and after this blog is through probably waaay too much weight

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