Shooting on 14th and Columbia/Harvard Area Sat. Night

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I’m getting lots of emails about a shooting last night on 14th Street. I’ve inquired with MPD but haven’t heard any details yet. Anyone know what happened? I’ll update with more info as it becomes available later in the day.


“Detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department

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  • Drove by in a cab around 1am and 14th from Harvard to Columbia was still blocked off.

    Related: I woke up to what seemed like gunshots about 5am this morning, cops followed shortly after. Around the Georgia/Lamont area — anybody know anything?

  • i walked by around 1130 last night, and the cops gave me a mean look when i asked what was going on, even after i told them i lived two blox away from the blockaded area. I’m assuming someone got shot?

  • Does it really matter? Just copy-and-paste the details from the last shooting in Columbia Heights. It’s the same old shit.

    Might as well just copy-and-paste all the comments from the last one while you’re at it. It’ll be the same old shit.

  • I’ve just started scanning the comments for “random” or gang-related”–is normal to become so desensitized living around here?

  • Got the scoop from officer at substation on Park

    Female shot at 2900 14th Street NW (Between Columbia and Harvard)

    Gang activity but not sure if she was targeted or innocent bystander.

    She was killed.


  • dcist has
    “MPD is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and indictment of a suspect who shot and killed a woman on the 2800 block of 14th Street NW around 9:30 p.m. last night. The woman was shot in the upper body and died after arriving at MedStar Hospital. Based on reports from residents, the homicide basically closed down 14th Street NW between Harvard and Girard Streets for hours — helicopters also cased the neighborhood for quite some time, obviously with little luck.”

  • I was riding the bus immediately after the shooting occurred (9:40 p.m.), I saw a body in a stretcher and two ambulances.

    We were stopped for about 5 minutes, and in that time the ambulances remained on the scene – wonder what took so long to leave for the hospital?

  • Got the scoop from officer at substation on Park

    What I really like about this blog is that PoP actually seeks sourcing on events.

  • I came out of Columbia Heights station probably just before 10pm, thinking a 50 bus might come up 14th, but thought twice with the number of cop cars a block down. Saw circling helicopter with spotlight. Wife asked whether those helicopters ever actually spot anything. Reasonable question. It spotted us for a minute actually as we walked over to 16th for the bus.

    Like others, I hate not being surprised to see cop cars blocking 14th on a Saturday night near the housing there due to violence. I hate seeing and hearing the repeat nature of the entire thing.

    Happy Columbia Heights Day, everybody.

  • How can this violence be stopped? It breaks my heart.

  • “$1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and indictment of a suspect who shot and killed a woman”

    $1,000…what a joke….

  • Agree with @anonymous at 3:27.

    Don’t they usually do a standard $25,000 for such things?

  • Anon 1:35 – ambulances were not on emergency trip, rather a coroner trip. No hurry for the dead.

  • Annon 3:09 – why does THIS violence break your heart? Why is it worse than all the routine violence daily in the whole world for all time? Because it was nearby? How many blocks = indifference?

  • OK, totally unrelated, but this was on the same section of 14th street so this post made me think about it: Today I was walking down 14th street in the early afternoon – right across the block from the new park at 14th & Girard – with a couple friends when a man (in his 50s?) said “how are you doing?” as we walked by. I instinctively replied “good, and you?” and looked at him, at which point I realized he wasn’t wearing any pants. Rather, he was, but they were dropped to his ankles and he was standing on the sidewalk greeting passers-by in his underwear. We kept walking – unsure whether he was harmless or not (but definitely either disturbed or creepy)… after walking two more blocks, I looked back and he was still there, still with no pants, still saying hi to people (including families with children) who walked by. Anyone else see this?

  • I thought I heard gunshots last night on Park Road around 3:15 AM. Anyone else? Does anyone know about this? Thanks.

  • Who is inciting who this time?,0,907366.story

    Nice on…”the artists were grossly negligent in manufacturing and distributing music that incites “imminent lawless action.”

    As far back as 1992 too. I wonder how many lines of violent lyrics have been written since then and have blared into the ears of our youth.

  • Sad to me that when you search for “woman shot 14th street” or “woman shot columbia heights” there is no mention of the incident AND the first 4 entries that do come up are the Going Out Guide.

    It really becomes heart breaking when these incidents don’t even become news. I want to live somewhere where a shooting at least warrants a mention in the news. Has crime become so common place that it is no longer even news?

  • dc mom not a small amount of the crime reported on this site goes unmentioned or barely mentioned in the papers or on the t.v news reports. i don’t know why?

  • Brecht, grow up, no thinking person writes like that. You sound like you’re in Junior High.

  • Anyone call yet (see below)?

    Anyone know anything whether MPDs’ has a youth gang violence task force? Anyone ever see the photos on their wall and can recite the names of the kids in this city busted for guns and other violent crimes and are known to be still walking the street day after day? I say we hire a private eye and a good attorney (and perhaps some armed guards) and start going after ALL the children in this city that currently or will soon have guns and ammo, document their names, their appearance, their whereabouts, share it on a members only site, oh yeah and a network of hidden digital cameras and other recording devices!


    (not to say this crime was committed by or on juveniles, but given that block’s and DC’s long history (and the mum surrounding this from the authorities), it would surprise me one freakin’ bit.

    * * *


    Outraged by crime in your neighborhood and the lack of MPD response? Volunteer for the Police Auxiliary Service. For more information, contact:

    Skip Barrett
    Police Headquarters, Room 6061
    Phone: (202) 727-2767
    Fax: (202) 727-0310

  • how outlandish is it to hope that we could make this area a REAL COMMUNITY? that’s probably gonna be the only thing that will stop the stoopid guns.

  • this is just so horrible.

  • Heard this was committed by a kid on a bicycle – just what we need, bike drive-by’s.

    Also heard at least one person was shot at 6th & N or Ridge Sat night, including one guy who was shot in the face.

    Makes you wonder how many shots are fired every night in the area – anyone know if MPD releases the number of ShotSpotter [gunfire sensor] ‘hits’ it gets every week or month? I think the number would be WAY higher than most would think.

  • So I am walking along 14th at tonight and am crossing Girard st when I feel a needle like poke in my back. I turn around and see a pack of little punks, one of them holding a pellet gun ( kids range from 8-11, one with pellet gun is 10 ish). I look at them and ask if he just shot me as I walk toward him. The littelest one scatter. The boy responds that he “might have shot me”. I ask him what would make him shoot someone with a pellet gun while they walk by and that he shouldn’t be wasting his time on the street corner doing so. He then asks me if I am “commanding him or something”… I say no, but he should be at home getting ready for school tomorrow instead of out on the street after dark. Right then I see him push he pellet gun into one of his friends hands and the friend runs toward the apartment… I look behind me to see a cop car coming up 14th st… He punk kids are already learning the stash and run game. As attempt to lay into the kid a bit more, saying I should stop the cop so he can really learn a lesson an adult walking down the street stops and asks me why I am talking to the kid and telling him what to do… I explain and the adult says I should just keep moving along… Seriously? This is how the neighborhood kids are raised? We need some more of those casket mobiles to come around like the ne on neighborhood night out so the kids can get a better sense of realty… Oh wait, there was an actual shooting that led to a murder just a block away? How are these kids goin to learn? Instead of bitch about the crime in out hood, let’s start some sort of action plan… There has to be something we can all come up with beyond commanding the weather to stay cold year round. Can we go into the schools and shock the shit out of these kids with pictures, bringing in speakers, anything. Maybe we need to revert to some cold war tactics and convince these kids to turn in family members with guns…

  • …Maybe I should be getting ready for school with all those typos. Stupid tiny iPhone keyboard.

  • Cardozomite, you don’t have much power on such an issue. The local law enforcement regime basically is operating exactly as its designed. Your next opportunity to influence the system is next years elections. Vote out Phil Mendelson, who chairs the Public Safety and Judiciary Cmte. Phil lives over in AU Park, very posh place, and thinks we’re all hysterical over here and that people have Constitutional rights that allow them to prey on others.

    Of course, kids are not governed by that committee, they get tried under the Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services of the Committee on Human Services, so for juvenile crime we’re probably screwed forever.


  • Am I missing something or is this yet another shooting on the worst blocks around 14th/columbia and harvard? how effing hard is to to patrol an area where ALL the shootings seemed to have happened this past year. Why don’t they have a swat team just stationed on that corner 24/7. Better yet, when are they gonna bulldoze those projects? Please tell me that CM Graham is NOT running again for office.

  • We need an abortion clinic at 13th and Columbia

  • I was actually shocked to see that %@%^!& Mendelson campaigning at Columbia Heights Day. However, the only person I saw him have any exchange with was David Catania. The goddamn nerve! He should be ashamed – seriously.

  • Another shooting in a known hot spot. Although the shooter may or may not be from CH, they were most certainly drawn to the area by the nefarious activities that are constantly going on within the section 8 projects along 14th st.

    Columbia Heights Village (and other Section 8 projects in the area) breed, gangs, drugs, and violence. Mass concentration of poor minorities in a single building/project always leads to crime and despair. They are not good for the residents of the projects nor for the community. So why do they still exist?

    Can’t just bulldoze the projects with out a plan to move the families somewhere better. Any ideas?

  • MPD just released that the shooting I mentioned above was at 5th & N, and that the victim has now died. Busy Saturday night. I’m not so sure we’ll be staying under 100 homicides this year.

  • I did think on Saturday that instead of sitting in tents talking to no one at Columbia Heights Day, Mendelson’s time would have been much better spent 3 blocks west getting a feel for the problems that have plagued this immediate area and the people who live with them. I saw him talk only to an aide during that time. Sure enough, hours later, we had another homicide in the neighborhood.

  • Seems like quite the weekend.

    Sent: Sun 8/30/09 4:53 AM

    Two young adult males were shot on the Shell gas station lot at 6419 Georgia Ave., NW. One was shot in the shoulder and the other grazed on the arm. The victims were taken to the hospital. The suspect is a black male riding a bicycle. Anyone have further information regarding this case is urged to call 1-888-919-CRIME.

    Lt. James A. Cullen

    Fourth District

    PSA 403

  • Apparently the bike drive-by IS getting popular.

  • Interesting. Gangs on dirtbikes have been operating in Baltimore for years. I wonder when DC will upgrade their getaway vehicles?

  • “The suspect is a black male”

    Really? On a another note, for those expressing surprise that a woman was killed, some of the black women in the hood are worse than the men. Who do you think are raising these hell raisers? She might have been as gangster as the kids she raises.

    For you white people looking for solutions, action plans, etc, quit right now while you are ahead. There is no solution. So gang up on Mendelsohn if you like. Make him your scapegoat. But Mendolsohn didn’t shoot this lady. Or the other 3-4 people shot this weekend.

  • Nate, I am not white. Are white people the only ones that want to solve the crime problem? Maybe it’s that mindset that keeps it from changing… Can’t become too “white” now can we.

  • Cardozomite,
    Black people know thee is no solving this. That is why you don’t see many black people even alarmed about this. Think about this. Philly has 400 murders a year. Most committed by and against black women. The Philly chapter of the NAACP has not said a word. Yet, they felt moved to support Vick playing football last week in a meaningless PRESEASON game. This violence just can’t be solved. It can be dissipated. Dispersed around town maybe. But until the people having these kids (women, don’t even blame the men) raise up and become better mothers, all the other attempts are futile.

    I am still surprised that people think voting Mendolsohn out of office will solve this problem. As if replacing him will be the silver bullet. We’ve been replacing representatives, toughening laws, even committing people to death and nothing as deterred a predator from wanting to KILL someone.

    For when the illicit profits from drugs collide with the distribution on the streets, mayhem and violence occurs. And that is even before you account for the bad culture, bad parenting, bad gene pool that is prevalent in these poor communities.

  • Before anyone harangues me, I meant to say— Most committed by and against black MEN

  • Nate… your whole “give up, there is no hope” thing you usually do is probably realistic, but things CAN improve if you have the right people in charge. It starts at the top, and if Mendelson etc. cant make it better, lets toss them out and get someone with some new ideas in there.

  • There are some very serious holes in our local legislation which, while not the silver bullet, would go some distance to reducing crime by incarcerating repeat, violent offenders for a long time. For starters, lets start enforcing our so called gun ban, and upgrade illegal gun possession from misdemeanor to felony. Plaxico Burris got two years for his illegal gun in NYC, here in DC he’d be out in an hour. (Nate I think you brought this up a week or two ago)


    for more on this. Not saying its accurate, but in lieu of open government such info is all we have. Burn Mendelson, and burn the next one and the next one and the next one until someone effective gets that cmte job. Sure that’s years of effort, but probably the best way to get things done. Short of violent vigilantism, which I confess I do dream of.

  • Why don’t we see this kind of crime in Georgetown?

  • What’s that sound? It’s a derail a-comin’!

    Nate, I am wondering when it became the sole responsibility of black women to rectify all problems in the black community.

    Can black women be hell-raisers? Oh yes. Can black women be bad mothers? Of course. But men bear no responsibility here? What a sad statement coming from a black man, to simultaneously 1. discard and discount the role of any men in his life 2. tacitly admit that he is powerless to effect positive change, it’s all somehow on the women and 3. dishonor black women by painting them all with such a broad brush. Who knows, maybe those women you despise would be better mothers, if they had had better FATHERS. I would argue that there’s a role here for everyone to play.

    And I find it bitterly ironic that some black men — not all, certainly, and maybe not you, Nate, I don’t know you — would marry out of the community as soon as they get a chance, while at the same time shaking their fingers disapprovingly at what lousy mothers black women are. (Among the many other things we are lousy at — too loud, too fat, too bossy, too money-grubbing, too uppity, too unwilling to give an honest brother a break…and I’m sure that’s just a short list of the many failings of black women)

    Okay, back to your regularly-scheduled (I wish I were joking about the “regular schedule” part) crime thread.

  • “Nate, I am wondering when it became the sole responsibility of black women to rectify all problems in the black community.”

    Well black women are raising these young killers. You can’t blame the men because they are not in the home. Yeah the men are wrong for walking off and leaving their responsibility behind. But after that it all falls on the women. If they can’t effectively raise them solo, either they should not have had them or should have given them up for adoption.

    We can all pontificate what would be the outcome if they had fathers or more money or better environs. But that is not going to happen. There are plenty of single mothers doing wonderful jobs with their kids. The ones that aren’t need to be addressed.

  • “Plaxico Burris got two years for his illegal gun in NYC, here in DC he

  • Hate to tell you, Nate, but the gun Plexico Burris shot himself with was used in a crime…the crime of carrying a concealed weapon into a club. We all know you believe that people (well, you, at least) should be able to pick and choose the laws they will abide by, but nonetheless, he was committing a crime under NY state law when he shot himself.

    Even your own stated rationale about the types of crimes, including those implicating “perceived safety,” deserving of “more severe punishment” supports a heavy penalty on Mr. Burris. There was more than merely “perceived” safety; in Burris’ case, it was ACTUAL safety. A drunk idiot who doesn’t know how to handle a gun running around in a crowded club with a concealed weapon, and accidentally discharging it in said crowded club, deserves at least what he got.

  • Dang, here comes the clinical crazy again from Nate. Seriously, someone do an intervention and get him some depression meds.

  • I didn’t know Plaxico was drunk. If he was drunk, then he deserves the maximum punishment under the law. He was reckless. In his case, the club, Latin Quarters, should have also been shut down. They allowed a man into their establishment that was carrying a gun. Had it done its job, Plaxico never would have gotten into the club. I would hate to have been in that club and struck by a bullet from his gun to find out they allowed him to bypass the metal detectors.

    I don’t know about you but I don’t feel any safer by having someone like Plaxico in prison. Prison in my view is meant to remove bad people that have done bad things to someone or some object from the public. Plaxico may be stupid. But I don’t see him as a bad or dangerous person. Hey we can choose to disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion without calling names.

  • Scum. Scum.

    Gun control NOW.

  • If you think someone discharging a gun in a crowded nightclub isn’t “dangerous,” then I’m not sure we are speaking the same language.

  • Aren’t law abiding citizens a lot more than the criminals? why not have a “gang” for the law abiding citizens 🙂

  • “# Jim Says:
    August 31st, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    If you think someone discharging a gun in a crowded nightclub isn

  • GForGood,
    DC already has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country. What law(s) would you like to see enacted and how do you think it will help?

  • Nate; I think you should have a little disclaimer like, “having been charged with gun crimes myself” – just saying… some full disclosure wouldn’t hurt on your part and would help us all understand your arguments a little better.

  • This is hear-say, but when I went to Baskin Robbins last night, I heard some passersby say that the shooting victim from Saturday was a Dunkin Donuts employee (“the older woman”) after closing time.

    Sounds like a bystander.
    Can we get some more streetlights there??? And some patrol cars?

  • The more Nate talks about the circumstances of Burris’ incident, the more dangerous Burris sounds to me. Is he an inherently violent person? Maybe not. But dangerous? Absolutely. The end result is proof enough. And his conduct is one of the very types of conduct concealed weapons laws are enacted to prevent.

    If a blind person drove a car, and crashed that car, no one (except maybe Nate) would argue that it wasn’t dangerous because it was the crash was not intentional, but an accident? If someone gave their 5 year old a flame-thrower, and that child burned down the house with it, no one would argue that it wasn’t dangerous to have given the kid a flame thrower. Lack of intent does not equal lack of danger.

    and BTW, Nate–not sure where you got the idea that there is no safety on a Glock. While the Glock does not have a manual thumb-activated safety switch, it has three separate internal “safeties” that make it impossible for the weapon to fire without fully depressing the trigger. One of those is a “drop safety” that prevents firing from the impact of dropping the gun. In other words, Burris had to have his finger inside the trigger guard pulling the trigger for it to fire. The gun could not “fall down his pants and go off.” I’d bet a month’s salary he was showing off gangster-style in the club, went to shove the gun back into his pants waistband with his finger still inside the trigger guard, and pulled his hand away before getting his finger out of the guard. Reckless, immature, and DANGEROUS handling of a gun.

  • The aggravating factor in Plaxico’s case was that the bullet almost hit someone else in the club. It could have been a lot worse. But having said that, much of what happened in that case was about a DA that was not going to be perceived as going soft on a celebrity. Pretty much 2 seconds after the incident happened, the Manhattan DA was giving news conferences saying that Burris was going to jail no matter what. The Mayor also jumped on the bandwagon immediately and called for jail time. So Plaxico was screwed (albeit of his own doing) from the beginning.
    New York has always been tough on guns but ironically enough, it’s not the tough gun control laws that turned things around crimewise. I grew up in NYC and I remember when the mandatory jail time for possession of a gun law was enacted. It did not have a significant effect on gun crimes. The real drop in crime began when a conscious decision was made to put more cops on the street and to have those officers police even small infractions – the so called “broken windows” theory. That policing approach had its problems and critics, but it can’t be denied that it worked.
    I have no idea what the penalty is for gun possession in DC. I would not have a problem with a mandatory minimum sentence but most of the knuckleheads out here committing crimes could care less about going to jail. First, they figure they will never get caught. Second, they figure that if they get caught they won’t get convicted. And Third, they figure that even if they are caught and convicted, jail will be as much if not more fun than the streets.

  • Jim,
    A blind person driving would be reckless. The ACT would be dangerous. Does that mean the person is dangerous? Depends on if he did it with malice or intent to do harm. But a blind person driving is an extreme case.

    Is a drunk driver dangerous? Or is driving drunk dangerous? To me driving drunk is dangerous. yet, even the nicest people do it. Do i want to send someone to prison for 2 years for driving drunk? Depends. Was it his first offense? 2nd offense? Was anyone harmed? Let’s say a drunk person drove his car over into a ditch and broke his leg, should he go to jail for 2 years for that? I tend to say no. Others may have little tolerance and say yes. Does sending Plaxico to prison send a message to dope dealers and people willing to shoot people with a gun? The answer is no. There were fatal shootings the day of Plaxico’s shooting and sentencing in NYC.

    I’d much rather solve the problem of gun violence than go on a witch hunt. Let’s face it: Guns are going NOWHERE! Libs and conservatives alike are in agreement on that. So with that in mind, let’s solve the problem of why people shoot each other in the middle of crowded neighborhoods, rural areas, and small towns.

  • @GforGood:

    We had fairly strict gun control laws in DC, but it didn’t seem to stop gun violence. What were we doing wrong then that gun control can fix?

    @Nate (sigh)

    “Well black women are raising these young killers. You can

  • nate a gun law? how about no guns period!

  • Nate, you said: “Well black women are raising these young killers. You can

  • And it continues…

    From: [email protected] on behalf of Gilmore, Linda (MPD) ([email protected])
    Sent: Mon 8/31/09 9:02 PM

    4d units were called to the scene of a shooting in the rear of the 900 block of Hamilton Street. Upon arrival, units discovered 4 victims suffering from gunshot wounds. 3 males were transported to local hospitals but the fourth male succumbed to his injuries. Our Violent Crime Detectives are investigating this homicide. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-888-919-CRIM(E).

    Commander Linda Brown
    Fourth District

  • This latest shooting is about 6-7 blocks from where the guy was murdered in my alley 3 weeks ago. It’s beginning to feel like Baghdad, not Petworth, ’round here.

  • I heard the gunshots on 14th and Park, too (around 300 am early Sunday morning)… anyone have more information?

  • I am looking for information on a black male shot in DC Satuday, 8/29; he subsequently died. I believe his last name was Hylton. It was described to me as someone “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.” I am asking because I know this man’s mother.

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