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I’d like to ask the natural follow up to a FQoTD from a couple weeks ago. So I had a few glasses of wine last night. But I also recently returned from a red eye flight from Phoenix and now have a brutal headache.

So, what I’m wondering is – what is the best hangover cure? Simply water? Gatorade? Any special recipes out there?

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  • Vitamin, Advil, giant cheeseburger and a good poop.

  • I heard on the radio a study that was conducted. People in all different areas will boast different remedies. Most are cures were things like greasy food, wierd shakes, coffee, hair of the dog, exercise, etc. Turns out most of these hangover cures are not exactly cures, but they delay the full run through of effects for a few hours.

    The study then declared Pedialite to be the number one hangover cure. They said the best way to cure a hangover is to rehydrate yourself and since Pedialite is made for easy absorption for children with the runs…

  • I heard on the radio a study that was conducted. People in all different areas will boast different remedies. Most are cures were things like greasy food, wierd shakes, coffee, hair of the dog, exercise, etc. Turns out most of these hangover cures are not exactly cures, but they delay the full run through of effects for a few hours.

    The study then declared Pedialite to be the number one hangover cure. They said the best way to cure a hangover is to rehydrate yourself and since Pedialite is made for easy absorption for children with the runs…

  • oops, didn’t mean to post that twice!

  • A big diet coke and salt & vinegar potato chips does it for me.

  • once you have a headache, for me it’s probably too late. usually only sleep kills that for me. regular coke helps – the sugar and caffeine.
    my standard hangover avoidance is : at least one 32ozgatorade and an advil before bed and another bottle of gatorade and bacon in the morning.

  • Consume one chili halfsmoke with everything, from that place on U street which shall remain nameless, wait half an hour, then follow with a violent drinking binge.

  • You have to lay around on the couch for hours moaning and napping and swearing you’ll never drink again.

  • LAst week, I heard on NPR, some hippie farmer in Califormia claming that three fresh figs will do the trick.
    And I have a giant fig tree in the back yard just turning ripe. I will test the theory by getting shelackered tonight and eating some in the morning.
    Test results will be posted.

  • Pre-Boozing – coat your tummy with a tall glass of chocolate milk and a McDonald’s Fish sandwich (courtesy of my best friend’s mom)

    Post-Booze – 3 or 4 Goody’s headache powders mixed into a lemon-lime gatorade, enjoyed with a honey dutchy (optional, depending on personal taste)

  • bloody mary and coconut water and sleep

  • In this order: Use the bathroom, drink a lot of water, take 4 mortin, eat something greasy and nap. It is never a good idea to drink before or on a plane due to the very low cabin humidity (

  • Alcohol Method: Take an aleve and drink a light beer or something with just a little booze in it. follow with a gatorade.

    Non Alcohol Method: Take an aleve and go eat a huge bowl of beef noodle pho with extra basil and hot sauce.

    I’ve used both methods and both work like a charm. I’ve had fully productive days despite waking up with the spins and the rail spike headache.

  • The best cure is prevention. Drink one glass of water with every alcoholic beverage. And never drink on an empty stomach. I haven’t had a hangover since the Reagan administration, although much of that has to do with him being dead.

  • Protein actually helps carry the alcohol out of your blood, so the reason people crave “something greasy” is that you want something heavy and protein-rich like a cheeseburger. Anything involving eggs and cheese does it for me (a vegetarian).

  • meat cereal: a big bowl of sausage, bacon and scrapple, swimming in maple syrup.

  • Ramen noodles (oriental flavor) and real coke. Followed by ibuprofin and (at least) a one hour nap.

  • i try to get up a couple hours before i really want to, take a couple Aleve, then go back to sleep for those couple of hours. if it’s too late or i don’t have the time, then i just take the Aleve, drink lots of Gatorade, and eat some comfort food (pasta, eggs, sandwich).

    i actually had a major hangover yesterday while at work, and absolutely nothing helped me… until i ate a grilled cheese at 730 in the evening!

  • I am officially over the greasy spoon method of hangover cures. Last few times have been disastrous, and seems to just make things worse. I used to love this in college, but it turns out I was able to handle it because I was generally still drunk when I made my way to the diner.

    Ditto the prevention tips from above. Throw in a water between drinks, especially late into the night when more booze does nothing but guarantee an earlier bed time or worse. Otherwise, sleep, water, light breakfast and more sleep is all that helps.

    Im told Mythbusters just aired an episode about sobering up, trying to see what actually works. Coffee, exercise, slapping each other in the face. The two hosts get hammered and then try it all out. Hilarity ensues.

  • Corned beef hash, eggs, water, fresh OJ, and gatorade.

  • Before going to bed eat some roasted beets, maybe 1/2 a cup. No hangover, ever.

  • I second the beef pho – works like a charm. I usu get the pho with beef on the side and dump it in at the table, but with the hangover pho I get the beef in the pho in the kitchen – too rare of meat + nursing a hangover = major headache. Also second the hot sauce and lots of basil!

  • Easy peasy japanesey.

    Egg and cheese. Yellow gatorade. Advil.

    Tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and tried and true.

  • These are things I’ve tried in various combinations. Probably never done them all at once.

    Eat a fried egg sandwich over the sink before bed, or, even better, something involving lebanon bologna and swiss cheese. I like these broiled but I don’t think you should broil anything while intoxicated. Drink water whether you’re thirsty or not. Take an aspirin product on your way to bed.

    When it’s really bad, I generally wake up with a big old headache a little before dawn. This is a good time to take more aspirin, drink more water, remove shoes and necktie, etc. If you can, go back to bed for another three hours. The world can spare you for a while.

    If you’re really lucky it’s four hours later and time for more aspirin. Now you’re ready for Excedrin or Anacin, which contain caffeine as well. This won’t pep you up but it will speed the uptake. Try the hot/cold shower thing: Run the water as hot as you can stand it and then rapidly switch it to cold.

    If you make it out of the shower, drink water but avoid food until you’re very hungry. As others have said, try for proteins rather than sugars. I’m pretty sure sugary stuff dehydrates you. I’m generally not really hungry till noon. Try something fishy: a tuna melt or one of those grilled tuna steak sandwiches, or some fish tacos.

  • CURE: Alka-Seltzer Plus is a GODSENT….. Has the Alka-Seltzer for the stomach, aspirin for the headache, and some decongestant which never hurts and is a stimulant. Seriously amazing. I’ve had some wicked, wicked ones and Alka-Seltzer plus is stupid effective.

    RUMORED CURE: Go to McD’s. 1 Large Orange Juice, 1 Large Coffee, 1 Large Diet Coke (or regular), 1 Large Milk Shake, and 1 Large Water. This typically facilitates use of the bathroom, which as many above note is typically needed the day after.

  • Honestly, it doesn’t sound fun, but this works every time…

    Prior to going to bed, drink 64 ounces of water. Not gatorade or any other HFCS drinks. Drink water. 2 quarts.

    Have a quart by the bed so that when you wake up to pee, you ca drink that too.

    When you get up, do it again. As soon as you can, go running. It hurts, but once you get going, it feels fine. Run for at least 30 minutes. Go home and shower. You will be fine, and ready to start drinking again.

  • An EMT friend suggested Advil and a coke. Food when you feel it won’t come back up on you. Avoid eight hour car trips with your partner that doesn’t drink during recovery

  • Roasted Beets??????

  • Slamming a door on your penis will totally make you forget your hangover.

  • Lots of water and an advil before bed, water and advil on the nightstand, water and coffee (anything with caffeine) in the morning followed by an egg and cheese sandwich.

  • Before you go to bed after a night of drinking, take two Motrins and two Vitamin B12s with a big glass of water. Works for me every time. Vitamin B12 deficiency is one of the possible causes of hangovers.

  • Coffee and baileys.

  • The best hangover cure is to quit drinking. I know that now.

  • Pedialite is def. the correct answer. But Pedialite is pretty friggin expensive in reality. So, we developed the super secret recipe (with advice from a person that worked on Real Pedialite’s flavor development team).

    So here ya go.

    1 L Water
    8 tsp. Sugar
    1 tsp. salt
    1/2 cup OJ

    Drink (chug, whatever) before you go to bed following your awesome night of debauchery. Enjoy a good day the next morning.

    For further pains…go straight to the Aleve. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

  • I hate drinking the stuff but chasing a couple of Aleve or Excedrin with a large bottle pedialyte followed by a filling but balanced breakfast and topped off with a shot of peptobismol and a nap on the couch will set you right every time.

  • I completely buy the Pedialite answer, but haven’t tried it.

    For me, the answer is Smart Water, Goody’s headache powder, and then a salty breakfast ASAP with a fountain coke with lots of ice. Other than the coke, I avoid sugar till I’m sure I’m in the clear. And keep chugging water all day.

  • 1. Drink 3 beers
    2. Blow a line
    3. Crush a 4th beer
    4. Smoke a phat bowl*


  • Lortabs and Marijuana.

  • a swim at Haine’s point – a swim always cools you off and cheers you up 🙂 you’re more than welcome to join us ACE 🙂 but don’t forget the sunscreen

  • Pedialite. Pedialite. Pedialite. grape flavor is best.

    If you haven’t figured this out by now, you need to get on that.

  • Water. Best to switch between glass of alcohol and water through out the night. If you forget drink 3 or 4 pints before bed

  • I always go with an Emergen-C glass, followed by a cup of coffee and toast. Unfortunately this has become far too big a part of my routine.

    Bottom line is, hangovers just suck…no matter what you do.

  • Coconut water, a giant fountain diet coke, mac and cheese, sweet lovin from my man, and a LONG nap.

  • Smart Water and hash browns with cheese and a side of bacon. IHOP?

  • Looks like a Hunter S. Thompson memorial.

  • You know, pedialyte and gatorade are pretty much the same thing. The kid’s doctor recommends gatorage, knowing that pedialyte is foul-tasting and many kids won’t touch it.

  • Bloody Mary -your quantity should vary, 1lb bacon, aspirin. or 3-4 cups of coffee with a shot of espresso in each. or a few pints of guiness
    not sure if this cures a hangover or casues one. You will feel no pain

  • I feel hung over just reading this list. Call me crazy, but I sort of enjoy a good hang over every now and then . . . quite nostalgic.

  • Holy crap, another Sammy is on here! And oddly enough, I second most of the things that Sammy said…

    The bartenders at the one bar in my college town swore by Pedialyte! I was never brave enough to try it – they said the red flavor was the least repulsive, but still pretty bad. Anyone have any Pedialyte flavor recs?

  • Fountain coke with ice…not sure why but bottled and canned coke just don’t work as well. Make sure to follow it with some sort of greasy food…anything but gyros…seriously don’t try it.

  • For all the advil/motrin takers…nooo! Well, maybe the morning after, but not close after you finish drinking. Over time you can harm the lining of your stomach.

  • @Anon 11:14…Marijuana, I couldn’t agree more.

  • Milk thistle and a lot of water. I actually take it every day, but when I’m hungover (which is rare b/c I take the milk thistle every day) I pop two extra caps, and I’m all set. I don’t even keep alleve or advil or any of that stuff in the house anymore.

  • EGGS AND HOTSAUCE (bloody mary optional)

    i believe that taking tylenol does more harm than good!

  • Sickboy’s method: sh!t, shower, shave, shag, shirt, shandy. Am I missing one?

    The shagging really does help.

  • yoga early the next morning. really!!!

    if no yoga, then either a good swim or a good run. works it all out of the system.

    oh, one other thing…those little liquor filled chocolates that you get at costco that have about 1/3 shot in each one….just keep eating those thru the day and you’ll be fine.

  • I’m going to second the vitamin B12 suggestion. Only, I’ll suggest a daily B12 supplement. I used to take one every day (I don’t know why I stopped, I guess I ran out) and I never had hangovers. Even from drinking tequila. Prevention!

  • Zip’s burger and Bloody Mary

  • 2 Bread w/Olive Oil and Salt with a Vitamin water chaser.

  • anonymous 10:02 and pennywise cracked me up. I chug water before bed. That makes me have to pee in the middle of the night, which allows me to drink yet more water. Once I wake up, I chug water and then try to be active right away because I usually feel worse as the day goes on. I’ve found that gardening is really good. Then I hit the couch, look for a trashy movie on tv, and give up on doing anything productive for the rest of the day.

  • I have a feeling that those of you giving “get up and workout” suggestions aren’t really big drinkers. My suggestion is to get out and bike the perimeter of DC (fifty miles) on a bike with only half a cup of water before, during, and after, but that’s because my definition of “wasted” is more than two beers the night before. I think that some of these guys are discussing remedies for nights after you drink a twelve pack with a bottle of tequila chaser.

  • @ Irvine Welsh – It was actually “Juice” Terry Lawson who patented the “Sh” hangover cure. I think there was a seventh but can’t remember.

    Incidently, Juice Terry is, in my opinion, the best fictional character of the 21st Century, so far.

  • The only thing that really works is getting drunk again.

  • Club soda, fresh lemon juice, and a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup, shaken hard with ice. It works wonders.

  • Vomit whatever is left in your stomach,lay on cold floor, shower, McDonald’s milkshake (my mum taught me this one – and it works),light solids, Advil, dark room, TV.

    If hangover is mild, gatorade and Advil, exercise (if swimming, skip the flip turns), big brunch at which you consume more booze, nap, rejoin polite society.

  • First rule: don’t mix hard liquor, beer, or wine.

    Second rule: drink good scotch or, if you can get it, good mescal (from Mexico). You wake up feeling clean and clear-headed, no matter how much you put away the night before.

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