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Sometimes captions are not necessary.

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  • Anybody know what a Klingelfee is? I’m guessing it means “bell fairy” based on klingel + fee, but that’s just weird.

    If that is right, the title would be “Hello, you sweet bell fairy,” and I have no idea what that’s about.

  • haha thanks for the translation!

  • I Googled this because I was curious too:


    There’s tons more than I want to know about Robert Stoltz, the composer of this ditty, but apparently:

    “…After World War I Austria went from a great European power to a small state. The years after 1918 were a period of general hardship, privation, and hopelessness. The influenza epidemic of 1919 claimed many casualties including the father of Robert Stolz; this was heavily felt by him. His father’s death meant for Stolz the end of an epoch.

    The composer devoted himself now mainly to the cabaret and particularly to the enrichment of the repertoire of his wife Franzi. In 1919 he and Otto Hein founded the Boheme-Verlag (publishers) and the same year they published the hit song “Hallo, du süsse Klingelfee.” (The telephone operator at Boheme was called “Klingelfee.”) The song was soon sung in Russian, Czech, English, French, and Italian. In Paris, Jean Gabin integrated it into his repertoire. “Salome, schönste Blume des Morgenlands,” an “oriental fox-trot,” was also successful. Arthur Rebner wrote the texts of both songs.”

    Now I want to know — what is on that poor lady’s head?

  • “Heh heh, check it out Butthead, it says ‘Klingelfee'”

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