Reader Snaps a Great Photo in Chinatown

IMG00202, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

“Dear PoP,

Something we can all take solace in seeing once in a while…

A DC Parking enforcement vehicle, illegally parked, and getting towed by a parking tow truck in front of the Verizon Center today.”

I hope it wasn’t broken down and was really towed because it was illegally parked. Well, that’d just be the coolest.

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  • Let’s be real here- it was broken down.

  • But it’s a Civic? Civics never break down? Maybe? I think there is enough reasonable doubt to allow us to continue believing this is some parking enforcement justice done right.

  • Sweet Justice! DC Parking enforcement is a disgrace!

  • I hope that no one vandalized this car to cause it to be towed. That would be the opposite of sweet justice, and just plain ignorance.

  • i don’t understand peoples’ beef with parking enforcement. illegal parking is terrible – more enforcement please!

  • Look closely at the car, especially the back bumper. I think it says “Parking enforcement” and I think the DC flag is on the driver side door.

    Essentially, they are only towing away their own car.

  • my beef is that its a total scam and just a way for the corrupt dc city govt to fill their coffers with the money of people who are more than 2 feet from the curb, moved their car after “street cleaning” 3 minutes late, are “parked opposing the flow of traffic” or are parked on a street where “parking is prohibited monday through sunday.”

  • That picture makes me very very happy.

    Every single day that a parking enforcement person goes to work, his or her goal is to ruin a bunch of people’s days, or at least provide them with a big downer. Screw them.

    Oh, and they park illegally ALL THE TIME.

  • Of course it was towed because it was broken down. They are allowed to park illegally. It’s not like they can circle the block for 20 minutes to park so they can give one person a ticket.

    TonyS, what exactly don’t you understand about clearly posted signs and rules of traffic? All the same ‘scam’ rules are in effect in every other major city.

  • yeah seriously. i think parking enforcement in this city is a great thing. a much bigger problem is people breaking parking regulations. a-holes parked on major arteries during rush hour, parking their broken down cars for days in my neighborhood, etc all deserve tickets and towing.

    and by the way the street sweeping on my street happens like clockwork just past 9:30 every week. when they suspend street sweeping in the winter they notify the residents that it is suspended and they do not ticket us.

    more enforcement not less!!!

  • Markus and I are right, you guys are wrong.

    dcpublius… the point i am making which you obviously overlooked is that they are not clearly posted, and no, they are not the same rules as other cities. do your homework buddy!

  • My favorite signs are the ones that say you can park from time A to time B and then right next to it is a sign that says you can’t park there at all. I think parking enforcement is a good thing but they first need to clear the city sign issues up before trying to enforce good parking.

  • agree that some of the signs are somewhat unclear, but i’ve yet to find any that are truly difficult to figure out. in lauren’s example, its silly but obviously if it says you can’t park there, don’t park there.

  • Agreed. If I see a sign that says “no parking” I just don’t park there. It’s a hassle to drive around for 20 minutes looking for parking but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than paying the fines and dealing with the embarrasment from parking like a jackass.

  • and, if parking enforcement didn’t do their job, it would be much more difficult to find a space.

  • Parking enforcement in this city is a joke. my mother racked up 200$ in tickets because she “hadn’t changed over her plates to dc tags.” or at least that was what the two tickets she was given said. The funny thing is she lives in NY and visted me twice (on a weekend) over the course of six months. On the last visit she went to her car on a sunday night to find 2 parking tickets each worth 100$ and both issued on a saturday. and she was parked in a legal spot.

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