Reader Report of Shooting on Warder St., NW Wed. Night


“I’m writing in to report a shooting in the 3600 block of Warder, between Princeton and Quebec, last night. I crashed early and apparently slept through it, but a policeman came to my door at 7:00 this morning and told me that a woman was shot late last night (I’m not sure if she survived or not). The whole block is currently taped off, and police are investigating.”

Has anyone heard any more details?

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  • I heard it was a man shot, but I was woken up by bullets at 3:15am. There must have been at least 10 shots and it sounded like an automatic weapon based on the speed of each shot. The victim is expected to recover, but that corner has some serious issues. This is only a half block from last months murder/double shooting on Quebec and Warder.

  • My friend awoke around the 3:30 hour to a volley of gunfire, then swift but quiet police activity to the scene.My window faces Warder and Otis and yet, I didn’t wake up until 4:AM to have him inform me of the shooting so close to home (thanks friend!). By 9:AM the area was open and street was unblocked with no trace of the incident. I’m just praying this rash of summer crime washes away swiftly with the coming fall.

  • Posted by MPD Capt. Mongal on the 3D listserv:

    At approximately 315 am, members of the Third District, were called to the area
    of 3630 Warder Street, NW, for a call for sounds of gunshots. Upon their
    arrival, they were met by an adult victim suffering from an apparent gunshot
    wound. The victim’s injuries do not appear to be life threatening but was
    transported to a local hospital for treatment. Anyone with any information
    pertaining to this event is encouraged to call MPD at 202-727-9099, Thank you

  • You can pray for the bulldozers to begin the destruction of park view and I would start voting for people who will address the problems. Advocates of the gun ban (most of the city leaders) think it is an effective way to reduce gun crime… clearly it is not.

  • @Dirty – don’t you mean the destruction (and subsequent reworking) of the Park-Morton projects? Park View is the neighborhood. Does anyone have an update on this project?

  • My apologies… I meant Park Morton.

  • Did anyone hear what might be the cause of the shooting? Was it a drug deal gone wrong? Domestic?

  • It’s hard to tell what’s going on when no information is released about the victim. The area is a lot better now that there is a pretty consistent police presence at the Park View rec center and in the immediate vicinity. But there is still dealing going on. There is a house on that block that is known (by the neighbors and surely by the police) to be a drug house. It’s been there for years. There used to be another drug house right next to it but that house was vacated a couple of years ago shortly after the dealers inside got into an early evening (around 9pm) gun battle with some other neighborhood dealers. The people who were renting the house moved, the house was sold and is now in the hands of a much better neighbor.
    One bad house on an otherwise good block. That’s all it takes.
    I have heard that the Park Morton has become much quieter since a Black muslim group was given a contract to do security there.

  • get the drug house declared a nuisance property with Jim Graham and the Mayor:

  • You definitely should try to get problem houses like that declared a drug nuisance – but realize it can be a very long and complicated process to do anything about it. A house near where I live was declared a drug nuisance, all the residents were evicted and it was vacant for a year. The dealers just got out of jail and moved right back in, and we are at square one all over again. The owner of the house is deceased since 2004…who know that probate could take 5+ years?!?!?

    I’m also not sure what ever happened to mandatory minimum sentences…when in 2 raids, heroin, marijuana and crack in sizable amounts are found, along with guns and tens of thousands in cash…how can they go to jail for one year only?????

  • Does anyone know anything about Section 8 vouchers and nuissance properties? I have one on my street, it’s actually gotten better recently, but they have shady activity in and out of the rear basement door randomly. The police told me a year ago that it was suspicious of prostitution but that seems to have died down after some police pressure.

    I think they rent an illegal basement apartment which I guess I could report. Quite enterprising actually, get subsidized housing and then collect rent under the table… what a system.

  • PR – probate taking 5 yrs is a great reason to make sure you and yours have living trusts, it allows you to avoid probate. The gov’t has no interest in making things efficient… your story is clear evidence.

  • PetworthRes:
    You can thank CM Mendelson for the pathetic sentencing requirements….

  • Years ago when we were having issues with unruly neighbors, I put in a “Special Attention Request” with the local precinct. Not to say it led to a speedy resolution, but I did find that it helped somewhat over the long term. I had to place the request more than once to remind the police to take extra actions to address an ongoing problem.

    Had never heard of the nuisance property approach, good idea too.

  • Concern,
    I had a tenant that was on Section 8. The house has a detached garage with electricity. She rented the garage to a mechanic. He was paying her monthly. I found out when I got a fine from DCRA for $2,000. Suffice to say the tenant moved to another Section 8 property, EVEN after I reported her. There are simply no consequences to their behavior.

  • I had no idea before about this nuisance property option. Has anyone done it before? I’m curious as to what has to be done to get the process started.

  • 11:51, I’ve been trying to get that information and some assistance from Bowser

  • Contact the Dep Mayor for Planning and Economic Develpmt for an update on the Park-Morton Dev. Last I heard they had a bid out, but that was ages ago.

    That particular house where the incident happened is very problemmatic for many reasons. About 2 years ago they had pitbulls. I was walking my own dog one morning when their pitbull (loose in the yard) saw my dog and came running towards us. I picked up my dog, threw her over a neighbor’s fence, and then I had to climbed over it too. Some passing drivers stopped and detained the dog, and ran w/ my dog as quicly as I could. No lie!

  • You think it’s bad in NW, man, the horror goes on in SE! Bye Gus. Over the years I’ve worked with several different ladies from SE, and to my amazement, every one of them lost a son to gun violence. Every one of them!

    The lack of prosecution of violent offenders in the District is extremely troubling, particularly for juveniles, though adults too. What will it take to get new laws and processes here? Seriously!

  • Nate – I’m a bit confused… you were the landlord, you had a Section 8 tenant, she was renting out a detached garage, she got caught, was moved, and you were fined. Was the fine for a zoning violation?

    Care to elaborate on section 8? How do they determine the fair market rent? by zip code? Do you have a lease? How do you (as landlord) get rid of a tenant? Is the only incentive the guarantee of the voucher?

  • Nate – World War II era rifles? The M-1 Garand Rifle is one of the deadlist weapons around. Big hitting power, lots of range. If the police found one in a drug stash in my ‘hood, it would be cause for concern.

  • The bomb that leveled Hiroshima was a WWII era weapon. Is it ok if the local dealers use those too?

  • I’m a block away from the location of the incident. I want to sell. I can’t stand it anymore. Some folks say, “stay….it gets better with time.” Others say, “with all the govt. kickbacks for buyers now is a great time to sell.”

    Can someone give me a ballpark figure for an updated 3bd/2ba corner house, 1 block from metro, with fully finished and rented basement?

    I really want to get the hell out this war zone. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  • Helicopters and Bullets-

    I would check out – it will give you all the solds in our zip code in the last 18 months. You can search by different parameters and see pics of the houses that did sell. I think that would give you somewhat of an idea of that the house might sell for.

  • Councilman Graham was very helpful in addressing the situation at the drug house that was vacated. When the property was empty, some of the locals decided that the porch would be a great place for their nightly craps game. For months, people would come from all over the neighborhood to shoot dice and smoke pot on this porch. I guess its convenient location next to the other drug house was an added bonus. Councilman Graham got the 3D to step up patrols and get permission from the owner (who lived in Maryland) to question the right of these folks to be on the property (apparently an owner has to swear out some kind of “no trespassing” warrant to empower the police to do this). Once the new owner had a clear presence there, the craps games moved to the rec center.
    With the former drug house it was clear that the shooting was related to the property. The police were able to get in the house and do a search, which revealed marijuana hidden in various places. Of course the residents claimed they had no idea how any of the drugs got there or why anyone would be shooting up their house. I think there was a sense of urgency with respect to that incident because it was a shootout and some of the bullets hit at least one other home on the block, so it could easily have been much worse.
    I may pursue it but I’m suspicious of this whole nuisance property thing. I find it hard to believe that the police are completely unaware of drug houses that everyone else in the neighborhood knows about. All the police need for a search warrant is some modicum of suspicion of illegal activity. Hard to believe that requirement has not been met.

  • Dirty,
    Yes, it was a zoning violation. Basically running a business without a license. She told the mechanic she owned the place. He, probably not knowing the law, began paying her rent. I found out and reported her to DCHA. DCHA did nothing. Not even throw her off the program for violating the rule of subleasing the property. Or running a business on the property. Technically, that is violating the law in terms of unreported income (tax) and underreporting your income to DCHA. They did nothing. Not to mention she had a BF living there which is another violation.

    Of course, the only incentive is the excessive rent. Who would rent to these people otherwise? There are large parts of this city that would be safe and lively if these people were not living in DC.

    I saw a drug bust in the unit block of Gallatin St. NW recently. Roughly 30 cops bust the place. Basically raided a crack head’s house. Not a dealer. A CRACKHEAD! These raids are meaningless. They serve no purpose and solve no problem. Just simply shifting the problem elsewhere.

    For the person who mentioned the WWII rifles as being dangerous, I guarantee you that not one killing in the last 5-10 years in DC has been perpetrated by a gangster with anything less than a handgun, Assault rifle (AK-47), or Shotgun. So theoretically any gun is dangerous. But my point is that the guys were unlikely to be threats to the community.

  • Nate – you get excessive rent or guaranteed rent? It seems (from what I read) that the voucher is based on fair market rent… obviously, I won’t be surprised if you tell me it’s excessive because the government is involved, but one would think that it would be the guarantee of collecting rent that would entice someone, but maybe the excessive is necessary to cover the risk of damage.

    Yeah – with the number of people that live in a house I know is Sec. 8, assuming they all work… I can’t imagine they would qualify… Saddest thing is observing what they throw away… bags of clothes, the box from a new 46″ flat screen, furniture, but the kids wear brand name clothes and shoes.

  • I may pursue it but I

  • Looking to live in the area but unsure where to buy.

    For those of you that live around that area – how bad is the crime in that area (Warder, Princeton, Otis – to the metro?)

  • In terms of the only people living in Petworth being people who can’t choose to live somewhere safer, I beg to disagree! Petworth as 80%+ home ownership and no public housing projects.

    The crime problems are almost 100% linkable to a few scattered drug houses and they are disappearing one by one. I live in the triangle bounded by Georgia, New Hampshire, and Upshur Streets north of the Petworth metro, and as far as I know there are exactly TWO drug houses remaining in this area, and one of those got evicted last year…but came back. At the same times I know of four others in this area that have sold since I moved here in 2005 or around the same time. During the year that the house on our block was vacated there was almost zero crime on the block. The rest of the residents on the block are responsible homeowners; the problem houses are very much in the minority.

    I’m still hopeful this will all get worked out and this house will eventually sell…it’s a trend towards improvement and certainly a lot easier to deal with problems from individual houses than entire public housing projects.

  • Helicopters and bullets – Batman, Gotham City needs you! Anyhow, check out for a realty map showing asking prices and recently sold properties in your area. Wide price range on row houses – they are going for anywhere from $227-399K.

  • 3:15pm, are you an officer? How can a regular citizen get access to the “historic databases of arrests” that you used, or to 911/50411 information? I would really like to be able to get this information about a drug house in my neighborhood.

  • its the guns stupid

  • I can tell you as an absolute fact that many members of the police force do not share all of what they see in a given day with other members of the force. There is no huge big database of every single call that comes in that doesn

  • Dirty,
    the rent is guaranteed for the most part. And it is excessive b/c they calculate it by area. So SE rents get based off the median DC rent or something to that effect. So the goal is to buy a cheap 3BR house, make it a 4BR house and get paid ~2200 per month. The sad part is that savvy landlords would rather have a woman that doesn’t work over a responsible working tenant.

    DCHA is so f’d up that if your working tenant stops working for whatever reason, they are too slow to adjust their payment to you. So it is better to have a tenant that doesn’t work at all.

    I’ve had tenants rent decrease from $25 to $1 and stay that way for years. That is how they buy the flat screens and the Air Jordans.

  • I have seen the online reports – looking for opinions more than police reports from people that actually live in the area. thanks

  • looking for opinions more than police reports from people that actually live in the area

    Well, you asked how “bad” the crime is and “bad” is a subjective term.
    I don’t hear much from my neighbors in terms of reports of street crimes but I read about them in the 3D reports. I don’t hear much about property crimes but I read about them in the 3D reports. At the end of the day, the police reports will probably be more useful to you than subjective opinions of residents. I grew up in an inner city so my level of comfort (my definition of “bad”) may be different from others.
    I live and own in the area and today’s shooting is the second time bullets have flown on that block of Warder in the past 3 years. The shootout discussed above happened in June 2006. If I recall correctly, that was the same summer when a couple of people were shot in broad daylight on the corner of Warder and Princeton. A month or so ago there was a well-publicized shooting on Quebec in which someone was killed. An arrest was made in that case. I have spent a fair number of nights listening to the gas-powered generator of a light truck.
    Notwithstanding the above, I like the neighborhood and plan to stay. I feel comfortable there but I am vigilant and stay aware of my surroundings. There are problems but I think it’s definitely on the upswing. More and more single professionals and families are moving in and they move comfortably around the area. The ethnic and economic makeup of the people I see walking around this summer is much different than what it was when I first moved to the neighborhood 4 or 5 years ago. There are a number of new developments in the works.

  • I like the Warder St homes and walk past them most days.

    One time I filed a police report when someone broke my window, and it’s true that everything is handwritten. Probably it’s not easy to standardize or share things that are like this. But, some officers have good instincts and will “file away” their impressions of a given area or person or group

  • I didn’t mean to give people the impression I was an officer. Start using this database here:

    also, the District Court building on 4th st nw has a better database

  • If the people who cannot afford to move or need rental assistance need help and understanding, fine. But if they don’t want to see themselves gentrified into PG County or oblivion, then maybe they need to start snitching on their sons.

  • Anon 7:58, thanks, I’ve used that before, but how do you search the ARRESTS that are not prosecuted?

  • Anon 10:49, all you can do is follow an arrestee through the database by name, and read all their records, and learn their fate. If the arrestee is let go after one hearing, there will be a cryptic code indicating that.

  • Lets just let everyone shoot each other. Then we can get on with our lives, clean up what was once a great place to live and make it nice again for decent hardworking people.

    It really is sad that such a cool area suffers so much.

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