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  • wooohoooooo!

  • OH MY GOD I’M SO PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rays probably makes the best burger in the area. The place is going to be packed.

  • oh real fine…now im going to weigh like 400 pounds…

  • See, if only it weren’t smack dab in the middle of Adams Morgan. Because, really, I can’t deal with the insanity of that place. . . damn, apparently I am not 22 anymore.

  • This makes my day…and my cardiologist will be stoked.

  • now we need a fuddrucker’s and applebees in Adams Morgan too!

    By the way, anybody know why the former caribou coffee spot has been empty for the last, say, five years?

  • Ghana Cafe Closed!!! WTF. couldn’t they set up shop in that vacant building next to Amsterdam Cafe?

  • Ghana Cafe Closed!!! WTF. couldn’t the high density of Peace Corps volunteers keep that place alive?

  • Prince Of Petworth

    From a reader:

    “Ghana Cafe is relocating to Rhode Island and 14th Sts NW. It

  • Prince Of Petworth

    I also noticed that many readers noted a Ray’s was coming to this spot in the original post:


    I don’t know how I overlooked that…

  • this is awesome. in the previous thread someone said it was going to be a zburger which is blah. Rays is amazing. And I think the location is great. Its not like I’m going to go get a burger at 2am with the masses. Ill be going there weeknights and weekend lunches. When adams morgan is free of the drunken masses

  • does Rays have beer? I like beer with my burgers.

  • I’ve never been but have heard great things about Rays. Though I deeply loathe Adams Morgan and the “kids” that swarm there to get wasted and eat jumbo slice, I am excited about the idea of walking there from my Columbia Heights neighborhood to get some good grub.

  • ok so they dont have beer it seems. But then. this is a five minute walk from me so I can get it to go and pair it with a nice cold beer when I get back home.

  • Usually when there’s a meat thread, you get the vegetarians chiming in. I think part of the reason the vegitrolls haven’t reminded us that hamburgers are destroying the planet and sleeping with our girlfriends and enslaving our pets is that the picture is pretty neutral. You really need an gorey photo of a roasted pig’s head or a obscene, phallic burger if you want the nannys to wag their finger at us.

  • FINE! You’ve baited the hook.

    I am a vegetarian. I’m not going to force my beliefs on you, and talk about killing the planet. But damnit, I want to eat at Ray’s Hell Burger, too! Make a veggie burger, so I can top it with all that sweet stuff you got.


  • Andy, the “Fuddruckers” and “Applebees” reference is pretty weak- Ray’s is locally owned, high-quality and affordable food for what you get. This place is going to clean up, but bring reading material to make the wait less odious!

    Monkey- you touched a sore spot for me- last year three Double Cheeseburgers from 5 Guys vandalized my house- they excreted ketchup and mustard all over my windows and left fried onions in my mailbox! MEAT IS THE ENEMY AND IT MUST BE STOPPED! (by eating it all)

  • Great, a Hellburger in the heart of Vegetaria. C’mon, open it on Georgia Ave, where the carnivores live.

  • I knew it was too good to be true. I guess in the age of blogs we can expect a lot more of this “news”. How does this make 10 blogs before a fact check?

  • Alcohol? 🙂

  • Meat is murder.


  • Save the Adams Morgan criticisms for weekend nights after 10:00. Other than those hours its a great place to get a drink and see neighbors and friends.

  • Just a rumor? Boooo! I blame the vegetarians. Look forward to an Akbar and Jeff’s Tofu Hut in that space.

  • I’m a little worried about boring suburban institutions taking the place of DC urban restaurants with worse bottom lines but more character. Hence my over-the-top references to applebees and fuddruckers. That said, count me among the meat eaters.

  • well. here’s to hoping that they really are opening a hell burger here. It could be like when you ask a politician if they are running for president and they always say no. His friend owns the place and his other friend is doing a build out? Im having a hard time figuring out why he WOULDNT open one at this location. Parking concerns? this is the city! who drives? safety? im sure there are just as many drunk fights in clarendon on a friday and saturday night. Every other time Adams Morgan is a fine neighborhood. A Rays in this location would be a cash cow. But I digress. If he isnt interested maybe we can lobby Spike to Open a GoodStuff Eatery? GoodStuff has BEER!

  • I ditto elizqueenmama.

  • Yeah, all us vegetarians wished really hard that they wouldn’t open when we started reading this post, and by the time we got to the bottom of the thread – wa la! Our all mighty vegatarian Godess delivered!

  • Now all the blogs are quoting the City Paper and saying it isnt true. But what if the city paper is playing a big joke on everyone and it IS true. I think the city paper is just making a statement about the lack of fact checking in the blogsphere.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    This is a good question. The reason I didn’t feel fact checking was necessary was because Kristen Barden was quoted in WBJ. I have found her to be very reliable in the past. I know business owners don’t like to go on record until the deal is completely sealed. I would not be surprised if Ray’s still goes into this spot. I’ll just keep a close eye on this spot and look for permits.

  • POP- i wasn’t busting YOUR balls. yours is not a news blog. I EXPECT you to post rumors of this sort. But Wash Biz Journal and DCIST should be doing a better job in my opinion.

  • I guess I will be the first to say that Ray’s Hell Burger isn’t all that awesome. Ray’s the Steaks: incredible, no doubt. However, I could make a better burger at home. Just sayin’.

  • andy,
    yeah thats been empty a shit long time… though more like three years. but how about the DCCD space? wtf? how can spaces there sit empty?

  • elizaqueen…
    theres apparently some other fancy hamburger place opening at florida and 7th. ne corner.

  • this is the place that’ll be at florida and 7th.

    i think anyway.

  • Boring suburban institution? Really? Have you been to Ray’s Hell yet?

  • i would like to emphasize the suburban franchise part, not the boring part. I’m sure it’s a party all day, every day at Ray’s in Arlington, waiting for your table to wait for your burger. Though I’m sure it’s probably more fun than hanging out at the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks, or the Starbucks….

  • A franchise? Ray’s Hell Burger, a burger chain of one link. Ha.

    I though the place was were they got rid of Ray’s the Steaks meat scraps. The burgers are good, and they don’t give you any of that “we don’t cook it rare” crap. But everything else about the place is sub-par. Who eats a burger with chips? Feh.

  • i like the notion of Arlington as suburb. arlington is almost more urban than dc anymore.
    you may not like whats in Arlington… i dont really either.. but its definitely not suburban.

  • “arlington is almost more urban than dc anymore.”

    Are you kidding? HA!

  • hahah. well, sure i’m exaggerating, but not by all that much
    the density of DC =9,639.0 people/sq mi
    arlington is 7,995 people /sq mi

    have you been their recently? lots of dense smart growth happening. its not that sub-urban anymore.

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