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  • Rave: Finally picked out a paint color for the bathroom and got a deal on super fluffy towels at TJ Maxx
    Rant: Upon arriving at twlight polo Saturday night, skies opened and polo was cancelled
    Rave: Gorgeous boating weather Sunday
    Rant: Sunburned back of my legs, butt and lower back…sitting at work is uncomfortable
    Revel: Cooler temps this week means I can sleep with the AC off and windows open

  • Rant: I’ve had it up to *here* with the shootings!

    Rave: My mom’s in town today and I’m leaving work early to hang out at some dermatology party with her.

  • Rant: Summer’s waning

    Rave: Lots of migrating birds passing through the area (I saw a HUMMINGBIRD feeding at flowers in the garden this morning!)

  • Rave: First day of Kindergarten for my first born! She’s getting so big!
    Rant: First day of Kindergarten for my first born! She’s getting so big!

  • Rant: boyfriend of over a year broke up with me Saturday morning. called a friend to come pick me up from his house (this was in Philly) and she took me to her house where she was in the process of moving in…

    after 6 hours of tears…

    Rave: boyfriend realized his idiocy and wants to give it another try.

    Rant: now I have to be on guard with my emotions when I had no idea there was even a problem. WTF

    Rave: going to Seattle to see DMB with my family – going to all 3 shows F, Sat, Sun at the Gorge – my parents are former hippies and my brother is awesome so it’s gonna be great! Definitely need this break from reality.

  • all around good weekend. Work on the house, BBQ some stuff. Play with the little ones.

  • been to one of those dermatology parties…they talk about botox and other non-surgical enhancements. And you leave w/ really great schwag!

    Rant: dealing w/ my control freak, know it all, arrogant colleague who really doesn’t know it all and needs to get over it!

  • RANT: My sister forgot my birthday.

    RAVE: I ordered her a super awesome birthday present today and can’t wait til she gets it!

  • RANT: My scalp is peeling from getting sunburned on vacation.

    RAVE: Vacation was pretty AWESOME (and designed by the evils sister who forgot my birthday yet is still getting an awesome birthday present from me. She will never live this down).

  • Rant: Someone was murdered a block from my house on Saturday night (the Shaw shooting). By Sunday morning, all back to normal. No police tape, no neighborhood canvassing, no article in WaPo, nothing. I wouldn’t even have known about it if not for this blog.

    It’s outrageous on so many levels that I don’t even know where to direct my outrage.

  • @ Jamie: I’m more raving about the fact that I get to spend time with my mom. If it happens to be at a lame work function, so be it. Typically, there’s an open bar 🙂

  • Rant: My personal computer broke, then my work computer broke. I made a drunken fool of myself saturday night in front of some very good friends. My roommate managed to rack up a few hundred $’s in ppv charges on our cable bill. So far the ‘cannot/will not’ attend notifications outnumber my attending count by 5 to 1 for my upcoming birthday party.

    Rave: New job rocks! Moving into my own place soon, (god willing). Birthday quickly approaching without even a glimmer of a quarterlife crisis. Aparently I lost a bunch of weight without trying (Summer Activities Rock). Sad to see the summer wane, but looking forward to my favorite season (Autumn).

  • Rant: People riding their bikes in the car lane on Rock Creek Parkway when there is a frigging bike trail RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!!!

    Rave: Rented a house at a Virginia winery for the weekend and made it to 8 wineries and a brewery.

  • @ 12:27 pm: We have all been living your Philly boyfriend experience for some time now… I was actually excited to hear it was over, only to read he called you… I’m happy for you, but I also felt you deserved some happiness closer to home. Long distance relationships suck!

  • Rant: It appears that someone busted one of the windows at the Five Guys in Columbia Heights again. I hope this kind of crap doesn’t scare businesses off…as more law abiding people move into these areas this will no longer happen.

    Rave: The cooler weather. I would like summer in DC if a beach were metro accessible, and if there was a ban suits and ties for all of July and August. Otherwise, summer is useless to me.

  • RANT: I have an Arabic final Wednesday night.

    RAVE: Friday is a half day since my homebase office in Chicago does half days before holidays. Huzzah!

  • Rave: Drove out to VA and did some winetasting this past weekend. Watched a polo match and came home with 20 or so bottles of wine.

    Rant: I’ve had my temp security clearance for 4 weeks now and still no date when I can start my new job.

  • Rant: Just found out that passport renewal cost = 40% of the cost of the airline ticket I need a passport for.

  • Rant: I wore a sweater to work today.

    RAVE: Got a new fambly member from Washington Humane Society on New York Ave this weekend!

  • Rant: I went to the Yes! Organic Market for the first time Saturday morning excited to pick up some fresh blueberries to make blueberry pancakes and some mushrooms and risotto to make for dinner. The problem is, they were out of blueberries and risotto! I want to support the new addition to the neighborhood, but its useless if I go there and then still have to go to Safeway or Giant to complete my shopping. I’ll probably give them another try at some point, but I was I very disappointed at the lack of basic items they should have had in stock.

  • @kari lou, congrats on your adoption!

    My friends and family think I’m ready for a new dog (my dog of 16 years died in May) and I agree. Last time I adopted a dog, I went to the DC Animal Shelter & found my dog right away. This time it’s taking longer to find my new dog. I guess that’s a rant.

    Beautiful weather and I’m working from home, sitting on the front porch with my laptop. Rave!

  • Rave: Not that I don’t sympathize with AllisonSt, but I just wanted to give a rave for Yes! Went there last night and just walked around for 30 minutes breathing in and out and thanking the development gods for bringing me a local establishment that does not reak of old fish. Awesome selection (albeit limited.) Everyone was very nice.

    PoP, why no review?

  • @Thought – glad to hear you were happy for my despair. I won’t post anything else about the boyfriend ever again.

  • @MPinDC I don’t know if you have been to the NY Ave shelter, but be careful! You will want to take all the dogs home with you. At least I did.

  • @Mal – Did you really get back with your boyfriend after he broke up with you? He must be pretty good at apologizing. I say dump the philly boyfriend and find someone here in DC.

  • Organic Foods on GA ave. is fan-freakin’-tastic. I go every day!

  • @321 – well it’s a long story. He said he wanted a break because he didn’t know what he wanted for the “future” (i.e. marriage or something) but I was too busy freaking out and crying and I thought he broke up with me, not just a break. I went to my friends house, he called me a few hours later and said he made a huge mistake, I was the only girl he ever cried over and said he didn’t realize what he had until he lost it… I don’t know. I honestly have never felt about anyone the way I feel about him and he seemed very honest about everything he said, and what I typed doesn’t do it justice. I don’t know. Who does, at this age (24). I was on the phone with my mom for like 4 hours during the “break” and she gives the best advice ever (she’s also my best friend, and no I’m not some weird home-school freak, no offense to those of you who were home schooled, you know what I mean), and she backed my decision so I know it wasn’t just a foolish one. And I’ve tried to make friends in DC, but everyone I meet already has their friends. No one seems to want new ones. I think I’m just awkward.

  • Rave: Great week off at the beach.

    Rant: I knew I had to get my fill of news about all the kids in DC shooting each other on a near daily basis, so even before I logged into the only news source that actually covers such events (thanks PoP) I suspected I’d find something about bullets flying, and sure enough, on the freakin’ front page (again) as expected.

    Rave: A week away from this incredibly violent city! Ah, the memories of not feeling at all scared about getting hit by stray bullets………

  • @ Thought and Anon:

    Long-distance relationships do suck, and someone dumping you and then deciding to take you back also sucks, but I think you both are being unkind. And you don’t know the whole story or what’s best for her.

    @ Mal, good luck with everything. I’m sure you have a lot to think about and while I would be wary about continuing a relationship with someone who has doubts about me, that doesn’t mean it can’t work. But life will go on if you decide not to stay with him so you shouldn’t accept less than you deserve either.

  • @336 – yes, definitely wary! Thanks for the kind words. So many thoughts going through my head, and there’s no way I’d stick with someone who doesn’t appreciate my glowing personality and sparkling wit. Heh. Thanks again.

  • Rave: My almost 100% healed MCL tear survived my first soccer game of the season yesterday! We won 3-1!

    Rant: I still have another game to go tonight, hope my knee can hang in there!

    Rave: Soccer gods answered my prayers and brought the temp down for my game tonight! Perfect soccer weather!

  • rave: adopted a cat this weekend! She’s wonderful and sweet.
    rant: she is so freaked out that she hasn’t eaten and while the foster home said it could take her 2-3 days, it worries me.

    rave: explored the arboretum with my mother today–we have been getting along better recently and it’s such a neat place!

    mixed: Today’s the last day of my last summer break ever: first full-time, non-temporary job starts tomorrow. But it’s pretty much my dream job, and having a job at all is a very good thing. And having interned there before, I know that employees often get cake on their first day of work.

  • Rant: My move was so draining and stressful for me. I was in recovery mode the whole weekend.

    Rave: I’m glad I had a good friend willing to volunteer and help me out. I’m very grateful for that.


    Rant: During my last trip in my old neighborhood (I had to return the Rug Doctor to Giant and finish cleaning the old place), I was called a “deaf and dumb bitch” because I refused to give the time of day to a bunch of hoods hanging out in front of Giant trying to pass as a legitimate organization. (I saw no flyers, no information or anything.) Also, at same Giant, some fools stood directly behind me in line (as in, nearly touching) and smiled like they thought I was down with that. They skipped the guy who was behind me in line. When I called them out on it, they had the nerve to get attitudes with me, and the guy who they skipped was too chicken to tell them to get in back of the line. Sigh.

    Rave: All said, I will never have to deal with that ghetto neighborhood or that ghetto Giant again, since my move to the suburbs has been done. You can make fun of me for moving to the suburbs all you want, but my safety and sanity are more important. I look forward to leaving the house now because the neighborhood’s so nice, and there are a ton of things to do here. I am so happy I made the move. I don’t regret it.

  • Mal 3:10: “I won

  • Anon @4:40, Mal is a regular contributing member of this community. If you wish to enjoy the same status she does, pick a username and stick with it.

    It seriously bugs me when anonymous trolls bash the regulars.

  • Mal 3:10:

  • Thanks, guys… Come to the realization that I need friends in DC, though! No more boyfriend crap. PoP happy hour, anyone!?

  • I’ve never been to a PoP happy hour and have never met the PoP folks…now would be the time to start!

  • Golden Silence, you’re still going to play with us even though you’ve moved away from DC? 🙂

    Rant: I HATE MOVING I HATE MOVING I HATE MOVING. Arson is seriously a possibility at this point. That’ll take care of all of this crap.


    “It seriously bugs me when anonymous trolls bash the regulars.”


  • Rant: Ladies, if you are even thinking about having a kid, try and do it before you are 35 and end up in the hands of greedy fertility doctors and stingy insurance companies. I thought I was doing the “right thing” by getting my business in order before attempting to bring another person into this world, and had a rude awakening. Infertility is equal parts horribly depressing and humiliating.

    Rave: Commenters who call BS on those anon trolls just trying to bring everyone down. This blog can be a beautiful, uplifting place, but those of us trying to live the Beautiful Life need to band together and ignore the anti-beautiful-life trolls, or beg PoP to delete comments whose only purpose is to make other commenters feel bad. I follow another, unrelated DC-ish blog that is open to other opinions but has NO tolerance for pure hate-mongering, and the result is quite wonderful.

  • Oh, god, Salad Days, my 37 going on 38 year old reproductive system just shuddered in fear. I’ve waited too long. I did what Nate commands of all black women and didn’t have a child before I knew I had my stuff together, but now here I am, totally together, with no partner on the horizon and no real desire to do the solo child-raising thing. Anyway, now THAT’S an overshare.

    What other blog are you talking about? And hey, Raves to the bloggers in Ward 8 that I heard on the Kojo Nnamdi show today — they run And Now, Anacostia (which is in PoP’s blogroll), Barry Farm re Mixed, and Congress Heights on the rise. Their pride in their communities was palpable. And it embarrasses me how little I know about Ward 8 (though I know Historic Anacostia has some beautiful houses)

  • I’ve never met the PoP folks either! Oh man that would be great.

    Christina – I’m sorry to laugh, but the “I did what Nate commands…” comment was just too funny. And moving is the worst thing EVER. Seriously. I’m contemplating staying in my apartment when my lease is up even though I hate it, just so I don’t have to move. Of course, I’d much rather be in the PoPville area than downtown! Oh, what little I knew when I first moved here.

    You guys all cheered me up! Who needs real friends when you have virtual ones on PoP 😀

  • the post is reporting 4 shootings in petworth, but says they occurred “Tuesday Evening.” isn’t today Monday? WTF?


  • Rave: I love when my pics make PoP!

  • Quadruple shooting at 9th and Hamilton, children involved yet again?? Holy Moly, this town is nearly unreal? Is this city really seeking the title as the city with the most child assassins ever? Jeezus FC!

  • We’re number one! We’re number…oh, wait.

  • kari lou give your new cat some time. i adopted a pup that was found along the roadside (for who knows how long?) that was listed on craigslist. took her a few days to finally eat something-anything, and months to settle in. was worth the wait — she is a reall sweetie!

    also a great website that gives back to animal rescue groups. no cost to you, check it out:

  • Rant: I’m going to stop coming to this site because of all of the ignorant white racist comments many of you say. Just like Golden Silence.

    Rave: Classes are back in session, which means the beautiful women of Howard are wearing less for a few more weeks.

  • Rave: Mal. No harm was meant my comment, just that we have enjoyed the experience with you… Give the guy another chance; we guys can do some stupid things.

    Rant: Summer ending so soon?

  • Thought: Sorry… I was a bit on edge about everything… On that note, I had read back through my previous rant/raves and almost all of them included Philly. Made myself take a step back and realize I need to experience more that DC has to offer. After all, this is NOT PoPhilly!

  • Rant: I

  • Golden Silence, you

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