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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I

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  • Rant – While picking mint from my herb garden to make myself a mojito last night, I felt something furry brush against the back of my legs. ‘Awww, a neighborhood cat stopping by to say hello’, I thought. When I turned to pet it, I got an eyeful of a nasty-looking opossum who clearly had no interest in being petted.

    Rave – Mojito was tasty.

  • Rave – Social is opening next door! So happy to live near more and more cool places.

    Rant – At home into hour 4 of getting a new furnance installed, no end in sight.

  • Rant – I’m moving into a new basement apartment and Comcast says we can’t get cable wired to the basement apartment unless the house above cancels thier service. And for some unknown reason RCN doesn’t offer service in our area and verizon won’t wire the apartment unless we add phone service too. I don’t need an effing house phone and the additional cost!

    Rave – It’s chipotle day!

  • Calling Columbia Heights day CoHi day. I can’t stand those shirts and can’t believe they went with that.

  • …sometimes i’m tempted to call Columbia Heights, CoHi and Adams Morgan, AdMo but I resist the urge. Please don’t judge me…

  • Rant: went to get my knee looked at this morning (injured it back in May, was diagnosed with a dislocated knee cap, and thought it was better until this past month when it started to hurt in BOTH knees going down stairs and just meandering about) and the doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong with it – have to get an MRI on Tuesday. Hopefully they’ll find something to fix because I don’t want to live with this for the rest of my life!

    Rant: miserable weather

    Rant: I need to start yoga or something again because even though I’m not technically fat I just feel out of shape. Blech. Yoga classes are so expensive!

    It’s just one of those days where you want to be in bed!

  • Rant – The folks across the alley from me on Irving st. whose workers started jackhammering a little after 6:30am this morning.

    Rave – I don’t mind this weather. It’s a nice break from the hot sun.

  • Rave: $5 cosmo for lunch!
    Rave2: possibility of driving out to charlottesville to go wine tasting this weekend and goto starrhill brewery. Added plus is I can drive my new car and get some highway “break in” miles!
    Rant: none

  • Rant: Rain for Columbia Heights Day tomorrow.

    Rave: I’m going anyway. See you at the Dog Show….

  • MandarinZazz, thank you for saying it! I didn’t buy a CH day t-shirt because of the stupid Co Hi thing. Thank god I have NEVER heard anyone actually say this, and have lived here 8 years.

  • Rave: I think my mechanic was able to diagnose and repair an issue that had been causing my check engine light to periodically come on and off for (ahem) a couple of years. It never seemed to be on when I would take my car in for maintenance, but of COURSE it was on when I had to get my car inspected recently, causing me to fail the inspection. (I got it reinspected successfully during an “off” period.)

    If you have a Volkswagen, I highly recommend Wheaton Service Center, not far from that Wheaton mall with the Target, up there off Georgia Avenue. They are very nice there, and the shop is walkable from the Wheaton Metro.

    @Mal: good luck with your knees!

    @Matt G: Yikes! I would have jumped out of my skin. I’m live and let live with most of God’s creatures but ‘possums are freaky.

  • Rave: Go to see the Flaming Lips tonight!

    Rave: Putting hardwood floors in my living room tomorrow!

    Rave: Going to Virgin Music Fest on Sunday!

  • Rave: Enjoyed a few bottles of wine with neighbors at Room 11 last night
    Rave: ColHeights day is tomorrow!
    Rave: Working from home, i.e. bed in pjs all day

  • Rave: Football season is upon us. Fantasy football draft tonight with a bunch of old friends. I dont care how lame FF is – or rather how lame it makes me, I still love it.

    Potential Rant: Plans to go tubing in harpers ferry might be rained out tomorrow. I was really looking forward to floating down a river, drinking beers for hours on end in the sunshine.

    Potential Rant 2: now I have to figure out another way to pee in the potomac tomorrow. hmm.

    Potential Rave: should tubing be cancelled, replacement plans have no choice but to be awesome.

  • Rave: Getting married to the love of my life!

    Rave: Moving to Korea with the love of my life!

  • rant: the pdf bus schedules on wmata.com never load right and often crash my computer.

    raves: I needed to look at bus schedules so I can go to a pet-supply store (passed my homestudy for cat adoption! look out, coolest pet in PoPville 2010 entries!) and an awesome shabbat dinner.

  • Rant: calling Verizon and waiting on hold for 15 minutes

    Rave: the heavy-on-the-strings and Henry Mancini easy listening hold music… perfect

  • Rave: going to Chicago by train tonight w/ the gal.

    Not a rant, just funny: flew to Hawaii for a 2 day business trip. Flew back through Chicago. Despite plane mechanical issues, made it back to DC in time to meet the gal and catch the train back to Chicago.

    Rant: missing CoHi Day tomorrow.

  • Rant: Lease is up at current place. Can’t find a cheap 1 BR in DC worth moving into… probably moving to Arlington where I found cheap housing close to the metro (please don’t hate).

    Rave: New job is awesome. Birthday is coming up. I am super cool and funky fresh. That is all.

  • Rave: Going to visit family this weekend and celebrate my Mom’s 69th birthday, hooray for her, she made it that far!

    Rant: No rant really except that I have to drive all the way to St. Mary’s in Southern MD.

  • Jimmy D – we all technically pee in the potomac every day! Have fun at Harper’s Ferry! Mind your keys!! A dozen trips I’ve done at least and every single time someone looses keys in the river.

    And there is the best (or used to be anyway – been a few years) fried chicken at a restaurant on the way back out of town. Sorry, can’t think of the name – maybe something like Annies? But it is very noticible – right off the road and looks like a place you want to eat. (They fry it to order, so it is kind of slow. )

  • Anyone know if there’s a community/neighborhood association for Pleasant Plains part of Coliumbia Hgts (Irving St/Columbia Rd/Kenyon St down to Warder/Park)? We just moved down there and we seem to be a colony of you all cool folks in Petworth and West of Sherman Ave Columbia Hgts people. Hahahaha.

  • saf

    Chris C – if there is, Sylvia will know. Check out: http://www.ecacollective.org/

  • rave: promotion

    rave: transfer

    rave: starting grad school this month

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