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  • Firetrucks responding to non-fire calls is ridiculous and wasteful.

  • Rant: The harrowing journey one must now go on to get from Spring via Rock Creek Church to the Petworth metro station. That corner at Rock Creek Church and NH/GA is, well, mighty tight.

    Rant: Broken arm.

    Revel: Checked out Yes! this weekend. What a great change of pace! And, I got some peaches that tasted like heaven.

    Revel: Also checked out Qualia coffee, which was great as well!

  • @oldmanclem: you know that the whole sidewalk is open now in front of the condos on the spring/rock creek church side of georgia right? and that there’s a metro entrance on that side of the street? i walked through it a few times yesterday.
    of course, they keep changing the setup as they build, so that may be new. they have made it pretty much impossible to cross georgia from the northwest corner of that intersection though.

  • Rant: I waited an HOUR for the yellow line train last night, took a total of an hour and 45 minutes to get from Gallery Place to King Street.

    Rave: I got home.

  • Sunny Florida Ave: 70%+ of 911 calls to Fire/EMS are medical related. Ambulances are often tied up for extended periods of time at hospitals admitting patients/waiting for beds/etc. Almost all firefighters are EMTs/Paramedics and most engines/trucks have basic EMS equipment onboard. Many calls require more than 2 personnel to get the patient out of a structure/vehicle and/or administer medical aid and ambulances usually only have a 2-man crew. In lots of situations the patient doesn’t want to be transported to the hospital, but will take the on-scene medical assistance [which crew of an engine/truck can provide]. Anyway, that’s why you see Fire apparatus instead of/in addition to ambulances at medical calls.

  • Attempting to provide health care to people without demanding that they change their unhealthy behaviors, in the name of making health care more affordable. There are people that buy cigarettes instead of health insurance and you want to insure them.

  • Rant: still exhausted from my Friday’s RRRand/orR post
    Rave: visited a great friend in Allentown, PA this past weekend
    Rant/Rave: not hungry at ALL for lunch and I’m usually starvvvving by 11! I’m not sure if that’s a rant or a rave lol

  • Po Po, we all have unhealthy behaviors. A doctor once told me, “everyone waiting for a new liver is an alcoholic.”

    Can’t say definitely but could be true!

  • I will totally quit smoking for health insurance that costs $50 a month.

  • Rant, Rant, Rant, Rant, RANT!

    I am moving from DC to the suburbs and because the place I’m moving to has very strict move-in rules, I have to move between 8-5 this Friday. If I move in any earlier or later I get charged. Normally I have my moving plans scheduled at least two weeks prior to my move, but this one threw me for a loop. Most people I know are busy with either work, school or they’re going out of town, so I am pretty much on my own. I’ve had a few people give possible offers of help, but not definite. Also, I rented a truck, but I have never driven a truck before and am scared to do it on my own.

    I can’t afford movers (which I would’ve done in the first place since no one’s available), and I would’ve be able to financially compensate anyone who does help me at the moment. All said, I’m overwhelmed, stressing (if one more person tells me “Relax! It’ll work out!” I’ll scream) and feeling powerless about this. I wish moving were easier. HELP!

  • Rave: Yes Organic on Georgia is amazing! fresh, healthy, variety of food, and no lines, great customer service…..

  • I hired migrant workers to help me move. They were fanatastic. I paid them by the job and not the hour. They were careful and conscientious and so thankful for the work. You could go to the Home Dept in DC to find some help and I bet one of the men would even drive the truck for you. Do not be afraid of these guys – they just want to work.

  • Golden Silence, how much will you be charged if you move in at another time? It is possible that it may be worth it to pay the fine if it would allow you to get your help properly lined up.

    I frequently see ads for “movers” on Craigslist — “movers” in this case being basically a guy and a truck. Is that a possibility for you? They would probably be cheaper than official movers.

    I am getting ready to move as well and I am also facing a little fear about driving the truck, so I feel you. I figure I’ll just scrupulously obey all traffic laws and if people want to scoot around me, they are more than welcome to.

  • A friend stepped in and offered to help…so I think I’m fine now.

    Thanks for everyone’s advice.

    I just want to get this move over and done with.

  • I *totally* know how you feel. I started off my own move all “let me sort through everything carefully,” now I’m at the “throw the shit in a box and tape it up” stage. Good luck with everything!

  • Congrats on the move GS.
    Rave: Went to the most incredible public park this weekend. Im 38 and I thought this was cool, tons of playstuff i had never seen. My kids nearly passed out from over excitement. the first thing you notice is no one drinking 40s and spitting and cursing. The locals seem curteous and kind. The kids well behaved. Now if i could just convinve the mrs rg to move to mclean.

    Rant: Mrs rg. taxes neighbors crime economics work. All the usual cliches.

  • Congrats on the move GS.

    Don’t congratulate me until I’ve moved! LOL Seriously, the stress of the move aside, I’m glad to be doing it. The neighborhood I’m moving to is so much safer, quieter and peaceful than where I am now.

    I *totally* know how you feel. I started off my own move all

  • RG: what’s the name of the park? We love the Wheaton regional park but they have a train AND a carousel.

  • rg: I bet you went to Clemyjontri. This park was featured in Newsweek when the park opened about 2 years ago. My kids love it!

  • Rant – CareFirst BlueChoice, a supposedly non-profit health insurance company, just raised my monthly premium (self-employed, self-paying) by $76.00! I’ve had no claims, am healthy, fit, non-smoker, no health conditions etc. I haven’t even seen my primary care physian in 2 years (it takes 2 months to get an appointment!) They just said it was for rising costs.

    Rave: I’m healthy, fit, etc. and paying $368.00 a month is not going to crush me, (though for most of my life it would have.)

    The health-insurance reform obstructionists are disgusting me.

  • RANT: I hate comcast. Ive been living in the burbs for 3 months now and been waiting on a credit from them. I just called today to figure out why i’d never gotten my check and apparently my box hadnt ever been returned. except it had. and i have a receipt and a ticket number and my account says that its been returned. So now i need to wait 48 hours for some idiot to “research it”. I am so glad i don’t give them my money anymore

  • Clearbluewater, have you already tweeted to “Comcast Frank” about this?


    It’s crazy that this has to be an option for getting resolution from Comcast as opposed to just calling customer service like any other normal company, but I can say from experience that this works and that this seems to resolve issues pretty well.

  • “Do not be afraid of these guys” ahahahhahahhahhahahahahaahah scary Latinos !!!! Be careful with their eyes!!!!

    Nestor El Puma

  • Rave: Had a pretty great weekend! Hung out with the roomies, did some shopping and finished off with a beautiful day at Kings Dominion.

    Rant: Surprisingly, no rants as of yet!

  • Kay. Clemyjontri, That is the name of the park. I cant spell it nor pronounce it, but it was pretty awesome.
    DogWalker: We went to Wheaton regional a few weeks back, also a nice park but its got nothing on Clemyjontri. Except being able to BBQ.
    Hey, at what point in your life do you get excited about a kids park? It just occured to me. Im getting dull fast.

  • The name is derived from the grandchildren of the woman who donated the land. She donated the land on one condition “that the park could be accessble to all children, those in wheelchairs, using walkers etc. It is pronounced as it reads clemy jon tree.

    Glad you discovered it.

  • Rave: The drug dealers on the corner of 4th and Delafield have moved!
    Rant: It seems that they’ve moved to 4th and Buchanan…

  • rave: rode my bike to eastern market and up to U St to get some yummy produce and a new (to me–but used) bookcase. even ran into one of my favorite co-workers while browsing around!

    rant: lack of bike lanes, and how the ones we have don’t connect to each other. Also, idiots who double park or stop to check their maps in the bike lanes.

  • Rave: My pool game has gotten much, much better as of late and, dare I say, I occaisionally do a bit of sharking at the Red Derby.

    Rant: I am a bad loser and not a very good winner (most of the time.) When losing I get quiet and start to concentrate pretty intensely and when winning I tend to be unable to wipe the smile off of my face. There’s a sweet spot in the middle that I get to at times, but usually its one or the other.

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