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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I

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  • Rave: Riding the Green Line listening to a gaggle of girls (who at forst glance you’d think would be planning their next hip hop party) instead talking about all the different Advanced Placement classes they can take and which ones would enable them to place out of college courses!

  • Rave: This is awesome! Not to knock PoP’Trekker, but we need such a video for Petworth. Perhaps it’s time for a shared google writer rap initiative.


    You’ve got to check out minute 3:23 Green Line anyone?

  • @ Happy – that’s a great rave! Unfortunately, I have a rant…

    Why oh why did DDOT begin working on street construction at 5:30 am at the corner of 14th & Irving today?? Do they think that people are actually awake at this hour? I tried calling 311 but they didn’t even know that DDOT is working on the roads here. I just tried calling DDOT and they clearly have no clue what is going on. They did take my name and number and said that someone will call me but I’m not holding out much hope that will actually happen. I really just want some sleep…

  • Rider- 6 weeks ago called….

  • Rant: Organic to Go, UPS, DHL… all companies that enjoy massive business from my organization and can’t get their shit together when it comes to accounting. Why must I spend half my Friday cleaning up after other people’s messes? Organic to Go… gone. UPS… oops. DHL… sorry, nothing clever, but you’re off my list, too.

  • Rave: Hit the Red Derby last night with my “crew,” $4 Bavik and the back room pool table was empty. Awesome. It’s like the Raven before the Raven got crowded, only with a $1 pool table and food.
    Rant: I hear the burgers are good but my riend waited around patiently trying to order one and finally gave up. Probably being too polite.

  • WDC- I so feel your pain especially with DHL. They are the absolutely freaking worst company to deal with in terms of accounting. We finally just go so fed up that we don’t even use them any more. I was spending a good 10 hours a month just dealing with overcharges and trying to get invoices that we never received. I have spent so many hours cursing DHL. We have had a few bumps with UPS but nothing that compares to the clusterf#$% that is DHL.

    Rave- we are in the home stretch of closing on our house…. it has been a long process but totally worth the pain…

  • Rave: Going to jazz in the sculpture garden tonight (assuming it doesn’t rain) with my friends I haven’t seen in forever and my boyfriend who’s never been! I love DC in the summer, minus all the weather.

  • Rave: I had an AWESOME trip to the “other” Washington and have officially decided when grad school is over in 2 years I’m on the next wagon trail west. My friends back porch had a view of both Mt Ranier and the Puget Sound, we bought fresh fish off the side of the road to make for dinner, and there was very little humidity.

    Rant: Something bit me while sitting on aforementioned porch and i have 5 silver dollar sized welts on my legs. so itchy!

    Rave2: Grad school starts in a week

    Rave3: Mom’s Cancer surgery went awesome, she doesnt have to have chemo and is recovering nicely albiet slower then she’d like.

  • Rave: Yes! is now open, and it’s even better than I had hoped! They even carry Seven Stars yogurt! As far as I’m concerned, this is the best thing to happen to Petworth since I moved in a couple years ago.

    Speaking of which… PoP, why haven’t you said anything about the market? I thought you’d be all over their grand opening.

  • rant: waiting in line at the dmv in georgetown because i couldn’t get up early enough this morning

    rave: done with the dmv – everything’s transferred! also, good people-watching.

    rant2: probably won’t see Inglourious Basterds this weekend since my boyfriend will be working and i don’t want to go without him.

    rave: it’s the weekend and i don’t have to anything particular!

  • Rave: YES ORGANIC MARKET!!! Whooo!! Went on opening day–the selection was nice, the staff was courteous and the store looked great!

  • Rave: Passed the exam I have been studying for yesterday. Went to Room11 and had a great time, red wine was alittle hot but I didn’t care. Husband is coming home from traveling tonight!

    Rant: I still have no idea when I can start my new job. I may have to go to ATL for old job to help the transition

  • Rave: traded in old SUV for cute, sporty newish car. Much better MPG, much less guilt.

    Rant: Said new car has already been jacked up, as someone took a screwdriver to the door lock, missed a few times putting some nice scratches down the door but eventually got the car open. Only had the car for 10 days, seems like some sort of record. Guess I should say thanks for leaving my husband’s sunglasses and EZPass behind.

  • @clearbluewater33 – great news about your mother! Hope she recovers quickly!

    Rave: Friday
    Rant: Have been exhausted all week, even with 8+ hours of sleep a night… what is up with that? Plus a nasty headache, freezing all the time, and some coughing sniffling… I better not be getting sick!
    Rave: Seeing the bf this weekend!
    Rant: The bf is in Philly 🙁

  • Rave: saw Sotomayor last night at Trader Joe’s!
    Rave2: off to NYC for friend’s wedding
    Rant: nothing really, except the weather – ew

  • OH! And I would like to thank Mr. T in DC for pointing my way to the bearshapedsphere blog – he posted a link to it somewhere (I can’t remember if it was here or DCist?) and now I can’t stop reading it! That’s a definite rave!

  • @JW – Congratulations on your upcoming purchase! We FINALLY closed this week RAVE RAVE RAVE. It got post-poned twice and we were under negotiations for over three months, but it’s over. I can’t believe I own a single family house in DC for a price ohh soo right.

    Well wishes to all for a lovely weekend!

  • Mal, I don’t know if it applies to you, but those are all early pregnancy symptoms.

    Then again, I had a bug last week that sounds similar.

  • omg WDC…. Seriously? I’ve also been nauseous but I just attributed it to something I ate… every night for the past week… Okayyy I’m gonna stop at a CVS on the way to the bf’s tonight!

  • RAVE! Washington Improv Theater’s Summer run of shows!


  • Jeez WDC. Way to scare a lady.
    Mal- there’s definitely been something going around lately, and it involves all those symptoms. Unless I know a looot of preggers people, don’t get too worried.

  • @Abbey: so sorry to hear about the car!

    Rave: I don’t know how the weather in DC is, but it is a cool and sporadically cloudy 68 in Chicago.

    Rant: Upon my return to DC, not having air conditioning will matter.

  • Haha okay thanks Anon – I guess it’s always better to be safe than sorry though, so thanks WDC as well for the heads up. Didn’t realize those were symptoms. Everyone always hears about the morning sickness stuff. Have a great weekend all!

  • Well, I SAID I had a bug like that, didn’t I?

    Anyway, ANYTHING can be a pregnancy symptom. Hormones are funny that way. I had a stuffy nose and sore joints and fatigue, but no nausea. Friends have had their “morning sickness” exclusively in the evenings. And so on.

    Mal probably has the same virus that’s been going around, and I am here to say it lasts 7-10 days and you should be feeling better soon. 😉

  • Rave: Friend finally moved to the district, don’t have to travel to Columbia to hang.

    Rant: Will probably help move his stuff in the sauna-like weather.

    Rant2: Car went into the shop today and we’re estimating $2K in service

    Rant3: How the heck do you get rid of the clouds of mosquitos that hang outside your front door and eat your guests? Bleach in the drain below isn’t helping much.

  • Rave: Stopped by the YES! on GA. I second the notion that this is the best thing to happen to this area since I have been here. With that said, YES! is freaking EXPENSIVE! If this YES! makes it here, that says a lot about how this area has changed and where the area is headed.

  • I heard something about hanging ziplock bags of water from your porch ceiling. I don’t have other details, such as open or zipped? what height? and why does this work? But several people have sworn up and down that it does.

  • I’ve read that same thing about bags of water in the doorway, but more to keep out flies, not mosquitoes. Something about the reflections and whatnot.


  • Thanks, Lady. Congrats to you too. Yes, we have been working on it since May. So many ups and downs….. just trying to get to the end.

    With that in mind, does anyone know where I can get a couple of spanish roof tiles???? I have tried the brass knob, and community fork lift. Apparently, there is a place in Bethesda the Roofing Center but they are only open until 4:30 and not on the weekends…… arrrgggh.


  • Rant: The stupid “Soma” spammers who fill this blog on the weekends.

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