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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I

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  • rave: attended a great [zoo] wedding, saw great friends, and caught the bouquet… oops!

    rant: 10.5hrs on-the-road time getting home (3.5hrs more than it should have taken)

  • Rant: Old job is screwing me on my last paycheck leaving me temporarily destitute between jobs.

    Rave: Great weekend with the girl and a lot of good friends from my formative days. Still have a week of vacation to enjoy and exploit. New job to look forward to.

  • Rave: seeing my pic above!

    Rave: phish this weekend!

    Rave: every other part of my weekend!

    Rant: …i got nothing. its monday?

  • Rave: Had the metal bars removed from my front windows this weekend and what a difference it makes in the appearance of the house and view out the windows.

    Rant: Now I have to remove 86 years of paint and repaint the window frames.

    Rant: Going to rent my basement apartment out soon and wondering how to do a credit check of a prospective renter?

  • Rave: great weekend with the kids at the Merry-go-round and train ride in Silver Spring. Nice picnic too.

    Rant: The power grab. I can understand (to some degree) taking over banking, auto industry, market manipulation, and trying to prop up housing (thoughwe shouldnt)etc. But do i really need government to make so many decisions for me? Does the average person want gov to make all of their decisions so they can hang out and watch american idol. How monumentally idiotic do you have to be to give more power to the people and institutions that helped create this mess were in now, so they can mess up other areas of our lives and the ecnomy? I cannot be the only one that has his sh^& under control am I? When did rugged individualism die?
    I guess the more power you give to your government the less you have to admit too yourself that you have failed at your own life. Like the banks, let the failures fail.

  • Rave: I had an incredible time in Europe with my boyfriend!
    Rant: I’m back at work and I haven’t adjusted my time zone yet.

    RANT: I came home to find some non-apartment-resident parked in my reserved parking spot in Adams Morgan yesterday. I called 311 to find out what to do, a cop had come to issue a ticket so the towing company would take the car out of my spot. Such a hassle! Now I’m afraid this D-bag is going to do something to my car because I had his/her car towed… (but justice prevailed yesterday!)
    Rave: The guys at 311 rock! When things are quiet in DC on a Sunday late-afternoon, they get thing done!

  • Rave: I grew tomatoes in my front yard in Columbia Heights this year. They are all coming in now, delicious native DC tomatoes. (Try to find those at stores!) And not one incident of theft of vandalism, which I have to admit I kinda expected.

  • Had Thai-Xing for the first time. Excellent. What is tipping etiquette when you’re just taking out, but you waited there while waiting for the food?

  • Rant: Home town Phish show RULES!

    Rave: On Friday, my husband left his bike (locked) in front of DC USA and it got stolen at 2 pm in broad daylight. Sad bear.

  • Rant: I just turned 65 last month, but I have the libido of a 21-year-old girl.

    Rave: Ronaldo is coming back from Bolivia at the end of the month and I am already dripping with anxiety!

  • Rant: Speaking of stolen bikes Ms Mae, mine was 4 teenage black thugs accosting a young hispanic kid in front of Domku and taking his bike, in broad daylight.

  • oh here’s a rant: i called the police on about 5 kids that i’m 99% had just stolen a scooter… they were running down the street with it, ducked into the alley across the street from my house (i was sitting on the porch watching all this) and proceeded to try to jump start it.
    when they saw me watching, they wheeled it further into the alley.
    i gave 911 my phone #, but no cops ever called me, and about 40 minutes later i saw the kids switching off taking turns joy-riding down my street.
    so much for that.
    so, if your white scooter was stolen from the area around varnum & upshur? sorry– i tried to help.
    i guess living several blocks from a police precinct doesn’t mean they’ll actually respond.

  • Rave: Picked beautiful blackberries & raspberries at Butler’s Orchard on Saturday. They will become ice cream tonight!

    Rant: While picking, got stung in the ear by a bee!!

  • Speaking of stolen things, I saw a couple tie their beautiful golden retriever to the doors next to DCUSA this weekend and leave him there. No water. And I was remembering the gal whose dog was stolen in Cleveland Park. I wanted to say something to them, but my toddler was being obstreperous and I didn’t get to them in time.

  • Rave: Nice hot sunny weather. Went for a run on the track at McFarland. NICE track!
    Rave: My cousin moved to DC and promptly took up running with the guy I mentioned that beats his gf. So the guy was over my place last and was talking about his court cases. He is on probation for riding for one of those pocket/dirt bikes. So MPD does arrest someone for these offenses.

    Well while on probation, he knocks his cousin out in a fight. Rescue had to use a defib to wake him up. Well they charged the guy with Attempted Murder. He stayed in jail all of one day before being released with a court date. This morning, I see him at the bus stop headed to court to fight for custody of one of his children. For those of you that come down hard on criminals being released, here is your ammunition. For those of you that think that coming down hard will solve the problem, take note he has a young child already in the pipeline.

  • Rave: My parents bought a beautiful house in Kure Beach, NC and I got to go see it this past weekend! Amazing, amazing, amazing!

    Rant: It’s a 6 hour drive, and having the bf come with adds 3 hours for him coming from Philly…

    Rave: 6 hours is still closer than where they are now: Missouri!

    Rave: Going to see dave matthews at the Gorge for all three shows the first week of september with my brother and my parents! (my parents are huge hippies – they used to go see the dead all the time) Love the fact that my family is still close as ever even though my brother and I are “adults” or something like that 😀

    Rave: Great family 🙂

  • @FloristaThorne-I totally sympathize with your bee sting! I got stung 2 sundays ago and my hand is only now starting to look like normal!!!

    Rave: I ran 5 miles last night and I got to wear my new running shoes and nike + sportsband! yay. It was awesome!

    Rant: —-

  • Rant: To those metro escalator passengers standing on the right hand side, congrats for having the sense to move over but will you please be mindful of all the crap you carry with you that sticks out into the left hand side when people are trying to pass. Don’t give me the look of death when I say “excuse me” and try to get by without brushing up against your humongus bag, baby carriage, umbrella, helmut, books, briefcase or whatever other crap you have that takes up the entire stair. Put it in front or behind you please.

  • Rave – My beautiful tomotes ripening
    Rant – ALL my beautiful tomotes ripening at once! Yikes.

    Damn Nate, that dude sounds like a REAL winner.

  • Rave: obstreperous describes her perfectly, little punk! cool word of the day.

  • Rant: took my pup to a new vet, $298 later I am told she needs another $126 test to make sure she doesn’t have lime disease.

    Rave: none, it’s Monday and I’ve had a headache all day.

  • Response to Anonymous 12:51 p.m.: I checked out my tenants using this website:


    You can pay for the check, or you can make it so that your potential tenant has to pay (in my case, I decided to pay.)

    The other online resources out there seemed more geared toward people who have multiple units to rent, not small-time “landlords” like me.

  • Rave: Day 48 without drink or drugs.

    Rant: The guy who tried to pick me up at an AA meeting.

    Rave: He was hot and it was GOOD.

  • Rave: Toddler said she wanted to see a tiger so we went and saw one, and she loved running through the cooling spray at the zoo. It’s almost better than the sleepy animals.
    Rant: Why does she say she won’t take a nap when she so clearly needs one?

  • OK Prune Tang LOL! Too much information!

  • Rave: Scored a free ticket to Phish Saturday night and saw Grace Potter, Levon Helm’s Band, and Old Crow Medicine Show at Merriweather this weekend. Aside from festivals, I’ve never had a weekend this packed full of bands I love.

    Rave: Two of my best friends’ first child was born Sunday morning and I got to go meet him today. They will be wonderful parents.

  • Rant: why do people have to slow down to 15mph in a 35mph zone when they see a photo enforced radar?

    Rave: being “on call” and getting paid to not work.

  • @WDC — I’ve seen it outside DCUSA all the time and it annoys me so much. That story was huge over at dcist.com and caused a big uproar. Its illegal to leave your dog tied up unattended like that and I hope people realize how unsafe it is for the dog and passersby!

    rant: DON’T leave your “beloved” dog tied up outside where it can be stolen, slip its collar and run away, bite someone, get hit by a car!

    rave: I have an interview for an internship today at the Hirshhorn!

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