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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I

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  • I noticed structural damage to my house this week. It is making me really short-tempered.

  • Rave: Meeting at Corp HQ cancelled woo hoo. Happy hour tonight in clev park. fixed the motorcycle.

    Rant: sick cat Twizz doing vile things to the floors of my house. no gf/side honey mistress. job moving to herndon. wtf?

  • Rave: Last day at work! Camping! Vacation! Beer! Girlfriend! Cooking! Brewing! Bikes! Free Speech! Sriracha!

    Rant: Nah, I’m good.

  • Rave: I get to pick up my new *pink* glasses tonight! Pumped to have glasses that I can actually wear in public.

    Rave2: Hung out with my two awesome housemates last night. We literally snuck out of the house to evade the housemate we cannot stand, and met on the corner. Then we hung out on the roof for an hour. It was a great night for the roof.

    Rave3: The Time Traveler’s Wife opens tonight!!! Can’t even tell you how excited I am! (such a girl)

    Rant: During dinner w/awesome housemates I had two glasses of sangria (just TWO!), and my stomach was BURNING this morning. Made getting to work a bit rough. I’m such a lightweight!

  • Hiphop – how YOU doin???

  • Rave: Vacation!
    Rant: I need to get a birthday card for my boyfriend. The selection at Target was abysmal. Anyone know of a good card shop in DC? I’m thinking of checking out Pulp on 14th.

  • Rave: A weekend of doing absolutely nothing for once….except maybe seeing “The District”

    Rant/Rave: Mike Vick going to the Eagles…giving me another reason to despise them.

  • Rave: Great weather for a DC weekend of Jazz in the Sculpture Garden, golf, brunches, and a first trip to Room 11!

    Rant: Please please please people near the corner of 13th and Monroe – STOP YOUR DOG’S NEVERENDING BARKING! We love dogs as much as anyone, but constant loud barking for an hour or more at a time, after midnight or before 6:00am, means we never get to sleep!! Nine months of this is too much…

  • Best birthday cards ever – and everything else cards – are from a local company – Archelaus – and I think available at Pulp. Their website posts shops that carry them, and they sometimes sell at Eastern Market. http://www.archelaus-cards.com

  • Revel: Moving into a new house.
    Rant: Having to move all my stuff into a new house.

  • Whoops, I meant “District 9″…my bad.

  • Rant, I guess?:
    Was heading home on 16th St (~7pm), and saw a man, unconcious and lying on his side in the middle of the right-most southbound lane. There were already 4-5 people standing around him, some on the phone, forming a perimeter of sorts so that he wouldn’t be run over. 2 more people were further north directing cars away from the lane. I paused but then moved on, thinking there was nothing else I could do.

    Later, when I was talking to my sister (an ER doctor), she asked if anyone had taken his pulse. I hope someone had before I got there. She ran through the basics of CPR with me and told me what to do if I was ever in a similar situation. Now I wonder if I should have done more.

    Man, this sucks. Poor guy was probably just tryin to get home from work. Anyone know what happened? If the guy lived? I assume he was hit by a car, but looking back, don’t remember seeing a car/driver there.

  • Rant: Work is busy and stressful today, the line at Chopt’d was out the door so I had to go to California Torilla, and there were so many tourists in Chinatown that I started playing the mental junkpunch game.

    Rave: One elevator ride and a sweet smile cheered me up and made my day immensely better.

  • Anon @ 12:37: the best way to buy a hallmark card is to get the most inappropriate one you can find. I don’t mean off-color, but if you’re buying for your boyfriend, get him a “Happy Graduation to the Best Daughter in the World!” card. Or perhaps something a dippy woman might buy for a female friend, about shoe shopping.

    The most memorable greeting card I’ve received recently was the one where a friend crossed out the stuff already written to her in the card, then wrote her own message, along with “that’s right, I’m giving you someone else’s Christmas card”. Loved it.

  • @ WDC-

    I love doing that too! If a friend is turning, say 32, I like to buy a “Happy Birthday to my favorite 2-year old!” and then draw in the 3. Those cards usually have a talking unicorn on it which is a heck of a lot more fun than the standard birthday cards….

  • Rave: Vick getting signed, and getting a 2nd chance. Makes me hate the Eagles a little less.

    Rant: Nothing as of yet.

  • That’s me!!! Aw, thanks Pop! You’ve made it a special day for me.

  • @ Victoriam, thanks. Those cards are quirky! And it looks like they have them at Pulp.

    @ WDC & Matt G, good ideas also. I was thinking about doing something like that. And hilariously, my boyfriend *is* turning 32, so I could do exactly what Matt G said! (But it wouldn’t be as fun because I didn’t think of it…)

  • I’m ambivalent about the Vick situation. On the one hand, what he did was unconscionable, but the dude paid his debt. Let him try to get his life back together. Though it would be nice to see him do some PSAs denouncing dogfighting or giving money to the ASPCA or something.

  • Still looking for a good roommate! If you know of anyone looking for a room, have them do a search on Craigslist under Rooms/Shares for Kilbourne (I’m the listing with pics).

  • Rave: Spent week at my dad’s, the highlight was a Wednesday trip to Kennywood with my cousin and her kids. The Thunderbolt, Potato Patch fries, her youngest’s first ride on the Jackrabbit and funnel cake!
    Rant: Holy crap my back hurts from all the roller coaster riding.
    Rave: Spent the last couple of hours going through old boxes. Found an old Grateful Dead tour shirt, Wayfarers (from the Risky Business era), a Sorry About Your Daughter poster, old letters and photos from college, and a bag of undeveloped film from the Budapest years (1997-1999ish).
    Rant: Need to shower and hop in the car and head back to DC. I wish I could teleport (or orb, for you Charmed fans out there).

  • OH – one more Rave:
    Scored tix to the Abita Shrimp & Crawfish boil @ the Argonaut on Tuesday! It’s sold out now, but I just heard they’re doing another one on the 25th!

  • Rave: DISTRICT 9 tonight at 7:20. Maybe I’ll see ya there Stephanie …

    Rave2: another great meal recently at Bar Pilar, among the most underrated food in DC. Had some amazing salted peaches, this ridiculously good tomato thing, great (not your typical) calimari, among other great things. Although sometimes a bit over-salted, bang for the buck, the food there is hard to beat, even though no one really talks about it.

    And ditto on the Vick comments: he is in the perfect place for him, among fans that boo Santa Clause and cheer when opposing players get injured. (In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m a Giants fan …).

  • rant: my office is soooo cold I have to walk around w/ a sweater on.

    rave: leaving early from work today and heading to Hains Point to enjoy the pool!

  • Re: Vick: does paying your debt to society mean you automatically get all your rights and privileges back, no matter what the crime? Should a gynecologist convicted of sexual assault get his license to practice medicine back? How about a teacher who molested a student? And should a pro football player, who is, like it or not, a role model to young’uns, be allowed the privilege of influencing them again?

    Some jobs require higher standards than just “not currently in prison”. I wish our professional atheletic leagues would take the role model piece more seriously.

  • rant: got in a 15 minute shouting match yesterday with a young mother who was beating her 3-year-old boy on the street. she kept pounding him to the ground and then yanking him up by the arm, over and over and over. i called 911 (as did several other bystanders), and she called someone to come and give me a beat. neither enforcers ever arrived. i follower her for a while but lost her on NY Ave. that poor little boy. last i saw he was crying hysterically and had a bloody nose…

    rave: Brady is back inthe pocket. look out!

  • My Fiance and I just got a “To My Love” thank you hallmark card for my contractor friend who got our windows for us cheap. Signed from both of us.

  • Rant: My husband won’t commit to any plans for tonight. If you don’t want to go out just say NO!!! Not I don’t know – which is his code for no or maybe, which is also his code for no. Damn I need to unwind and start my weekend already.

    Rave: Car shopping this weekend!

  • rant:
    t’other day about 5:30pm, this guy got off the bus, walked to the tiny space between the corner shop and the one next to it, unzipped, and took a leak–without even bothering to look around to see if he had an audience (which he did…not just me). what IS it with this? no wonder the elevators in the metro and many stretches of sidewalk in this neck of the woods smell like piss! can’t the boys learn to pee in the lavs before they leave home/work/the bar?

  • Rant: Pedestrians that ignore the

  • the fountains are back on in Meridian Hill park. very nice

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