Random Reader Rant and/or Revel

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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. Anything good happen this week?

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  • Concidence or not? Rave: Bacon Funeral Home cleared the weeds and trash from in front of their stalled-construction eyesore. The gimpy chain-link fence is still there, but hey, baby steps.

  • Rant: SYTYCD, the only contestant/reality show I find worth watching, is over and my favorite dancer didn’t win.

    Rave: For some reason the next season starts next month and not next year! I love you Cat Deeley! You’re everything Ryan Secreast wishes he could be in more ways than one!

  • I *love* SYTYCD! Who were you rooting for?

    Rave: I love heading to work in the morning and seeing the little toddlers at the daycare centers out for walkies in the neighborhood. Sometimes they wave at me!

  • Rave: I think we’re getting a new car, possibly even for a lower payment! Bye bye gas guzzler!

    Rant: Hubby and I can’t seem to agree on which car…who will win??

  • What is SYTYCD? I have been trying to figure it out on my own and cannot possible imagine what that might stand for…

  • so you think you can dance

  • i think J was a fabulous choice. i think i would have been happy either way though:)

  • I love SYTYCD! And Cat Deely – WOW!

  • Rant: Not winning the Captions contest.

  • Rave: It’s Friday! It only took me 15 minutes at the DMV to get a replacement ID (I know!!). Only 4 more hours until I can kick back in my favorite bar in Adams Morgan with a refreshing beverage! 🙂

  • Rave: Us Air Guitar Championships tonight

    Rave: Going camping this weekend in WV

    Rave: Having dinner with friends from out of town on Sunday

    Rant: Stuck at the officer until 5. Literally the only one here…

  • errr…office

  • Rant: two fillings at the dentist, my phone needs a breathalyzer.

    Rave: nope, nada, that is all.

  • Rant: My head hurts and I’m out of advil at work.
    Rave: cube farm neighbor gave me some excedrin.
    Rant: still have headache.

  • Rant: DC not having a litter law and Councilmember Thomas not giving a crap.

  • It is beautiful out today. This might be the first day I’ve enjoyed not having a job. Now I’m going to stop reading PoP and go for a bike ride.

  • Rave: My office closes at noon on Fridays in August!
    Rant: It’s 2:00pm and I’m still here cause I have so much work to do…
    Rave: I’m leaving soon and hitting up Jazz in the Sculpture Garden tonight!

  • At the end it was Brandon. But really as long as Evan didn’t win I was happy. Not that I hated Evan as much as others though.

  • Rave: Pho 14. Thank you for coming to my neighborhood. Now hurry up and get a liquor license already. Or dont. It was nice going out to eat and not spending a ton of money on booze.

    Rave 2: The Raven after Pho 14. How can three people go out to eat and then go to the bar in one night all for under 60 bucks? First time in DC ever. Will not be the last.

    Rave 3: The scrapple discussion from earlier this week. Brings a tear to my eye to know there are so many fellow scapple-lovers out there in popville.

  • Rant: Pho 14 said they don’t want to get a liquor license. They have enough business without one. 🙁

    Rave: Gorgeous Friday!

  • RAVE: It’s 3!

  • Rave: I have lost 20 pounds since quitting drinking June 30.

    Rant: All my friends are out of town this weekend–its not good for me to isolate.

  • Rave: Decatur house jazz concert and drinks in the courtyard last night. Nice night to be out.

    Rant: Not being able to get my hands on a ’65 Norton at the auction in Buffalo today (wouldnt have time to rebuild it anyways).

    Hey POP, how about a POP Happy hour one of these days?

  • Uh oh! PoK, you can come over if you want. I need help packing!


    I adored Evan. He’s my favorite person whom I’m glad did not win, if that makes sense — I think he’s so good at his own Gene Kelly-esque dance style. And I was tired of seeing him get smacked around every week and damned with faint praise, because he was obviously giving it his all every week. But he was not as versatile as the other three.

    Brandon is excellent. But of the four, I was rooting for Jeanine. I thought it was going to be Kayla, however. I wouldn’t have minded any of the three of them.

    Cat Deeley is my favorite reality show host. Well, Cat and Phil from The Amazing Race.

  • Rave: today’s weather
    Rant: tomorrow’s

  • @Jimmy D : try the red derby! $2 beers. that place is magic for a cheap night.
    not that i dont’ love the raven… 🙂

  • Rant – I’m gatting my oil changed tomorrow, or is this a rave? I guess it depends.

    Rave – I’m visiting some friends tomorrow and showing them my vacation pictures.

    Rant – I can’t stand the humidity and I’m from here…

  • congrats prince of kolmac…hang in there!

    beautiful day outside, and i am heading home to enjoy it 🙂

  • Christina,

    Cat Deeley really should host everything, and I agree with you and all your points.

    Evan was almost always out-danced by his partner, but he was trying to work it as hard as he could. And to be honest, I watch the boys a lot closer than the girls. Beyond Melissa and Asuka, who stood out from the rest for their own reason, most of the girls are just a blur to me until the final show.

  • Evan really shined (shone?) in the “butt” dance, though. Loved that one. It showcased his personality and his style.

    I agree that the women can be a blur. I have to call them “the tall blonde one,” the “short blonde one,” “the blonde one who looks like Britney Spears” etc. until we get further into the season.

    Rave 2: Only another month until SYTYD comes back! And less than a month until Project Runway — okay, favorite hosts: Cat Deeley who is fabulous in all things and so sweet, Phil from The Amazing Race, and Tim Gunn, if Tim counts as a “host.”

    Rave 3: Sorbet Sippers from Haagen Dazs. Man, one of those hit the spot today.

  • Rave: new vegas lounge is the best night spot in DC. their house band is will make you dance all night

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