PoP T-Shirts Continue to Travel the Globe

IMG_8411, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This one is from Warsaw. They also sent in an international door of the day:


And an international pop up as well:


Warsaw’s doing it right.

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  • Ha, “international pop up” made me laugh.

  • haha, they captured the trifecta. well done

  • Kind of makes me want to go to Warsaw.

  • Warsaw is great. Lots of great history there.
    The door is from a palace in the Wilanow district in Warsaw, the shirt picture is from the Old Town square, and so is the pop-up. The whole square was rebuilt after WWII, so some builders may have taken some liberties.

  • That’s one of the relatively few nice places in Warsaw left. After the 1944 rising, the Nazis decided to burn the city down and kill all the remaining Poles that had not been driven from the city. Much of Warsaw was re-built by the Communists and, therefore, is that kind of ugly, save what has been built in the last 20 years. (I was last in Warsaw in 1998).

    If your friend goes to Krakow – ah, now that is the picturesque city. Incredibly, the old city was not ruined by the Nazis or by the Soviets or by its Communist puppet government, though there was some hideously ugly Soviet style architecture outside the center city and in suburbs like Nowa Huta. If he goes there, make sure he sends pictures back so everyone at PoP can see.

  • Ah, so it IS a re-creation! I suspected as much.

  • oh my, my…

    Warsaw is my hometown 🙂

    You made me feel sentimental.

    And I disagree that Wilanow is “one of the relatively few nice places in Warsaw left.” It’s true that nearly everything was destroyed by the Nazis, but the Old Town was reconstructed and it’s real nice (even if historically not accurate). Nowy Swiat and Krakowskie Przedmiescie Streeets got improved a lot recently and are now actually beautiful. Aleje Ujazdowskie Street is great. So is Aleje Jerozolimskie. Parts of the Mokotow district, etc, etc. Warsaw University has some nice buildings. There are some very nice parks in the city, too (Saski Park, Lazienki Park). And then even the Communist architecture is interesting.

    Yeah, Warsaw is not too bad. Trust me 🙂 Of course it’s not Budapest or Prague but it has its character and soul. It just takes time to get to know it.

    Last but not least, it’s still changing and quite rapidly so. I go there almost every summer to see my folks and always see new things.

  • cacophony76, we went to most of the places you mentioned. You’re right Nowy Swiat and Krakowskie Przedmiescie streets are great, and are closed on the weekends to regular traffic.
    Also went to Lazienki Park, but I didn’t want to overload the PoP with pictures of Warsaw.
    I think the other person was saying that Old Town is one of the few nice parts left, but you’re right, there are so many great areas of Warsaw. The university has a great library with an amazing garden roof.

  • generally i loathe reading dc minded blogs writing about outside of dc, but superman holy mother of zod that rowhouse and pop up made me drool.

  • Seeing those pics really makes me miss that place. I grew up in downtown Warsaw.

  • What does Nowy Swiat mean? I know a little Russian & should study Polish.

  • disaffected – is recreation of beauty really such a bad thing?

  • trifecta, triple crown. Those photos hit the PoP jackpot!

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