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  • Are these Ghost Leg Memorials? better not let the city see them, otherwise they will be removed.

  • the one on the left is hawt-plus.

  • Noticing a lot of plaid, fashion-wise this season. It’s kind of weird. No one would have touched those 10 years ago. (You’d be laughed at for wearing “golfing pants”) But now they’re chic. Clearly times change.

  • @Cardozomite, funny!

    @Divine: Plaid is definitely back, and I don’t think I’ll be joining that band wagon. Not big on plaid myself. Plus I don’t think those pants would be flattering on a woman’s figure in that shape. Just makes the mannequins’ legs look chunky with the tightness at the hips and thighs. Ew.

  • CoHi-anite – Ew.???
    Men love curves. Find me the woman who fiits those pants and her best friend.

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