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  • Was away for a while without access to the Web so you may have posted this already, but the Penn Quarter Living blog posted a hi-larious tale about a squirrel near the FBI building who plays dead and then chases people…sweet! But anyway, I thought of you when I read it: http://pqliving.com/?p=6300

  • That’s a cute squirrel, I like the little critters! I’ll take squirrels over rats any day.

  • note that the pictured squirrel has a peanut, not an acorn or the like. Somebody fed this critter!

  • damn dirty tree rats! Home Depot has tree rat poison which i use liberally.

  • Yeah, it has a peanut and I was the one feeding it.

    And honestly, I was hoping (and I still am) that your feelings re: squirrels might change 😛 I’ll keep trying.

  • You know what that little bucktoothed bastard is thinking? He’s thinking of the best way to run away, where his next meal is coming from, and where can he get laid. Just like the French.

  • Yesterday while driving down 14th, I stopped at a light and when I looked over at Upshur park I saw an albino squirrel. Has anyone else seen this critter? It was way up in a tree doing some acrobatic feats, so no way was it a cat.

  • I have seen albino squirrels in other areas of the city, e.g., Franklin Park. No word on whether they are concerned about neighborhood shootouts, police failing to take reports, whether their local dive bars will be discovered by others, or where they can get wifi.

  • It seems their greatest concern this time of year is stuffing nuts in their cute little mouths until their cheeks are just bulging! Yummmmm.

  • my extremely calm, affable niece-the-librarian has turned into a squirrel hater. she admits to feeling murderous toward them. why? because they’re taking bites out of her tomatoes!!! they don’t eat the whole thing. just take a bite and go on to the next. i know there has been an acorn shortage and many people are feeding them out of pity. i think they’re cute. have to look up the penn quarter living blog to read about that foxy squirrel. ha. hope he’s chasing tourists!!

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