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  • What in the world is that woman doing?! It looks like: a) she’s hiding behind cardboard, b) she smells something bad, c) she’s thinking about which way to go, d) she’s trying to disguise herself!

  • The juxtaposition with the Metro sign is hilarious. After spending some time in China, I’ve noticed that the masks are pretty popular there. The funny thing is that many of the same people wearing germ masks who are paranoid about catching a cold haven’t yet discovered the importance of washing their hands.

  • Looks like Spy vs. Spy.

  • not SARS again

  • Thanks for the love, PoP. I have no idea what this woman was up to, she just popped across the street with the makeshift mask at the ready.

    I need to start shooting at wider apertures in daylight, I think. This one could have benefitted from a shallower depth-of-field. I think it looks a bit flat.

  • Another peculiarity of many old Asian ladies is the ever-present umbrella. It doesn’t matter if it’s really sunny or raining; its use is apparently for protecting them against something unseen. Kind of like a tin foil hat, of sorts.

  • Isn’t it obvious? It’s Michael Jackson.

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