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  • Good catch. Usually Commie loses the fragile grip he has on civility whenever someone pulls out a camera around the bar.

  • The BEST bar on U Street. Please don’t tell anyone about and please tell others to STAY AWAY!!!!!!

  • Wow – is this the same Saloon and whacko Commie as was (still is?) in G’town? I was a waiter/bartender there about 25 years ago. Had to cover 30+ tables one night when another waiter got fed up with Commie and quit, and then he actually charged me when one of the tables walked the check! Twenty-three bucks was a lot back then, and I do hope there is Kharma!

  • Caleb’s a good guy. A nice counter balance if you will.

  • i dont think they still own the one in georgetown, but yeah it moved from there.
    caleb is super nice.
    i’ve only had good experiences there and thankfully their rules will keep most people away.
    its not a fun crazy lively place. its definitely not cool. its a calm quiet place. most dc/u street drinkers dont gravitate that way. thankfully. its generally full of dull, totally average people. caleb is usually the best dressed one there. its only a good bar if you just want to talk ( or play a board game) the beers, which used to be rather unique, are mostly fairly common these days. the food is mere sustenance. well, except for the fries. those are the most stellar thing. we could use more of these places scattered around the city. normal places. not high fashion, not a gastropub,not “dive bars”, or plain old shitholes. its really not a destination kind of place.

    its typical for a place to make waiters cover tables that walked. every place i’ve waited has done that.

  • Victoriam – yup, same place that moved from Georgetown. It was a frequent hangout for me ~21 years ago. I lost track of it when it moved to U Street, and when I walked in after a 7 or so year lapse, Commy still recognized me. I read a WaPo article that said he moved from G’town to U Street because he was sick of all the tourists.
    I’m sorry you had such a bad experience working there, but as a customer, I’ve always loved it. I know Commy has some quirks, for sure.

    Plus, I suspect karma is in Commy’s favor – he’s closing the Saloon down this month so he can go build a school in Bangladesh. He closes the place down 2-3 times a year to build schools and houses all over the planet. When I think of his contribution to humanity, it reminds me of this quote from Jonathan Swift:

    “that whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.”

  • The Saloon is one of those places I know I’d love and just haven’t made the time to go to, yet. Is it closed now? When does it reopen? And does anybody know if that tap in the foreground is Franziskaner Dunkel Weiss Bier? It looks like they have two Fraziskaner taps, and if one is the dunkel, that would make me very happy.

  • They do, indeed, have Franziskaner Dunkelweiss Bier!

  • I think they reopen Sept. 2nd or 3rd.

  • it’s the same Commie. Abey who used to work door at The Saloon (M Street edition) in the late-80s was running The Deck at the Savoy Hotel on Wisconsin Ave around 2001. lost track of them both until I went into the U Street Saloon early last year and remembered Commie. small city…no standing!

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