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  • The tap-focus feature on the new 3GS makes the pictures soooo much better. Mine are coming out really well. Only downside: no flash.

  • The 3G iPhone cam is pretty weak. Good for a quick pic on (Ass)Facebook and little else.

    Also, Majestic Cafe makes some damn good meatloaf, and their calves liver is the best I’ve had. They also know how to make proper cocktails.

  • A few weeks ago I purchased iPhones for myself and hubby and iPhone has changed my life. I know people hate on the next bus app, but I rely on it daily and has never let me down!! Pics are still crap – but what do you expect from a device that is made to make calls and surf the net. But they are good enough quality for IM or FB.

  • The iPhone camera is good for what it is – a camera you have with you at all times. You just have to know what types of photos will work well – and also using apps like CameraBag help to enhance the photos.

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