PETA Protest Outside McDonald’s on 14th and U Last Saturday

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Apparently McDonald’s treats their chickens poorly. Besides free range aren’t all chickens treated poorly?

But hey, how could I not take a photo of a chicken costume. It’s impossible not to…

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  • Here is what Wikipedia says about McNuggets:

    “The 2004 documentary Super Size Me states that the McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, originally made from old chickens no longer able to lay eggs, are now made from chickens with unusually large breasts. These chickens are stripped down to the bone, and then “ground up in to a chicken mash then combined with a variety of stabilizers and preservatives, pressed into familiar shapes, breaded and deep fried, freeze dried, and then shipped to a McDonald’s near you.”[7] Super Size Me also alleged that they included chemicals such as tertiary butylhydroquinone (a phenolic antioxidant), polydimethylsiloxane (an anti-foaming agent), and other ingredients not used by a typical home cook. As of 2007, these two ingredients were still listed as possible ingredients of the vegetable oil that is used to fry McNuggets. In a 2002 lawsuit against McDonald’s, the judge claimed Chicken McNuggets are a “McFrankenstein” creation of various elements not used by the home cook.[8]

    According to raw ingredients listing on the wholesale packaging of Chicken McNuggets in any variant, chicken breast accounts for almost 50% of the product.”

    Looks like they’re not kind to their customers either.

  • I’ve “boycotted” McDonalds for years because they serve shitty food. But if PETA is opposing them, perhaps I should reconsider and have lunch there tomorrow.

  • I’ve been boycotting Mcdonalds since they started charging .20 more for that extra slice of cheese on their formerly .99 Double Cheeseburger. Granted, they’ve got the McDouble with just a SINGLE slice of cheese, but it’s the principle. That extra slice of heavily processed American cheese-style product is the birthright of every American whose parents were too lazy/stupid to cook dinner, or wanted to keep the kids occupied with a greasy meal and an episode of Sigmund the Sea Monster while they tore off a quick one in the back bedroom. It’s not often that I describe a costcutting measure as “worse than Hitler” but in this case, I’ll make an exception.

    Fight the good fight, PETA! Once you’ve toppled Mcdonalds, you need to take on “big tofu.” Did you know that so-called “cruelty-free, free-range tofu” actually lets out microscopic screams when it’s fermented and processed into those bland, flavorless cubes?

  • Important fact: The 4-piece Chicken McNuggets is a fantastic value. Two 4-piece chicken McNuggets, found on the $0.99 value menu, costs less than one 6-piece chicken mcnuggets. Even the 20-piece McNugget costs more than five 4-piece McNuggets.

    Smart-minded consumers of 50% chicken products always buy the 4-piece.

  • The 20-piece McNugget may be less cost effective, but it’s much more fun because you can use them to reassemble the chicken using straws, coffee stirrers, and honey mustard sauce. I managed to get halfway through before I lost the will to live.

  • Meat tossers!!!

  • monkeyrotica will you please stop!!! My boss is looking at me wondering why I’m sitting here laughing my ass off!!


    These wack-jobs lost all credibility after that letter… its too bad because they could potentially play a very important role.

  • PETA lost all credibility years ago (if they had any). If not before, it was gone when Ingrid Newkirk told 60 Minutes that it didn’t matter if PETA lied in some of its campaigns (including a claim that Jesus was a vegetarian, despite the whole “loaves and FISHES” incident), because the ends justify the means, and she’d tell any lie she could if it would convince one person not to eat meat.

    The fly-swatting letter was just further proof of PETA insanity, not lack of credibility.

  • TonyS: chill. While PETA did send the president some sort of fly catcher, but that was after media inquiries about their position on the president killing the fly. They did not do anything before the media kind of forced their hand. So, while sometimes I do think PETA can go over the edge, they don’t deserve it this time. Frankly, I think PETA serves and important function in making sure we have information on where our food comes. While I’m not a vegetarian, the information supplied by PETA and other groups has made me make different choices on how the animals I do eat are raised.

  • I don’t generally visit McDonalds, and I think factory chicken production is appalling, BUT… I have no respect for PETA. Besides such stupid stunts as the recent “fly-swatting” letter to the president, and trying to ban fishing in Virginia Beach–where they are now based–they also went after the Nature Conservancy many years ago with a sustained and dishonest campaign because the conservation organization was killing feral pigs in the Hawaiian rainforests to safeguard the last remaining habitat for native Hawaiian birds. That did it for me.

  • Nope DcRat, no… I will not chill. Let me repeat. A fly. A common house fly.

    Pick your battles. This is not a good one for you. “The media forced their hand…” BS.

    McDonalds probably does need to improve their business practices regarding animal treatment etc., like many companies. But at this point these fools have lost all credibility.

  • I agree that PETA never had much credibility, even WAY before the fly incident. (TonyS, where have you been?)

    They’re irritating and obnoxious, yes. However, PETA makes people talk. That’s their goal, and they accomplish it well. They push the cause of animal cruelty into the faces of people who otherwise would remain content to not think about where McDonald’s gets their meat.

    They go on reconnaissance missions into factory farms and return with shocking and grotesque images and information that we would may otherwise never find out about.

    They tell people what they believe in, and what needs to change. And I can respect anyone for that.

  • Jim, is it a lie if you ad to a fairy tale? 😉

  • or even add

  • I worked at PETA for a brief brief period. The only cool thing about this place was you could take your dog to work with you. You could not wear wool, leather, fur, or anything that resembled it to work. As for lunch… you can guess.

  • Mmmmm….the things I would do to the person in that chicken outfit. First, a little soft music, maybe some Barry White or barnyard sound effects. Dim the track lighting, then slide over real nice and say, “Oh, I think you have some chicken feed in your eye. Let me get it out.” Then, two Roofie Coladas later, and Pete PETA is naked at the bottom of a well and I’m dancing around in their skin to “Love’s Theme” with my junk hanging out.

    [looks in mirror]

    “Would you f**k me? Yeah, I’d f**k me. I’d f**k me HARD.”

  • No wool? Really? The others I can understand, but you don’t even have to kill anything to get wool. I can’t imagine synthetic fibers are any better for animals. Also, the environmental and social devastation that cotton has wrought can’t be any better either.

  • Sully, i’m surprised they condoned “canine imprisonment.”

  • Divine… I think we totally agree. The hidden camera videos of downer cows in slaughter houses disgusted me. I guess my whole point is I wish there was another high-profile group that did that kind of thing, and worked to expose the people who break the rules (the downer cow issue is a great example because that was also a public health issue). PETA is just so far out there, they are a joke.

  • PeTA has a lot to answer for:

    “No living creature should be treated like that!”

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