Opening Dates for Mid City Caffe and (Petworth) YES! Organic Market Announced


On August 2nd, Mid City Caffe, located above Miss Pixie’s at 1626 14th Street, NW, had their soft opening. Today we learned that the official opening will be this Saturday, August 15th. The press release says:

“To complement the fine selection of coffee, delicious handmade pastries will complete this shop

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  • Oh! I’m so excited to have Yes! open by my house. A lot less cram-packed giant (I fear getting into a car accident every time), and no more stinky safeway.

  • While it’s better than nothing at all, let me save everybody the disappointment of thinking Yes! is anything close to a Whole Foods.


    (and really archduke, what’s life like as a glass-half-empty sort? must be exhausting…)

  • YAY! I can’t wait!

  • It’s not exhausting at all. Like the door of the day, it’s actually pretty sweet.

  • hooray for YES! Boo to Archduke!

  • YEAH!!! @ archduke – It is way better than Safeway!

  • I will be there with my kids, stroller and room for a six pack of $10 beer. Hell, maybe even two.

  • While large and well designed studies show organic has no nutritional advantage, I’ll still shop at Yes. Down with We-Only-Have-One-Cashier-Working-At-Any-Time Safeway!

  • No advantage to whom? The consumer of the product, or the environment (and hence all of us)? Yes, I too agree the benefits of organic to the end consumer are clearly overstated (including the flavor).

  • yay! and just in time for the #boycottwholefoods endeavor. excellence. I’d imagine the owner of Yes! isn’t nearly such an ahole…

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