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  • Love the Mt. Pleasant street sign pic… Love the fact that the street sign pole isn’t included in the pic – makes for a very interesting shot!

    Excellent work, as usual!

  • wow- those images bring back some rough memories. Though, I am still amazed and thankful we all made it out of that building safe and sound.

  • That run-down building looks like Bosnia in the 1990’s.

    Great photos.


  • Actually I was thinking Warsaw, 1945….

  • Me n luc, I am very glad you all made it alive that night and hope for the return of our neighbors to the street…



  • Though these run down buildings do resemble many sites of former Yugoslavia I was going to comment that they remind me of the Roman Forum. I find these buildings fascinating too bad they will be fixed up. Lets keep these ancient ruins as they are.

  • i love these! i just saw the older gentleman with the roses last night!

  • Ah my old apartment 3145, reminiscent indeed of Yugoslavia…

  • Como siempre, great photos pana mia – next stop G-ville

  • That older gentleman lives in my building. He is Iranian. Really nice guy. Doesn’t speak a lick of English though!

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