Non Restaurant Development News – 1469 Church Street, NW Becomes a CrossFit Gym


The space that formerly housed Eco Green Living is becoming a gym. But not any ordinary gym – it’s becoming a CrossFit. For those not familiar with CrossFit you can sign up for a 3 session workshop and read more about it on their Web site. The owner of this space, which opens today, John Main, said that basically CrossFit is “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at a high intensity”. All I know is that my Uncle, in his 60s, does CrossFit and can easily kick my ass. Though I guess before he did CrossFit he could still kick my ass… Anyway, it’s great to see Church Street filling its empty storefronts particularly with a great spot like this.


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  • The gym int he firehouse on NY Ave is also a Crossfit and Parcours gym.

  • Crossfit has been a humbling daily experience for me and was excited to hear the news that a new gym would be featuring it. Maybe it is a function of the location or low trainer/trainee ratios, but the prices seem extremely high. $250 a month is more than double what Primal Fitness charges for the same classes. At $100 an hour (I could be wrong, I only quickly scanned the price list), the pay as you go option is more expensive than if I hired a private trainer to work with me alone.

    Nonetheless, best of luck to them.

  • the price difference is a bit narrower than that Truxton K. it’s more like $150 vs. $200 for unlimited classes. considering the location on Church St. likely has much higher rent/mortgage than the NY ave. location, the cost difference is probably not without merit.

  • Am I the only one who thinks a fool would open up a gym right next door to a HUGE gym that offers more services at a lower monthly rate (and also has trainers that do Crossfit?)

    Vida is a dope gym, has endless pools, steam room, sauna and sweet showers plus a ton of brand new equipment… and trainers that do crossfit (which is where I learned of crossfit, which is a crazy hard workout). So, why would I pay $250 when across the street I can pay $84… (plus trainer fees).

  • this is an awesome addition to the neighborhood and totally worth it. in fact, it’s a steal. their classes are unlimited and you can’t say that about vida at all. even if trainers at vida only cost 50 bucks an hour, three workouts a week adds up to at least $600 a month (probably more like a $900+) plus your $84. you can come in as many times as you want at this place.

    plus, having tried to do crossfit in places like vida (but not vida), i can tell you it’s not the same at all. this is a legit crossfit gym and the only place to do the best (and hardest) workout in the world the right way. for $199 a month (six months), i’m signing up now.

    p.s. truxton k.: their pay as you go is $20 a class, not $100. it’s $99 for personal training, which is probably the going rate anywhere.

  • Staying fit always makes me cross. . .

  • Actually, all classes at Vida are unlimited… And personal training is much different than attending a class. So, I can either get a wide variety of classes and the benefits of all the amenities at Vida or I can pay over double just for “classes” (not even 1 on 1 time) and get no amenities… me thinks I’ll take vida. Good luck, but my money’s on this place closing within a year…

  • I’m one of the “fools” that is happy to pay $199 a month rather than go to the gym with endless saunas and face massages across the street. I go at least 5 times a week meaning it works out to about 10 bucks a class for amazing training and community that pushes me to work hard.

    Not all trainers are created equal and if you work out with John or Mel one time you will know exactly what I mean. As for the classes not being 1 on 1. Most workouts are 20 min long and the classes are a hour long. This means we go through the them (especially the lifts that require a greater attention to safety and technique) in groups of 2 or 3’s at a time. And there are TWO trainers present for EVERY class.

    Look everyone has different goals in the gym and Vida is probably great for some people.

    CrossFit MPH will work best for people that not pretentious about fitness, come to the gym to sweat by working out rather than in the sauna. People that want trainers that are knowledgeable, will not put up with bullshit and will push them to their absolute edge. Plus the community is tight and pretty awesome. We have a good time at and occasionally outside the gym.

    So I’ll take AA’s bet cause John and Mel will be around and thriving in a year. I put 100$ on it. Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?


  • Jeez, SP… Do you own the gym? I didn’t call anyone who went there a fool, I called the owner a fool. HUGE difference. To each his own. I’m just pointing out that opening up a gym at $199 a month (6 month commitment) next door to a gym that costs $84 dollars a month (year commitment) means the client can shop… and generally most humans are looking for the best bang for their buck. This may mean going to this gym or it may mean going across the street to vida. I’m not looking for a fight, just making a point. Again, no person who chooses to go to this gym is a fool, I’m glad to see people get good workouts in… THE OWNER IS THE FOOL*.

    (* This opinion is mine and mine alone. No animals were harmed in this opinion making process.)

  • Hey AA,

    You point regarding pricing is well taken. It seems like a lot when you don’t know what you’re getting. But its exactly the best bang for my buck that makes me a client of CrossFit MPH.

    I have been very upfront about my relationship to CrossFit MPH (but what’s yours to vida?). I don’t own the gym. I have NO financial stake in their success. I am just a client who thinks its a great place to work out and likes the owners immensely. And I don’t take kindly to you calling them fools either.

    Look the internet is real easy place to get into battle of words and that is not my intention. If you’re in the neighborhood stop by and say hello to John and Mel. They’d love it. In fact, I’ll be working out there between 5-6 today. I’d love to say hi too. No hard feelings on my part at all, just wanted to correct the misrepresentation.


  • Seems to me that CrossFit MPH offers something completely different from VIDA, so pricing comparisons aren’t meaningful.

  • Good Afternoon,

    My name is John Main, and I am the owner of CrossFit MPH at 1469 Church Street NW. Thank you everyone for this lively discussion. I would like to take a moment and explain our new business.

    Our fitness is vastly different from larger health clubs. We do not expect, nor do we plan to compete with facilities that offer indoor lap pools, floors lit with LED’s, flat screen televisions and fancy machines. Instead, we desire to apply the CrossFit ethos of constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity, with our great, and incredibly diverse community of athletes—working professionals, stay-at-home mothers, collegiate athletes and retirees, to name a few. This is the primary difference: we have an ideology. It is one rooted in simple gymnastics and bodyweight training (pushups, pull-ups, dips, rings, handstands, etc.), weight training (presses, squats, deadlifts, Olympic lifts), and aerobic conditioning (running, rowing). We apply these movements and workout in a group environment that pushes and supports the athlete, while expanding his or her network of like-minded individuals.

    Our group classes are not at all like those found in big health clubs. My partner, Melody, and I do not coach from the front of the room wearing a headset. Instead, it is an active classroom, and rather closely mimics personal training more than any other function. In fact, you could call it “very personal training.” We started CrossFit MPH to offer high-level coaching to all those in search of a more effective and expedient approach to fitness. Our athletes who participate in group training—the majority—have unlimited opportunity to use our facility under our watchful eyes. We are available seven days a week if one desires (though we don’t recommend that!). Our athletes are also free to come in on their own to practice new skills and develop strength.

    We came from a big health club. Our limitations as coaches there were plentiful, and our new home gives our athletes more freedom and experience than they previously had. And our athletes—those potential, new and experienced—do not have to pay $1000 or more every month to receive great coaching and see results.

    So, please come by and see us. We would love to meet you and talk about our brand of fitness and how we can help. We hold free workouts every Saturday and Sunday at 12p, and more information is on our website:

    It’s great to be part of this wonderful neighborhood and we look forward to being here for years to come.


  • Several months after these posts, it is interesting to note CrossfitMPH is thriving. Owners note it is not for everyone, but if an individual shows commitment, heart, and a strong interest in performance based training, the value is undeniable. The way John and Melody run the program is very unique and valuable for a lot of motivated people. If the rent is not raised, they will continue to do well as a business.

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