New Wisconsin Avenue Giant – Capturing Signs for Posterity


This building is located on Wisconsin Ave between Macomb and Newark. I’ve always liked the painting on the old C.C. Murphy Building. Many have heard that a new Giant will be anchoring this spot. Here’s a rendering of what it could look like in the future:


There’s lots of info at the Wisconsin Avenue Giant Web site.

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  • actually that spot is where the condos and ground floor retail will go. The new giant will be replacing the old giant. and a parking garage will replace the parking lot. I for one miss Murphys. Its where we always got our school supplies growing up. Does anyone know if Sullivans will return as a ground floor tenant of the new building?

  • ill believe it when i see it. aren’t there still a couple lawsuits pending on this?

  • Yeah, the NIMBY’s that have been blocking this development for well over a decade will probably continue their push. I also stand in the “believe it when I see it” camp, but I’m not holding my breath – those folks have the money, lawyers and political strings to impede just about anything.

  • I work down the street and would be SO EXCITED if this actually happened…but history says it is never going to happen. Apparently a nice Giant would bring the “riff raff” in…because the empty storefront with homeless people out front is classing up the joint. Freakin’ NIMBYs

  • The reason that I like this area so much is that it’s got that down to earth, small town, main street feel, with this weird mural art over an empty space. Parking is a breeze. Walking around here feels less hectic than all of DC. However I hate to say this, I kind of feel really protective of this area, and a bit NIMBY about a new condo/supermarket development. The last thing I want to see is to see this turn into a Friendship Heights situation. We got development in Columbia Heights. We got U Street corridor. We got Georgetown. We need some diversity in this city. Not every corner should look like other corners, and this patch of area is quite unique~

  • How’s the new Safeway a couple miles down Wisconsin coming along? Has anyone taken note of the progress or lack thereof down there?

  • As long as Cactus Cantina remains open during construction, I’m cool. Love me some fajitas…

  • I have such fond memories of going to Murphy’s when I was a tyke – it was probably already waaaay past its prime but it was full of fascination for a kid. You could buy gold fish in the basement and cotton candy on the main floor, and they had one of those massive gumball-like machines that spit out costume jewelry for a quarter. Heaven.

  • Don’t hold your breath about Sullivan’s Toys/art supplies or any of the north block tenants remaining, except for Starbucks. That is not the developer’s vision for the site, rents likely will be much higher, plus the 56,000 square foot Giant intends to sell toys itself and won’t want the competition. The photo examples of the “neighborhood serving retail” that the applicant included in its submission to the Zoning Commission showed Pottery Barn and Godiva Chocolates! It will be just another generic, upscale urban mall concept (although Giant is not as upmarket, say, as Whole Foods, but they own the site).

  • Oh my gosh. Pottery Barn and Godiva chocolates? That’s horrible!!!! That would totally ruin the quirky charm of this corner!!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I really have to think twice about buying a place here. Like I said, I really hope this doesn’t turn into Friendship Heights, or Bethesda. I’m so naive. Why can’t small, independent businesses succeed in this part of town? Cactus cantina did! Washington Ballet did! Why can’t someone come and open a reall cool store/restaurant/space? Why can SF do it, but can’t DC? At the same time, we’ve got mediocre restuarants languishing away, or lackluster restaurants like Z burger? Please englighten!

  • I would shop when it was a GC Murphy, and they had a good selection then at a reasonable price even when the upscale stores became commonplace, those old Five and Dimes are missed looking back when they had a lunch counter at those stores, Murphy’s, Woolworth’s Newberry’s, McCrory’s, and thanks for taking me back with fond memories of those old stores, as I hope the sign at the old GC Murphy will find a collector or at a museum.

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