New Jamaican Restaurant Opens at 3303 Georgia Ave. NW


At 3303 Georgia Ave, a new Jamaican restaurant opened 5 or so days ago. I’m loving the sign:


Lunch Specials are $5.99 and include Curry Chicken, Brown Stew Chicken, Jerk Chicken, Jerk Chicken Salad, and Jerk Sandwich. There are also appetizers and entrees. Some entrees include Curry Goat ($8.99), Brown Stew Snapper ($11.50) and some appetizers include Fried Plantains ($2.20) and Coco Bread ($1.50) of course lots more options available.

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  • Cool. Hope its nicer on the inside than say e.g. Sweet Mango… those guys really need to spruce up the place.

  • Cool, wow, this seems to have come out of nowhere … do they have a website? In any event, look forward to trying it this weekend.

  • Don’t forget that their entrees come with veggies and plantains on the side, so it’s a good deal. Yum

  • at anon 5:28 – i agree re: the decor of sweet mango – there’s much to be desired. i usually just pick up my order and leave. though i might prefer a nicer ambiance, maybe that’s what the owners want. maybe they’re not into offering the whole dining package or perhaps they get more business and keep more of the profit from the carryout model. nothing wrong with that.

  • Have any of you people actually been to Jamaica? Sweet Mango looks like 4 star dining inside compared to your average jerk stand.

    Not everything has to be prefabbed for yuppies!

  • downstairs at sweet mango is not really designed for eat in dining. but the upstairs bar is a great summer spot. good food, nice people and nice ambiance.

    quit hatin

  • CH Resident, ugly and dirty and food poisoning do not equal cool.

    Nice does not equal pre-fab.

    Yuppies rule.

  • I read about the new Jamaican Restaurant @3303 Geogia, MAN, that food was the best Jamaican food I have had in a long time! Thier prices seem like some thing out of the 1980’s. At first I thought the portion would be small because of the prices, boy was I wrong! I ordered a large curry chicken dinner and had to ask for a take out tray because I could not stuff my stomach anymore. They actually give you a free can soda or ice tea or slice cheese pound cake (your choice) at no extra charge! Wow, is all that I can say and you will say the same when you leave there also.

  • I took the advice of “food_lover” and gave that new Jamaican place a try. I have to admit it was worth it! If you luv great customer service with a smile then its the place. The atmosphere is truly artsy, you have to come see for yourself (really). I met the owners Phill and Meaka Allen, (a husband and wife team) and learned from them that the cook is Phill’s elder sister Margrette whom is the one working the magic in the kitchen on first shift every morning and Phill’s the second shift. As I learned their mother made sure all her kids learned to cook, all three boys and two girls. So far I have ventured their three times in one week choosing a different dish each time. A part of me was hoping to at least find one negative I could use to keep my comments balanced. I could find no negatives with the oxtail, the curry chicken or the brown stew chicken. I give them two thumbs and a happy tummy!

  • At least I know their are two of us that had a great time @ Jamdown Jamaican Restaurant. I do have to agree the customer service from his wife Meaka was worth the visit! Take a chance and go meet her , you will discover there are still people in this world that spread happiness with their personality, AND HERS IS REAL! Wow!

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