More Sweet Memorials – Who Can Translate the Latin?


I’ve always liked this memorial by Mass Ave. just east of 16th Street, NW. I love the color contrasted with the concrete:


Who can translate the Latin?



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  • The main one is: “like cures the like”. Anyone who actually speaks latin will have to do the rest.

    Here is a pretty good blurb about it.

    The impressive memorial that stands to the east of the Scott Circle, near the cross section of Massachusetts and Rhode Island Avenues, honors Samuel C. F. Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German physician and the founder of homeopathic school of medicine. Authorized by Congress in January 1900 and unveiled the following June, the monument was the gift of the American Institute of Homeopathy. The bronze statue of Hahnemann is seated on a pedestal centered in front of a curving wall. The pedestal bears the well-known principle of homeopathy, expressed in the Latin phrase, similia similibus curantur (“like cures the like”). Four large bronze bas-relief panels on the wall depict Hahnemann as a student surrounded by books, a chemist in the laboratory, a teacher in the lecture room, and a physician at the bedside.

  • The bottom phrase is actually German: The Gentle Power is Great.

  • first is “likes cures likes” basic medical ideal.
    2nd is “care in all [thing]”
    3rd is actually german. have to remember what milde is…
    oh “the small makes a great”

  • The German part says “The mildew is mighty gross.” Which is universal truth in the great humanist tradition.

  • “In Omnibus Caritas” means “In all things charity”

  • I read the first, though rusty, as “Sic Sempre hairless” which means “always balding”

  • Translation help for the Hahnemann statue from another flickr account-

    Samuel Hahnemann
    Charles Henry Niehaus

    Scott Circle
    Massachusetts Avenue & 16th Street

    Hahnemann (1755-1843) was a German physician who discovered homeopathic medicine, a branch that was not recognized by the American Medical Association and was resisted by pharmacists since he argued that patients benefited from much smaller doses of drugs than were customarily prescribed. Among the proponents of homeopathy were John D. Rockefeller and Mark Twain.

    The monument includes a beautiful mosaic above the seated life-size figure of Hahnemann. Beneath his statue is the saying, “Similia Similibus Curentur” — Likes Are Cured By Likes, the founding principal of homeopathy. Other inscriptions are: “Die Milde Macht Ist Gross” (Gentle Power Is Great) and “In Omnibus Caritas” (In All Things Charity).

    The statue was erected by the American Institute of Homeopathy.

    Much thanks to “Kimberlyfaye”!

  • Isn’t the first one the Health Secretary, that nice looking lady?

  • I have walked past this memorial a lot and always wondered what it meant. Must have been a pretty good doctor to get this memorial.

  • lordscarlet

    They actually cleaned the colorful part up not to long ago. Maybe a year? It was far less impressive before that.

  • “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.”

    It’s a crumby commercial?! Son of a b-

  • yes this is literally a bizarre monument to quackery and lies.

    they should put a memorial to bloodletting and treppanery next to it.

  • Colin McLain, like cures like is not a basic medical ideal at all, it’s homeopathic nonsense with no basis in pharmacology.

  • Hey – trepaning worked for me!

    Also, though I do thing homeopathy has been well debunked by now – it did accidentaly lead to the discovery of nitroglycerin as a treatment for angina.

  • i think its a beautifully designed memorial.
    plus relief sculptures kick ass.

  • All Quackery and Lies eh?
    Have you SillyNannies ever heard of “The Hair of the Dog that Bit you?”
    Now that is a cure for hangovers that has been scientifically proven after many a long night by myself personally!

    Actually, when I was younger my mother took me to a Homeopathic/Holistic doctor in Wilmington Delaware for several years. I cannot say that the treatments that the doctor prescribed for colds, rashes, etc. helped me heal any faster than placebos, but at least the didnt kill me!

  • Homeopathy is quackery, with virtually no scientific basis. And it has killed people–by enticing them away from seeking actual medical treatment that might treat their ailments. But its practitioners and their gullible followers have a cult-like belief in its efficacy that’s almost impossible to overcome.

  • Speaking of doctors. Who is best known as the doctor who specializes in many fields

  • “concrete”? Oh, PoP!

  • or even better…

    sorry, had a rough night and can’t contribute to the discussion…but if the BBC thinks so, it must be true, right?

  • This memorial was featured in Team America: World Police.

  • I think the Buchanan memorial quotes all roughly translate as “Worst President Ever.”

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