More on Probably Crime in Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park Sat. Night/Sun. Morning


Sadly, the city has not yet responded to my queries about this incident. Perhaps it is because it is an ongoing investigation. I’ll be sure to update when they do respond. I received the following email late this morning from a reader:

“I can confirm that there was some sort of incident at Meridian Hill Park early Sunday morning. My friend, who was last seen by other friends at 12:30am Sunday morning getting into a cab in Dupont to go home, was found in very bad shape (head and neck trauma, blood loss) at MHP at 4:30am. I’m hesitant to reveal any more details because (a) at this point everything I know is second hand — a mutual friend of ours told me all of this, and (b) there is a police investigation right now and I don’t want to compromise it.”

UPDATE Please see an update here. No crime according to MPD.

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  • Awful. A friend of mine was beaten and robbed in MHP at the beginning of the summer. He’s since had reconstructive surgery on half his face.

    It’s hard not to be cynical about these crimes and the people who commit them, especially when it keeps happening. Anyone have something constructive to say? What can responsibly be done?

  • Well Michael,

    You ask what can responsibly be done? Now that we have our 2nd amendment rights back, hopefully soon we will get conceal carry permits as well.

  • Seems like NPS needs to do a better job of patrolling the park; especially after daylight hours. Such a large urban park deserves at least one Park Police officer patrolling it at all times, methinks.

  • Michael, beatings and robbings are fairly normal for this city. You’d be advised to “toughen up” and “get a thicker skin” as what passes for attempted murder in most places is just boys being boys here. Of course, the boys are often in their 20s, but no matter. They are suckling infants in fact, wedded to the welfare teat. Your other option is to move somewhere more secure in VA or MD, or get rich and live in the posher areas of DC.

    Re: the concealed carry, that generally is useless as most violence comes via an ambush, not a standoff, or via random stray bullets and other such things you’ll never see coming. A concealed weapon is unlikely to help in any such case, though you may add to the number of stray bullets flying around. And note I am an avowed supporter of self defense and armed resistance.

    Park police don’t care much about a DC park, as they are a federal force. Yosemite has more police quelling violent crime than we will ever have.

  • PoP – is your inquiry with the DC MPD or the US Park Police? This is a National Park Service park so it would be under US Park Police jurisdiction – so its hard to blame the city for not responding on behalf of a Federal agency…

    It seems that all too often US Park Police shorts the District when it comes to patrolling and responding to District residents…

  • re: Pennywise – Meridian Hill Park is a federal park located in DC:

    Meridian Hill Park
    Meridian Hill Park is located in northwest Washington, D.C. and is bordered by 16th, Euclid, 15th, and W Streets. It is a 12 acre site situated on an almost perfect north-south axis.

    Construction of the park was begun in 1914, but it was not until 1936 that Meridian Hill reached the full status of a formal park. In 1933 the grounds were transferred to the National Park Service.

    Meridian Hill Park was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1994, as “an outstanding accomplishment of early 20th-century Neoclassicist park design in the United States”

    Today the park is administered by Rock Creek Park

    United States Park Police
    (looks like District Three, but their website is a little confusing)

  • I live right next to the foot of Meridian Hill Park. I have seen some police presence in the park lately, when I go to work out there have been some car patrols. The officers stopped to talk to a group of young men hanging out there. Can’t remember if it was MPD or Park Police, tho.

    But I have noticed a change in the atmosphere of the park lately. More crowding. More neighborhood people trying to utilize the park by playing soccer and jogging. But also more groups of kids hanging around, who engage in horseplay and making fun of other people in the park. They come in from other parts of the city to hang out here.

    There also has been a recent resurgence in the vandalism of cars near the park. This, along with the stabbings, makes me think that we are experiencing another wave of problems in our neighborhood.

  • Probably NOT a crime. Actually, definitely not a crime. : )

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