More Coming to H Street, NE – A Gourmet Pizza Place


If I stay away from H Street, NE for a few weeks there’s always new development when I go back on a walkabout. I was excited to see this new pizza spot, Inspire Pizzeria, coming to 650 H Street, NE. The sign says gourmet pizza:


Anyone ever heard of this place?


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  • The Pizza Salad sounds delish!

  • I love this idea. There were similar businesses created in New Orleans after Katrina. They give the community a place to eat and at the same time teach young people a skill that could help them find a job later in life and keep them off the streets. There should be more business ventures like this in the city.

  • You gotta wonder if they are serving up Pizza Salad (I have no idea what that would be), or if they just forgot a comma? Sort of like how people use the apostrophe now to pluralize things.

  • At the bottom of the poster/flyer it reads “Check out both of our locations” with a “Now Open” further below but not quite in the photo, where is the first location? Perhaps someone has eaten one of these.

    Also, 8am-7pm, those times seem to be rather odd. Perhaps the most foot traffic?

  • If Inspire’s pizza is “world famous,” how come nobody’s ever heard of them?

  • Here is the Frozen Tropics post on this place. Anyone know where the other location is?

    I remain optimistic that any decent delivery pizza come to Capitol Hill and environs.

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