More Coming to 1400 Block of Church Street, NW – Immortal Beloved Hair Salon


What can I say? It’s Church Street Monday here at PoP. The space at 1457 Church Street, NW which used to house Dragonfly is becoming a hair salon. I peeked in the window and it looked like some major work had been completed. I stopped in next door to NIMBUS hair salon to see if they knew what was going in. NIMBUS’ owner, Yusuf Baptiste, told me that Immortal Beloved Hair Salon will be taking over the space. Interestingly, I asked him if he was concerned that another hair salon was coming in right next door to him. On the contrary, he said, the idea of more folks on the street will bring more commerce to the whole block. (And of course we learned that CrossFit is going in a couple a storefronts down.) Mr. Baptiste’s NIMBUS salon has been on Church Street for four and a half years.

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  • Just wanted to let you know there was a brazen and odd assault/robbery attempt on the 1300 block of R St. tonight. At about 9:00 p.m. a black male and black woman, both appeared to be late teens-early 20s, attempted to rob a woman by spraying her with mace. They fled the scene in a silver car (possibly Nissan Versa) parked just up the street when neighbors responded. Be on the lookout.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Immortal Beloved is the new salon by Kelly Gorsuch of Urban Style Lab fame. It’s going to be a modern, open and airy interior to which Kelly also designed and made the wood furniture! I cannot wait for it to open, Kelly’s the master of layering!

  • Immortal Beloved Salon is Now the Home of Kelly Gorsuch, Kerry Durbin, Shawn Helton, Nate Shearer and Mimi Lockard all formerly of Urban Style Lab…. will be open Next Week .. Contact (202)299-1050!

  • what a joke.

  • Oh I am such a cool hip person that I am going to have to come here to get my hair cut. Kelly may be a talented hairdresser, but he has the business acumen of a two-year old and the personality of a tin can. I give this place 6 months to a year before Kelly has to file chapter 11 and liquidate his furnishings here. Perhaps he should have named the salon “The Titanic”

  • is the slander completely necessary?

  • thats alot of anger.

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