More “Coming Soon” to Georgia Ave. (Hair Salon and Coffee Shop)


“Dear PoP,

I noticed this morning the construction next to Eat More Fried Chicken. Do you know what is happening there?”

The location next to Eat More Fried Chicken, is going to become a hair salon.

And perhaps in more exciting news:


I chatted with a worker at the space being renovated at 3501 Georgia Ave., NW. He told me it was going to become a coffee shop! He didn’t have any more details but I promise to keep a close eye on this one.

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  • Wow, thanks so much for this info on the coffee shop. This is super exciting. I saw that the place looked ready for a tenant, but I didn’t know anything was in the pipeline.

  • “hair salon” or “barber shop” or “wig and beauty supplies”? big difference. we have tons of barber shops and beauty supply locations in the area.

  • If Columbia Heights is the Hipster District and Adams Morgan is the Bar District, maybe Petworth can be renamed the Hair District.

  • Wow, the coffee shop is great news! I’ve watched them working on the inside for the past couple of weeks. It’s starting to look really nice.

  • I agree. Don’t we have enough beauty salons on GA Ave? We should have a moratorium on those. So much potential for that space. Too bad it becomes a salon.

  • We have been on this block for nearly 6 years, and frankly, I don’t care what moves in to the vacant buildings, as long as we have fewer and fewer vacant buildings.

    I love that we’re getting a coffee shop south of the metro – that’s fantastic!

  • I echo the no more hair salons/beauty supply/barber shop sentiment of the above. (Also, no more cricket stores either thanks.) I think what the important question here is, why is this not a wine bar?

    Good call on the coffee shop though- I can see that being a really busy spot weekday mornings. SMART

  • Coffee – Nice. Maybe I’ll be able to stop there after dropping off the kids at EL Haynes.

  • I just hope our kids can get through the lottery process for EL Haynes!

  • Is Eatmore Fried chicken even open anymore?

  • If you owned as many commercial properties as does the chief of the DC Barbers’ society, then you’d be able to fill them with whatever business model tickles your fancy.

    Put yr money where yr mouth is!

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