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  • It’s always great when stories like this one end happily!

  • Now how are we going to keep this from happening again? Does the mother (I know the dad isn’t around) need better parenting skills? Should she be taken from the household? Kids don’t just go missing for a couple of days without some intervention being needed in the household.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Not cool Nate. You don’t know the details (nor do I) of this incident. I suggest you reserve judgment until you know more. Not cool at all.

  • Wow Nate, unless you have intimate knowledge of the family, you are way out of line. Kids run away all the time and lots of times from good families.

  • I repeat kids don’t go missing without some intervention being needed in the home. I don’t care what the reason is. If she felt the need to disappear for a couple days, then someone needs to find out why. Was she with an older man? Did someone kidnap her? Was she being molested/abused and ran away? These are all valid questions if you ask me.

  • This is terrific news!

  • I ran away when I was 9 because I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting the lego set I wanted to for x-mas. I made it about a mile down the road in three hours, which was a huge distance out in the middle of nowhere. I totally still feel it was justified, and I didn’t get the lego set.

  • Several times in junior high and high school my parents told me that if I didn’t like it I should get out. I did. I purposely went to friend’s houses that my parents wouldn’t think of so they wouldn’t find me. All because I had the earliest curfew out of all my friends. Hormonal girls do this.

  • Frankly, I’m still surprised we didn’t argue over whether she was last seen in N. Columbia Heights or Tivoli North.

  • Jeeze, she’s a little girl. Isn’t this a somewhat private family matter? As ineffective as they may sometimes be, we have public officials that are supposed to deal with such things, no? I’d be troubled if I saw such banter if it were my kids, but then again, what kind of community do we have if we don’t rise to arms in defense of our kids, as violent and troubling as they can often can be.

  • “we have public officials that are supposed to deal with such things…”

    Please read up on Banita Jacks and her four dead kids to learn how our public officials deal such things.

  • Those of us who endure Nate’s idiotic posts on the Petworth listserv aren’t surprised to see him once again drawing on thoughtless, stock stereotyping to jump to ungenerous and unfounded conclusions in this forum. Hey buddy, at least you’re consistent (or is it predictable, boring, mean-spirited and unimaginative?).

  • YAY!!! Thanks for covering this POP.

  • What a lot of nonsense talk about which nothing is yet known.
    I hate myself for even writing this comment.

  • The issue isn’t commenting or staying mum. Trying to put a stamp on what the situation may or may not be is unfair. It could be as lighthearted as a “hormonal girl” (like I was) or something grave and much worse. There is certainly a spectrum wherein this situation can fall and we know not the extremes to which it may stretch.

    Needless to say, I am very happy she has been found. And I hope with all my heart her disappearance was much akin to mine and far from the worst assumptions.

  • Some people have such rose colored glasses that they refuse to see the reality of what goes on in the homes of some people. Pennywise mentioned Banita Jacks as a perfect example. Just be prepared to accept the consequences in 4-5 years when little girls her age grow up and have kids after essentially raising themselves.

    Call me boring or mean-spirited or whatever you like. But, I guarantee you that I am more right than wrong.

  • nate please stop

  • Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatthhhhhhhhhannnnnnnnnnn,

    I found you…ok, ok, ok, ok…one more…just because. This one is certified gold. Enjoy your evening.



  • Nate, I think everyone with sense agrees with your concept, but posting it was still a little harsh.

    Which is to say, anyone disagreeing with you is naive and I’m tired of the naive people filling this board with juvenile comments.

    But on the other hand, Banita Jacks case or not, we don’t have enough to go on here to really say much.

    I knew a girl who tried to commit suicide three times, because she had a chemical imbalance and needed to get on lithium. That wasn’t her parents except that they tried taking her to therapy before they put her on heavy drugs. We just don’t know what the situation is yet.

  • Neener,

    Enlighten me por favor… What is the “exact” concept you feel people with sense agree with coming from Nathan Boggs? Because his first concept was to conclude that the father was not in the picture. Shall we start there for $500 Alex?

  • Nate and Neener, You sound like tired old veterans who don

  • Nate and Neener, you are a bunch of sick individuals, you are a disgrace to PoPs blog. Why don’t you move back to the hills of WV and KY. You pieces of trash. Why don’t you go to your ing t party and leave us progressives alone in the nation’s capital.

  • Why is everyone picking on Nate, see the full story below.


  • Naomi,

    Dear…dear Naomi. If you are going to use YouTube to prove a point, you have to use it wisely and somewhat more creatively. I’ll give you an example…In the clip below, consider me the adult and you the child and pay particularly close attention at the 3:45 mark. Next time, just try to be smarter about the point you are trying to make.



  • My earlier attempt to post a comment was apparently rejected — either that or PoP hasn’t gotten to it yet. I didn’t think it too strident — there weren’t any cuss words or death threats or anything like that, but, in order to make my point, I’ll put this in the blandest terms possible.

    Nate is frequent commenter on the Petworth listserv on Yahoo. His remarks reflect, to put it delicately, a pathology consistent with a particular form of personality disorder. Nate will reject that comment out of hand, but he presents his own evidence every time he posts.

    So I reiterate: Nate, please, talk to someone. I don’t mean sit at your computer and post something. I mean sit down and talk, face to face, with someone about your view of the world. A counselor of some sort would be preferable, but if that triggers an “I’m not crazy” impulse, then just find a friend. Cynicism is not reality, sir.

  • Most of my friends are colored people, why does everyone reject my views because they are not PC. I don’t need to talk to some one face to face. Naomi, thank you for supporting me.

  • someone, not some one. Get it right jackass.

  • I often, but not always, reject your views because I feel that they are racist. Racist people often believe they are “speaking truth to power” or whatever. But there’s a difference between “not being PC” and “needlessly, fruitlessly, and intrusively speculating on the life of a kid that we don’t know.”

  • And yes, I know that you are black.

  • Nate and Neener, you are a bunch of sick individuals, you are a disgrace to PoPs blog. Why don

  • Nate and Neener, You sound like tired old veterans who don

  • OK people, because there’s a lot of talk here I will spill the beans.

    Since my house was shot at in 2005 and 2007 I have been angry. I have been angry at the women-hating, children-hating creeps who sold drugs on my block and the self-hating people who wallow in their own depression. I am angry that a progressive like myself is called a racist just because I’m white and I want to live without the street violence that I would never call black culture (it’s street culture) but that the perps do, creating a situation where all who fight low class street culture become “racists” who have to “go back to West Virginia.” I am really pissed off about it!

    I have been really angry about it. I involved the police, I have been personally responsible for the arrest of 6 people, 3 of whom I knew, and I feel I was instrumental in the under-18 girlfriend and baby mama of the kingpin drug dealer to break up with him and take her daughter out of state. I called CFSA on abusive parents. As such I interfered with other people’s lives quite seriously and take what I did and do deadly seriously.

    I talk to people in power at least every week. I’d name names but hell some of you probably work for them and I’m not going to deal with the notoriety.

    As part of this, because I’m angry about it, people in my life have periodically asked me to talk to a therapist about what’s going on in my life. I have spoken to a minister a therapist and a full-blown psychiatrist in the last several months.

    All of them gave me the same basic answers:
    You are not crazy for being upset when your house got shot, when women got raped on your block and when kids got shot. You are not crazy for wanting to move. You are not crazy for being angry at the DC employee who asked you for $100. You are not crazy for being angry about the litter. You are not crazy for being upset about what you’re forced to witness. You are not crazy for wanting to live on a clean street with a driveway. “There’s nothing I can do for you except suggest you move.” That same exact quote was told to me by both the therapist and psychiatrist. “It would be crazy to live with that amount of violence and accept it without getting angry.” All three told me a variation on that.

    Now. Here’s where it gets complicated: I am only the co-owner of my house. Get it? Dissolve the house and dissolve the “partnership.”

  • Thanks for the honesty Neener. You are doing the right thing. Keep it up.

  • If you believe everyone rejects your views because they’re not PC, then you really do need to talk to a counselor.

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