Mid City Caffe Has Soft Opening and Will Open With Regular Hours in approximately a Week and a Half


Ever since we learned of Mid City Caffe’s imminent opening (above Miss Pixie’s at 1626 14th Street, NW) folks have been super excited. The opening date has been pushed back a few times but for this weekend’s Mid City Dog Days Sale, the spot had an unpublicized soft opening. There are still some finishing touches that will be implemented so they didn’t want me to take photos just yet. However, given the fact that I receive weekly emails about this spot, I begged them to let me take one photo (see above). I have to say it really is a sweet space. Its got an old school, sorta 1950s, feel to it. There is a counter to order and two open spaces to sit, with Wifi of course. It seats around 40 though eventually they hope to have some outdoor tables on the front sidewalk. I spoke to a friend who happened to be passing by and she was super excited about the opening, hoping that this space will fill the loss of Sparky’s and 14U coffee shops. I think most folks are going to be pretty happy. It has a very unique comfortable vibe going on. I’ll be sure to announce the opening date when it firms up and becomes official.


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  • Cool, ill give it a spin

  • I checked this place out on Saturday and the decor is awesome. I had their iced tea to cool off from the heat and it was quite good. I’ll definitely be there a lot!

  • WIFI!!! yaay!! love Miss Pixie’s downstairs. my first real bed in 10 years came from there. it’ll be like going home. can’t wait!

  • Aren’t those the colors of dunkin dounuts?

  • I hungoverly stumbled across this place on Saturday and immediately fell in love.
    They have a space for people working with laptops AND cafe seating… WOW!
    Love it, love it , love it… can’t wait for it to open 😉

  • what are the hours supposed to be? it’s impossible to find a place to use wifi that is open late around here.

  • Very excited about this. I miss having an independent and very comfortable coffee spot on 14th. Sparky’s was great, in its early days. Happy for Cork’s success in that spot, but also glad to hear MidCity is shaping up nicely.

  • I went here on Saturday by accident…was at Pixies and saw a staircase leading up, so was curious and headed up there. Glad I went! Sparse decor with older-looking furniture, but cool place, super friendly staff, and they make each cup of drip coffee individually, with just a filter, hot water and the grounds. Took a few minutes but it was really good. They said they plan to have an expanded menu and some snacks/pastries when they open for real. Reminded me of some places I’ve been to in San Fran. Good addition to the hood!

  • Guatamalen Pour Over is delish! Barista hottie is even hotter in person – love the hair 😉

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