Maggie Moo’s on U Street Under New Ownership, Seeks New Name

Maggie Moo’s, originally uploaded by epmd.

Many have probably noticed that the sign from Maggie Moo’s located at 1301 U St NW has come down. I just learned that the new owners, who are keeping it an ice cream spot, are the same folks behind Aroma Bakery and Market on U Street which we looked at last week. The owners, Steve and Sose, notified me this weekend that they are the new owners of the spot as of Monday. And they are looking for a new name. So if you have a good suggestion for an ice cream store on U Street please leave it in the comments section.

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  • Bang-Bang-Shoot-Shoot Ice Cream.

  • Chocolate City!

    Can we funk you?

  • Frosty Pawz – the doggie friendly ice creamery!

  • The Ice Queen …? haha that sucks, nm!

  • Dr. Lactose N. Tolerance’s House of Violent Explosive Diarrhea.

  • Princes of Pasteurized Deliciousness

  • Icecream, You Scream, We All Scream When We Realize We’re the Only Species That Consumes Another Animal’s Lactations.

    Although you could probably go with an acronym.

  • They should just save themselves the hassle and license the Carvel name. They’ve already got a huge brand identification and DC desperately needs a return of Cookie Puss, Cookie O’Puss, and Fudgie the Whale.

  • I like “U-scream”

  • Gentrification Moo-tique: You can have any flavor as long as it’s vanilla.

    Minimum purchase: $27

    But you get free sprinkles!

    The sprinkles are also cursed.

  • Who didn’t see this coming? I’ve been in there and only one person was working. Or the staff was so surly that you hated going there. The Moo was owned by some co-op or something of the sort. Basically, it was a handout giving to the owners. So it is no coincidence that they were unable to run it. Heck, they were not even able to staff it.

    I could go further and give you my opinion. But most of you already know where I stand.

  • What was the deal with the last armed robbery there – wasn’t it thought to be an inside job or something strange like that?

  • Junkpuncher Creamery. You get free crushed nuts with every cone.

  • I vote for U-Scream! That’s great!

  • CarVEL….Ahh……IceCREAM….Ahh…….

  • I’m betting it will be called Aroma Ice Cream. All of Mr. Aroma’s other establishments (the bar, the cafe, etc.) carry his last name.

  • U Cream.

    nyuk nyuk.

  • As long as the ice cream improve (Maggie Moo’s is god-awful) I really don’t care what it is called. And yeah, no Carvel either, that already failed in CH, and for good reason. How about something a little more local and less processed like Larry’s or Gifford’s or something? One thing I miss about Boston is the proliferation of really good smaller cream outfits (JP Licks, Herrell’s, Emack and Bolio), not sure why DC has to suffer with the likes of Maggie Moo’s …

  • I like U-Scream but think it would make more sense on U Street. How about Heights Cream?

  • To the new Owners:

    Hope you keep a close eye on your employees if they are holdovers from Maggie Moos. The three times I went there, they offered me larger portions for no additional $ and didn’t ring up the sales… just an FYI!

    As for a name – how about: “Ice we cream!” as a homage to our new Prez.

  • How about:

    Hometown Ice Cream?


    Hometown Ice Cream parlor?


    U-Town Ice Cream parlor?

  • Moo Street Creamery?

  • Rich Aroma Ice Cream Company.

  • How about When U Cream we all Scream? Or Cream of the Cop, featuring a naughty police officer theme.

  • Gentrification Moo-tique: You can have any flavor as long as it

  • “Finally Some Edible Ice Cream”?

  • Nate, if you know even more details about who was involved I’d like to know more.

    Jeremy, Mt Pleasant was a whites only neighborhood segregated in 1948. Learn your history about DC before you get funny about it.

  • Glad they’re ditching the Maggie Moo’s! I don’t think I can come up with anything better than “U Scream”. It works well as “U Scream Ice Cream” if they want to have “Ice Cream” in the name. Nice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I don’t remember the exact name of the ownership group for this franchise. I do remember it being like a nonprofit. My first impression was that it was a giveaway due to there being very few black owned businesses on the U St. corridor. Service was horrendous. Though that is not a surprise considering very few nonprofit community service organizations could effectively operate a fast food store.

  • @Monkeyerotica: Ants drink the “honeydew” of aphids, does that count as lactation?

  • saf

    David – I am confused by your repeated statements that Aroma (bar) is related to all this other stuff. Can you explain?

  • i lik U Scream

  • How about “Cream in our Genes”?

  • How about:

    “U street Flavors?”

  • U-Scream is genius! If they don’t use it, can I?

  • hope they will

  • In the spirit of TangySweet et al, I suggest … YummyToxic

    Really: they’re selling you big heaping bowls of saturated animal fats and processed sugar. Might as well just smoke a couple packs of cigarettes instead.

  • PLEASE tell them to open a frozen yogurt place like TangySweet or Mr. Yogato. Look how well CaliYogurt does in Adams Morgan. U Street is a PERFECT neighborhood for a tart frozen yogurt shop. As a resident of that block, I would totally be there all the time, and I’m sure others would too. That stuff is addictive and we don’t have any real nearby options on U.

  • Thank you all, It is now “U Scream Ice cream”

  • what do i win? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Ice cream on the house ๐Ÿ™‚

  • As a previous MaggieMoo franchise owner I can tell you, that this franchise is a financial nightmare. More and more are closing. Cost of goods to high, cost of labor too high, cost of build out too high. I wish the new owner luck in their next business venture.

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