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Tackle Box is located at 3245 M St., NW. I’m a huge fan of lobster and was excited to see a sign here for lobster rolls. You can see the whole menu here but the lobster rolls go for $19. So my questions are: How is the lobster roll? Any other items of note? Is $19 too expensive for a lobster roll? Any other spots in DC to get a lobster roll? What’s your overall impression of this place – thumbs up or down?

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  • I love this spot! The grilled asparagus is GOOD! The fish is good too. A bit pricey though.

  • The lobster roll at Hank’s is five bucks more and not nearly as good as Tackle Box’s (Hank goes overboard on the mayo.)

  • 19 dollars is very reasonable for a lobster roll up in new england so yes, it’s a good deal here.

  • $19 for a lobster roll is definitely a rip-off, but try finding one cheaper anywhere but Maine.

  • Right now, Ulah (U St bet 12th and 13th) is doing a restaurant week lunch special for $20 with a lobster roll (among other entrees), soup/salad, and dessert. It’s a very tasty lobster roll, with nice plump arrowheads of lobster meat and a sweet potato+leek slaw (no mayo).

  • Amazing food, amazing place. The prices are about what you’d expect.

  • I enjoy their fried oyster appetizer for $9; they’re rolled in cornmeal and i get them with a side of pesto. Its a dollar cheaper that the small plate at hanks, less greasy. The oysters aren’t as “select” but you get more. Its a nice snack when your hitting the shops around that area or hanging out by the waterfront.

  • The lady had a lobster roll with shoestring fries at Johnny’s Half Shell for $24. Delicious but seemed way expensive. My shrimp po boy with Zapps chips was also excellent for $14.

    That said, I love the Tacklebox fish. Blue fish is what I’m remembering with sweet potatoe fries. YUM

  • Tacklebox is great! I wish more high end restaurants would do this – same ingredients and exec chef as Hook, but at street prices. It is a great model with terrific food.

  • This place is fantastic! The fish taco is the best I’ve ever had outside of San Diego. The grilled calamari is also pretty amazing. $19 for a lobster roll is reasonable – it’s more expensive at other places and not nearly as good.

  • I guess I got spoiled by my handful of trips to Cape Cod back in college. Paying more than $12 for a lobster roll seems ridiculous to me.

  • Ive never had the lobster rolls, but hte wood grilled tilapia with grilled lemons is phenomenal. Also, the best sweet potato fries Ive ever had– thin with just the right amount of salt

  • Concur with Amelia…$12 is about the max up there; $19 is pretty outrageous…it had better be damn good for that much money.

  • If there’s a place in DC that sells lobster rolls for less than $19, I’d like to know where it is. Those bastards have to be flown/trucked in. Unless there’s some underground lobster traffiking/fighting rings I’m unaware of, that’s a fair price for DC.

  • Like the food but anybody else think the portions are too small? I find myself doubling up on dessert just b/c i’m so damn hungry.

  • I think it is pricey but the grilled fish is really good as well as the tea. You can get a lobster roll at Coastal Flatts out in Fairfax for less though. Seafood is just expensive. I went just to experience it once but I won’t be running back over there any time soon.

  • There used to be an underground lobster pipeline running along the eastern seaboard, but it was last used regularly in the 1970s. What a pity.

  • @Anonymous 1:27 Costal Flatts? Fairfax? Really? District of Columbia. Stay within the lines. Suburbs are evil places.

  • This place is great. I need to go back soon!

  • I have a lobster roll fetish. I have to say that while Tacklebox has a mean lobster roll, Hanks seems to have larger chunks of meat on their rolls. So… I’m leaning towards Hanks, but do give respect to Tacklebox. If you’re feeling frisky, Crisfields in Downtown Silver Spring has good lobster rolls (or you can just get an order of the “lobster salad” which is the filling sans roll), which is pretty darn good too. (Big pieces, but they are a little heavy on mayo).

    Johnny’s while excellent, isn’t very generous with the filling, and its really does pale in comparison to Hanks, Tacklebox, Crisfields….

  • This place is expensive but everything I’ve ordered is top-notch, the best.

  • Among my favorites. I wish Barton Seaver could have stayed at the helm. It went from fantastic to still pretty good once he left.

  • You are crazy if you think this place is expensive. I

  • Not expensive for good seafood. Fried oysters = Win.

  • I mean, it’s a lobster roll, up in New England you’re going to be paying the same amount. Would you really want to eat a $10 lobster roll? No, no you would not.

    I only went once (I’m never in Georgetown) but I really liked the lobster roll and dug the casual nature of the place. I’d definitely go back if I’m ever in the area again…

  • Old Glory is way better than this place.

  • Lobster roll = boiled lobster on a bun. A little mayo. You can fancy it up more as you like (homemade mayo is extraordinarily better and really very simple to make) but it is still basically boiled lobster on a bun. Harris Teeter has lobster tails on sail this week for $4.88. Play with your food!

  • This is by far one of the best deals in Georgetown and probably all of DC–the fish is fresh, preparation is simple and classic, and the sides are awesome. Perfect for a quick, casual, cheap dinner.

  • $19 for a lobster roll would be expensive in New England or the Canadian Maritimes. It’s $14 for a lobster roll at the fanciest restaurant in my city. But, I don’t know what it costs to that area, and that could be a perfectly reasonable price for that city. On the other hand, victoriam is right, that lobster rolls are very easy to make. Here’s a lobster roll recipe

  • The Maine Meal here is great – two sides and a main dish for under 15 if I’m not mistaken – and you can linger and talk at their long shared benches and tables for as long as you like.

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