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Bread & Brew is located at 1247 20th St, NW. I think this spot used to house a Greek restaurant, right? I’m hearing that this is a great place. I’d never even heard of it before. How long has it been there? Anyone check it out? You can see the menu here. Any particular specialties that are a must order?

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  • Yeah, it used to be a Greek carryout and pizzeria. After Vesuvios folded and got turned into Wrapworks or Crapworks or WTF-ever, we used to go here. They also used to have a sweet, dank, divey basement bar with pitchers of cheap beer. A great place to loiter after a movie. I don’t do quiche or lobster ravioli, but more power to them if they can pull it off.

  • Been there a few times, particularly for events called “Vegan Drinks”. They have many vegan options, which rocks. The bloody marys are pretty good for their brunch. The decor of the pub downstairs isn’t the most inviting, but the friendly staff there more than makes up for it. They have a great catering business, too – was trying to get my office to use them, but I failed miserably.
    The thing that’s cool about them is that they use quite a bit of locally made plates and bowls. For catering, they use all biodegradable plates and (corn-based) plasticware.
    It’s a good model for what I want to see other restaurants do.

  • Walked by there a couple of weeks ago and snuck in for a beer downstairs. The place was ecletic and homey. i liked it.

  • The quiche is damn good.

  • They have good chocolate chip cookies 🙂

  • they’re our new go-to place for catering meetings at my office. the food is awesome!

  • Under the ‘cocktails’ menu, nothing but wines are listed.

    And aside from that, cocktails and wine are not, ya know, beer. So why does the place include ‘Brew’ in its actual name?

  • Tomato/mozzarella/basil sandwich is great & beer prices are reasonable. I really like this place.

  • I like the pizza!

  • i concur – this place is great. love the food, the vibe, everything.

  • i work right across the street from bread and brew and i go in about once a week. i love their house salad..i’m not a big fan of goat cheese but theirs is awesome…their soups are really great too and ive had some pretty good cold summer ones so far, and their sandwiches are pretty big ( i usually can only eat half at a time ).they also have tru organic cocktails now and once a week they do a happy hour with your dogs on the patio

    i really like this place in contrast with the other lunch places in the area…i feel better about eating out for lunch here and i hope it sticks around!

  • David Garber

    this place is great. roasted veggie sandwich both times I’ve gone.

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