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  • I like it. Quite modern. It looks expensive.

  • Looks pretty cool!

  • I like it. I’d like it even more if I thought I’d be able to afford to buy one.

  • Nice! It has some interest and depth. I like the pop of color that the street level red brick gives. Looks great in the picture – makes me want to go check it out in real life.

  • I love the outside of the building. However, there are a few units listed for sale right now, and I have to say, the interiors of the units are very bland and unappealing to me, and the kitchens are a cruel joke for what they are listing for.

  • The building is nice, but if you ever drive past, it doesn’t fit in the neighborhood. Stands out like a sore thumb. Right beside it is a coin Laundromat and liquor store.

  • Beautiful building, not very nice neighborhood, VERY overpriced.

  • I like the outside but its out of scale to the block and its got that pseudo loft blandness inside.

  • Yikes. I looked at some listings and the only word for those kitchens is Unconscionable

  • Okay I live on the 1100 block of 12th street and go to the corner store next to this building all the time… How in the world have I never noticed this place! I am blind. Love it! Gonna check it out tonight!

  • That place was promoted as “eco lofts” for a long time. I’m not sure what the promotional materials for any remaining units look like. Suffice it to say people that live there paid out the nose for not much gain over what a careful contractor could do with normal building materials and a good clean-up crew.

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