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We’ve looked at this home in Mt. Pleasant in the past before it was fully completed. Initially I thought the partial brown top looked a bit odd. But I took a look this weekend and I think it actually came out looking pretty good. The place is gigantic, not sure if the photo conveys that. I assume it has got to be a multi family residence, yeah? Also a pretty big garage in the back. What do you think now that it’s completed – thumbs up or down?


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  • Quite handsome, but needs some serious landscaping.

  • Just an FYI.. It’s not so much a single home, as it is a condo building. It’s chopped up into multiple units.

  • what street is it on?

  • Mt. Pleasant Street between Monroe and Newton, I’m pretty sure.

  • It’s actually on 17th Street between Monroe and Newton. The building to the right is the condos that are on Newton Street. You can see the construction going on if you look at Google Maps: http://bit.ly/DrrcX

  • I don’t like how they failed to build up flush to the building on the left–it leaves an ugly-looking wall and a gap in the streetscape. If the building is this large anyway, why not go all the way up to the next one?

  • Not a huge fan of the house (brown shingles) or garage (could they have made the doors any bigger?). But at least it is finished after years and years of being in disrepair.

    @ Dan, I don’t think they “failed” when they didn’t build up every inch of usable space on the property. It’s a single family home (now been divided into condos), not a gap in the streetscape.

  • It’s not a single-family home. It’s a condo development. I think there are 3-4 units.

  • There are six units in the building. Since it is in a historic district, there are limitations on changes the could be made to the building, especially changes visible from the street.

  • I’m pretty sure that was an existing building with an extensive remodel. The owner got into a dispute with the owner of the above referenced adjacent building since the work they were doing undermined the foundations of the old house.

  • Funnily enough, I was one of the last renters of this house before it was turned into condos. Interesting to see it finally completed after almost five years of construction.

  • just fyi for those of you who thought it might be single family– the easy way to tell it’s multi (6 units) is to count those meters on the front. Always the telltale sign of MF.

    Also, I think the thing is ugly as sin. It’s got that “fake old” look to it that screams plastic siding and crap construction. Perhaps it’s actually a fine redo, but the look to me is nothing but cheap.

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