Judging New Buildings


Wow, I haven’t been to the waterfront in a while. This building is awesome. It looks like it is going to house the Arena Stage, is that right?


The pictures don’t really do it justice but can you feel the flavor a bit? Thumbs up or down?


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  • thumbs up. that reminds me I saw a renderings of other designs for the kennedy center. and I have to say the one that ultimately got built was NOT the best by any means. one in particular looked more like the sydny opera house. though it preceded it. Ill try and find it.

  • I’ve seen the construction site in person and think judgment needs to be withheld until the building is more complete. It could be a really striking modern building — in a part of town where such buildings fit quite well — or it could be a hulking monstrosity. Walking past it, I got the impression that the new building was getting ready to gobble up the original Arena Stage structure.

  • Yup, its Arena. I’m a subscriber and I’ve seen the models and plans. It should be spectacular. It will also provide new space for development of new plays through readings and dialogue.

  • you came to my (new) hood! I live 2 blocks away and am so excited to see shows at Arena again when this construction is done. I think part of the reason they’re building around the original building is because it is landmarked and had to be preserved.

  • You can find some renderings of the new building here:


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