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Dupont Market is located at 1807 18th St NW. I’ve often walked by this spot but have never stopped in. Last weekend I was dying of thirst at this point and popped in for a bottle of water. I was surprised to see it was fairly crowded. There was a pretty big wine selection but I’m more curious about the sandwiches. Is this the deli we’ve all been looking for?

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  • I LOVE Dupont Market. Their sandwiches are awesome and it’s a super great spot to come, buy some food and beer and sit outside. They are always friendly and prices are reasonable. My only complaint is that it’s not closer to where I live.

  • Washington Post article on the sandwiches at Dupont Market: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/05/20/AR2008052000625.html

    I live on the same block and their sandwiches are amazing. A really great neighborhood spot.

  • Its amazing! number 6 is my favorite and i am not even a vegetarian, its just so good. my friends swear by number 5.

  • This place has some serious problems.

    First, it has some major hygiene issues. There used to be rats in this place. One time I asked to use their restroom and their restroom was filled with rat traps. After that experience I stopped eating there. They say – the bathroom is an image of how the kitchen looks.

    Second, the place does not recycle. At least it didn’t used to. WRONG!

    Third, the people that work there are underpaid.

  • This place is damn good. I make at least a weekly stop there for sandwiches. All the times I’ve been there I have yet to try #5, which is supposedly legendary.

  • Dupont Market is fantastic. Try the Humberto, the best sandwich in DC. I eat there a couple times a week, but i get annoyed by the pricing on some of the sandwiches, which are $1-$2 higher than they really ought to be.

  • I *love* Dupont Market — I used to live around the corner from there and often miss it. Also the owner used to have great wine tastings and actually used the phrase “this is a great breakfast wine” which still cracks me up.

  • this place is UHmazing. cannot say it enough. LOVE love LOVE it. eat there. now. go on, do it.

  • Darn you PoP. You’re going to blow this place up.

  • the only problem with this place is that it’s in a VERY sketchy area.

  • Ha, nice try eric. But I wouldnt worry. I unwittingly went in the day after the WaPo article seriously blew it up. I thought a tourbus had accidentally dropped off an entire busload of tourists on the place. Within a week it was back to normal.

  • Perhaps the best place for outdoor chillin’ and people watching that I know of. Maybe.

  • I work right by there and love their turkey and gouda sandwich on ciabatta. Yuuuum. But I avoid it during peak lunch hours because it gets pretty crowded.

  • sorry, i was kidding, i’m a very trolling mood today for some reason

  • This place is the greatest (read cheapest) place to drink on a nice patio. Buy a six pack or a bottle of wine and sit for as long as you want. They don’t have a liquor license though and have been getting harrassed recently (or so they tell me) so they ask that you drink it out of a different container.

  • i used to get sandwiches here all the time back in 2003-2004 when i worked on 20th. i used to get the ciabatta bread and they had those super-awesome pepperoncinis that really make a sandwich. Great place.

  • i also had a great sandwich at a little hole in the wall “Italian Deli” in Eastern Market the other week.

  • You had me at breakfast wine.

    For serious, I’ve passed this a ton and never stopped in either. I’ve been intrigued, and it looked like the patrons have always been enjoying themselves.

    I’ll wait a week and stop in soon. Hopefully after it stops being oppressively hot outside.

  • YES! The #5 is DELICIOUS! The use a lot of oil, so if you don’t like that I’d suggest the Humberto…

  • FH, I also used to live right around the corner! Hey, did we already have this conversation last week at Leon’s party??

    Anyway, this is the epitome of a neighborhood place. They may help out a few visiting yuppies, but they are also very real with the people who live nearby. I always recommend stopping by to see Kevin around NYE, (unless he’s actually achieved his dream of moving to Miami and selling the place…) One year I won a bottle of Veuve Cliquot there on NYE.

  • Kevin and his store is great. They also make wonderfull egg-based breakfast sandwiches. And oddly, when you are missing the high-end ingredient, he often has it. Go figure. And do not skip brunch at the Korean place next door on the weekends.

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