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  • Had their churros yesterday – were very good (although I am not 100% what constitutes a good one :)). And my wife says the gellato is fantastic – have not tried myself.

  • i’d say pitango and dolcezza are both excellent, really no way to say one is better than the other because they both kick ass. i am loving the gelato trend in this city, much better than the stupid cupcake trend!! gelato rules!

  • I think Dolcezza has the best gelato in town. You can also get their gelato at Pete’s Apizza.

  • Good stuff but I miss the alfajores they used to sell.

  • I LOVE their gelato. Without question the best in town, and well worth the hike out to Q and Wisc.

  • saf

    They also sell at the Thursday farmers’ market at 8th and E NW and the Sunday Dupont market.

  • And the Saturday U st market. Best hands down is that dark chocolate they sell. I need more.

  • I think they’re both excellent and wouldn’t say that either is better. I love the use of seasonal produce by both.

    Also, it’s wonderful getting some Dolcezza gelato on a hot day at the market (but it’s not cheap!)

  • I love their churros, especially the ones filled with dulce de leche. I wish they’d sell those at the farmer’s market too and not just the gelato. I also hope they’re reading this blog…

  • Can you still get it at Pete’s? Last time I went they did not have any.

  • they have churros filled with dulce de leche??!?!? i know where i’m going on saturday afternoon!

  • hands down the best gelato I have every had. Their flavor combos are out of this world!

  • saf

    Oh lord. The last time I had churros with dulce de leche was 22 years ago, in Mexico. I still dream about how good they were.

    I will now HAVE to go there.

  • Dolcezza is definitely the best gelato in the area. They do authentic Argentinian style gelato, which is richer and has a more sticky consistency than the italian style gelato at Pitango (which, to me, seems bland and airy in comparison).

  • Loves it! Way better than Pitango. I ove getting a combo of coconut and dulche del leche. I’m bummed that you can’t get it at Pete’s anymore.

  • Love this place! This is my favorite gelato in the city. And the dulce de leche churros are amazing.

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