Judging Buildings and Roof Decks


The old Hotel Washington building has reopened as the W Hotel at 515 15th Street, NW. The building looks great. But the real question is – how is the roof deck? That used to be a great attract of the Hotel Washington. Anyone check out the reopened roof deck yet?


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  • I photographed this building 25 years ago for an art appreciation class at GW:)

  • Good for you, I bet it was in black and white. Can any one else answer the actual question?

  • Great, just what that place needed: another excuse to raise prices. $12 for a lukewarm bottle of Bud, anyone?

    And the building looked great before W took over. They did a massive period-accurate overhaul of the lobby less than 5 years ago.

  • I kind of like that they shi shi’ed the place up. It just didn’t feel right going there sporting a pair of shorts and fanny pack and the cheesburger being top on the menu. Tapas and overpriced drinks suit this lovely venue better. Looks like a great place when you want to dress it up a little and leave the fanny at home. Just don’t forget the wallet.

  • I loved the old Hotel Washington roof deck. Was a great, great date spot and place to bring out of town guest for a taste of DC. I HATE the W. These hotels insist upon themselves WAY too much. Too bad. Guess its time for me to get out of Dodge.

  • There is a long wait to get in. they reserve seats for hotel guests so often seats are empty. Its the new eurotrash hangou

  • Went last Friday for a drink… beautiful view… the lobby looks really great. I agree with other commenters that the place could be a little less pretentious. The drinks were very expensive, but no more than would expect at a hotel. Definitely make reservations for the rooftop. The place looked empty, but every table was reserved.

  • Psh glad they shi shi’ed??
    The old place was boss. I’m going to miss it but im glad that I got a chance to go before it closed. ugh. this place is a little pretentious. keeping the best view for those that can afford it–or get past the velvet rope.

    With that said…i may be saving and gussying up soon–it is one heck of a view, afterall.

  • Everything is better on a roof-top deck.

  • the food served on the roof was always terrible. great place for bevys after work, or with out of towners.

  • I’ve been up there a couple times. Incredible view. Great but expensive food. You don’t need a reservation to sit at the bar, which is perfectly fine.

    @SamZen Are you always that much of a dickhead?

  • how predictable – many of the commenters don’t like it, sight unseen. the whole city should be exactly like the red derby or taqueria distrito federal or some other place that passes muster, right?

    personally i think it’s great we have a W, the downtown hotels were pretty uniform and stodgy, it’s great to have this vibe (along with the hotel monaco) adding some life to the area. i love that we have places like the red derby AND places like vinoteca AND places like the W AND places like marvin AND places like the Argonaut. ’tis kind of the point of living in a city like DC.

    so you can’t get on the roof friday and saturday without reservations? maybe you should make a reservation! or, try it on another night…

  • Was there a couple of weeks ago, the view was great (that has not changed), only a waited of about 2 minutes for the elevator…

    The staff as always at the W’s are great and very helpful….

    I would never eat there, as its a bar and bars are for drinking and lots of small talk…

  • Usually I’m in the “it was better how it used to be” camp, but this was one place in desperate need of an upgrade. The drink selection on the roof was crap, and the crappy tables/chairs were awful. The hotel itself was also in pretty bad shape; I tried several times to have events there, only to take them out of the running because the service was bad (catering staff was indifferent at best)/food was typical convention-rubber-chicken/venue were just too old and dumpy. I’m a fan of the W, so I’m really excited that DC finally has one, and I’m happy that this beautiful old building has been reincarnated as such.

  • yeah that’s another good point, the prior incarnation of the roof bar had all the charm of those souveneir shops across from ford’s theater.

  • eric in ledroit : Hey Eric, Red Derby on a Sunday is great, the kids get tater tots and good blody marrys for the adults. Any other day or time I hate it. Drunk obnoxious kids. ps get the f off my lawn.

  • Went on Friday. Had a reservation for a booth. They accidentally gave away our table. You have to wait in a velvet roped-off line to: A. Get into the hotel B. Get onto the rooftop


    They do not have flavored vodka in the name of “handcrafted cocktails” but there were only 2 vodka drinks on a a menu of 7 or 8 drinks. Way to piss me off, royally. One of my friends just had a baby a little over a month ago, she had a glass of wine and then switched to water and the cocktail waitress scoffed at the idea of getting her a second glass. Literally, told her she had already gotten one, so she shouldn’t need another…

    The W employees seemed swamped, under-prepared and poorly trained as a whole.

    That said, the view is jaw-dropping awesome. I would never go at night again. If it is open at 5pm, it is *possible* I would go back for a sunset cocktail but only if I was feeling exceptionally forgiving. I was very disappointed with how unwelcoming the experience was in the name of being hip.

  • I have to agree that the place is a breath of fresh air. So many hotels in this town are mediocre, stodgy and overpriced. I wish more hotels in DC would get this treatment. Like the Omni Shoreham, for example. It’s a beautiful old building with a lot of history, but the rooms are in desperate need of a renovation, and the service and food are an embarrassment.

  • I was up there last week…by the looks of the crowd I think theuy were hosting auditions for the real housewives of DC.

  • I was up there last week…by the looks of the crowd I think they were hosting auditions for the real housewives of DC.

  • Great view, comfy seating if you can get it, very “DC” and great for hanging out with your lobbyist friends on their p-card, but SEVENTEEN DOLLAR MOJITOS????

  • @ Chris L, is than an offer?

  • Leo Poonitz – You obvioulsy don’t get it – this is a mediocre, stodgy and overpriced town. W is (I still think it insists upon itself way too much) not it DC’s idiom.

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