It’s True, Burritos Fast for Sale in Mount Pleasant

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A commenter noted the for sale sign in the window and I went to check it out this weekend. Sadly it is true. Burritos Fast which Tina checked out a while back, located at 3213 Mount Pleasant St NW, is for sale. Unfortunately the woman at the store who I spoke with couldn’t speak English and I can’t speak Spanish. I don’t know if this happens to you but my foreign language is French so when someone can’t speak English I automatically revert to French. Though I spoke it with a Spanish accent. Anyway, when I asked why the store was closing, the best answer I could get was “dinero”. This is pretty sad news. I know there were a lot of fans out there so you should stop by soon before they are sold.

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  • And I speak French with a thick acento espa

  • I was a fan of Burritos Fast, but over all they never offered anything new or different which started to hurt the place after a while. I probably ate there 2 dozen times.

  • i ate there several times and could take it or leave it. agree with neener, they didn’t offer anything new or different than many of the other joints on mt. p street. looking forwrd to seeing what takes it’s place. hopefully not another laundromat! (i know i know, space is to small, but you get the drift).

  • Bummer. I thought they made an awesome burrito. And there’s the larger issue of the ghost-townification of Mt. Pleasant street.

  • My foreign language is also French (slowly learning Russian, too), but I do the same thing! Instead of Frenching it up I accent the French with Spanish words… Instead of tres bien I’ll say “tres bueno” hahaha.

    Sad to hear about the closing, though 🙁

  • I hope someone buys it, it’s pretty decent and certainly better than empty storefront. I do wonder how they stay open, I’ve never seen more than a few people inside.

    I’m looking forward to trying the new taco joint just south of there, Pica Taco or something like that. Got a nice write up in the Post.

  • I like the way you Americans pronounce Spanish words “Bu rri row” “Ta co u”, “Quesa de lla”…I guess it’s the same difficulty that I have while pronouncing “Worcestershire sauce”

  • @Nestor – I don’t think many people can pronounce “worcestershire”! I add a few “ch-ch”‘s in there for good measure. It’s “wur-ster-shire”, right? Or is it… “wor-chest-er-shire”… Too much thought involved for a Monday morning.

  • Yeah Mal, it’s a toughie….Wor ….ce…such a difficult word!!!!

  • whirr stir sheer?

  • Whirstir? That’s what I say, anyway, and just hope for the best.

  • oh boy bad news. hopefully not as bad for the owners.

  • It’s wuster-shur. Think of Worcester, Mass. Then add -shire.

    Who says “ta co u”?

  • Yeah, I don’t understand what “ta co u” is supposed to mean… Please remember, we are speaking English, and it is perfectly reasonable to anglicize foreign words. It’s pretentious and wrong to pronounce every foreign word with the accent of that language.

  • Thanks for the clarification. WDC, “Tacow”, the O vowel in Spanish is shorter than in English, way shorter…..

  • JohnnyReb, I agree completely, I wasnt complaining, I just said I like the way Americans say Spanish words, thats all (I guess you could find amusing this Latino saying “worcestershire sauce”)

  • So I will try tonight, if time allows it, to find the scoop on the “Little donkeys” Fast….

  • Oh you have no idea how many a time I said (and still do sometimes while speaking fast) “TITS” instead of “TEETH”….The Th sound in english, don’t git me started on that one!!!!

  • Maybe they’ll put a Chipotle in.

  • This is an excellent location for a florist.

  • Did someone say ARBY’S?

  • this is very sad.

  • New place is open. Still serving burritos – fast. There’s new tiled floor, tablecloths, flowers. Serving area redone too. Same layout. Check it out?

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