International Pop Up Actually Not a Pop Up

1945, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

In a previous PoP t-shirts continue to travel the globe, a reader sent in what was thought to be a bonus international pop up edition. I’ve always marveled about the breadth of the PoP community’s knowledge. Well here is the original photo:


But as you can see in the first photo, from Warsaw, the structure survived (barely) WWII. Then the reader found a photo of Gen. Eisenhower in front of the same structure from 1945. So def. not a pop up! Very cool research.


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  • the power of preservation!!

  • its hard not to make a negative comparison to dc here….
    sigh. i wont.

    thats is an amazing restoration.

  • Most of Warsaw, including this square, was almost completely leveled by the Germans. What the bombs left behind, the Germans torched with flame throwers when they came in and before they left. After the war was over, the Polish government decided to restore this square to original condition because of its historical significance.

  • What if the building is from 1700 and the pop up is from 1800?

  • Pretty much the awesomest thing I’ve ever seen on PoP.

  • I agree with 2b3s! Def one of the coolest things…

  • I’ll bet you didn’t know that the city is today known as Warsaw, because of the war that the city saw!

  • A picture can truly tell a thousand words.

    I know it’s not the usual beautiful life posting, but there is beauty to this life posting.

    Truly one of the most poignant posts I’ve seen here. Such powerful research.

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