I Was Gonna Say, Well Maybe They Could Chose A More Obscure Name

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But then I searched the Social Security Website, by the by who knew the Social Security Web site has a list of most popular baby names.

Anyway Adrian was the 56th most popular baby name in 2008. For the curious, the most popular male name was Jacob and the most popular female name was Emma. Gotta love the Internet.

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  • But babies don’t buy flowers in Dupont Circle. They should really be picking names that were popular not in 2008 but from about 1950 to 1990.

  • The name of the day two weeks ago was “Kushi.”

  • The name of the day two weeks ago was “Kushi.”

  • Off the topic, but PoP–There was a *serious* gunfight last night in the 4500 and 4600 blocks of 5th Street NW and down Buchanan Street near 4th Street NW. Over 11 shots fired and cars peeling away, etc. This was at 11:30pm.

    I called 911, the operator said they had several calls on the shootings, but I did not see a single solitary police car. Not one.

    Can you see what you can find out from the 4th District and/or from Muriel Bowser’s office? When I call the latter, I get nowhere. Any info you could garner would be greatly appreciated by this and other Petworthians.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @J.Con I’m looking into it. Did you call Bowser’s general number or a specific person? Also what time did you call 911? Thanks! You can email me directly with the answers.

  • hmm…bet they never have Kalia as the name of the day! GRRR…can’t even buy a crappy key chain with my name on it anywhere either.

  • PoP–I called 911 at 1130pm, seconds after the shots were fired.

  • I just spoke with a watch commander at 4th district headquarters. A bullet went through a rowhouse window last night on 5th Street NW.

  • If you want to see most popular baby names over generations, check out this site: http://www.babynamewizard.com/voyager

    It’s pretty interesting.

  • Ditto for me on that Kalia, and I always look. My husband did however find one with my name on it years ago from a UK castle gift shop. Looking at the SS website my name is making a come back, last year at 118, the year I was born 256. I don’t know how I feel about this.

  • I hear there are a lot of people naming their kids Bella this year because of Twilight. Its a pretty name, but still… her and all 20 of her classmates at day care in 2012!

  • @ Stubs–Isn’t Bella a pornstar?

  • I have never been able to find my name on a keychain – my mom decided to not spell it the Mallory way because she’s English and it is a boys name over there, so she spelled it Malarie. I’m not even ON the social security website! Unfortunately my name is spelled an awful lot like malaria! Led to an unfortunate nickname of “disease” in college.

  • Oh my gosh you people with the unusual names – do you any idea what it is like to go through life as a Jennifer? There are always at least a half-dozen people with the same name as you in every class, workplace, doctor’s office…your boyfriends have always dated someone else with the same name…One of my sisters has a very unusual name and man was I jealous of her for that (among other things) when we were kids….

  • Try having the same name as a beloved childrens cartoon character. I’ve gotten name recognition as far as Paris.

  • @ Jepz – You do have a valid point about the same name, I can imagine that is just as hard to deal with. I actually hated my name as a kid because it was different, its hard for children to pronounce. Now I really like it but still have to live my life spelling it to strangers, and listen to my MIL pronounce it incorrectly all of the time.

  • I’m with Jennifer…going through life as a Sarah…there’s always more than one of us in a room. And my middle name is Ann–could my parents get any more generic? Luckily I have a rather uncommon last name. Outside of my family, I don’t know any others (although they are out there somewhere). Plus, you rearrange the letters and you get the name of a beer.

  • the rearranging of letters sucks too, just reverse Naomi. I can’t remember what movie let out that little secret.

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