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Here’s another nice one from north Cleveland Park. It’s on Ordway Street. It is interesting to note that this is also rather new construction. I think it’s not older than 5 years or so. Thumbs up or down (especially given the new construction)?

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  • This row of houses was built as part of the deal to save Rosedale, the 18th century estate that fronts Newark Street behind these houses. In general I’m not a fan, though the larger good was served, since allowing development on this block allowed the Rosedale property to be saved as a conservancy and preserved the open space for neighborhood use. These houses are grossly out of scale and loom over those on the other side of the street. I do think the one down the block, where 35th St. runs into Ordway, is more interesting and more thoughtfully planned for the space.

  • I say thumbs up – while it’s new construction, it looks like it was done fairly sensitively with regards to fitting into the neighborhood, and it doesn’t look like every other McMansion that goes up these days.

  • been there for a food drive… it has a tennis court— so jealous.

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