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DSCN2041, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This one is located in upper Cleveland Park. I dig the wood slats on the front. Another bonus about this house was that, to my surprise, it also had a pumpkin patch in the front yard. Last week I was stunned to find a pumpkin patch in Park View but I guess they’re all over town if you look hard enough.


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  • There is an amazing pumpkin plant just off the east side of Dupont circle. It’s in a great flower “patch” and I did a double take when I saw pumpkins hiding in it!

  • there’s another one across from Azi’s in Shaw – not actually pumpkins, but really huge squash

  • Ah, Sara beat me to it. I am wondering how long the Pumpkin at Dupont is going to last before someone steals it.

  • there’s a patch at Montgomery ES at 4th & P NW too!

  • At first, I thought it ooked like the house builder was trying to evoke the Amsterdam city flag with the three St. Andrews Crosses above the bay window. Then I realized that there was one “X” per window, and there’s likely a fourth window on the left covered up by the tree that also has an “X” above it. I’ve never seen those markings on a house before. What’s the deal?

  • Oh no, the pumpkin at Dupont is gone…. 🙁

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