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DSCN1683, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is one of the very first house of the day picks that I ever posted. It’s in Petworth not far from Domku but shockingly I never noticed the weather vane. It is phenomenal!


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  • Hmm… this one seems like gaudy excess to me.

  • That is the home of my contractors – Ant Builders. It’s on Varnum St. Since they’re always busy fixing everyone else’s house theirs remains a work in progress. I won’t use anyone else.

  • Block Party with Open Houses! Block Party!

  • Why, this looks like a copy of your “house of the day” from August 11th!
    That one is blue with white trim, and, frankly, much more attractive than this version…

  • MK — tell us more about this Ant Builders you speak so highly of…

  • Hi Shy! love the dragon.

  • Thank you pop for choosing us again but I have to say I cringe here waiting for nasty comments each time. And they always come.
    Yes, there was a fine line way back when that I crossed that took it to a bit wacky and yes gawdy.
    The good news is we are about to demo the house and turn it into a dog park with gravel too.
    As far as you MK you are my best customer and thanks for the comment.

  • hahahaha. Excellent Shy! I’ll bring Penny over to your new dog park, and she can hide in the corner.

  • I love this house – it’s my favorite in Petworth! I deliberately walk visitors past it. The garden is beautiful and I love the swings on the porch.

  • Anon 2:56, I’ve used them on three projects and they’ve been biggies. They just about gutted my parents house on Crittenden St NW to get it ready for sale, they redid all of my plumbing on my current home and believe me getting the rusty pipes from under the kitchen sink was a 2 hr job in itself and last month they just finished replacing my entire front porch because it was about to fall down. They’ve never overcharged me, always show up when they say, finish on time and haul away the debris. The crew is fantastic. As soon as I save some more cash I’ll tap them again.

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