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  • I dig it too. That whole block, around all 4 sides, has some cool old homes, I wonder who the developer was if such was the case, clearly inspired by something other than the wardman look. The one right down the block has great hanging art and sculptures too. I wish they’d throw a block long open house party someday soon!

  • A few years ago someone forwarded a page from the Sunday Washington Times from 3/24/07 to one of the listservs. The page has a story called, “Petworth, Delightful Suburb, Fast Gaining in Popularity.” My favorite part of the article which mentions that Petworth is “free from all malarial influences, and especially fortunate in the delightful breezes.

    That includes an ad for “Corner of 8th & Webster Sts.” Since this house is on this corner, I suspect the ad could be for one of three houses across from Clark Elementary. The home was being sold by Wm. H. Saunders & Co. from 1407 F St, NW for $1,500. Today, I love this house and covet the massive garage (not shown) behind it!

    Also, does anyone know if Kansas Ave. used to be called Brightwood Avenue?

  • vegnout – Brightwood Ave is the original name of Georgia Ave – not sure when it changed.

    I actually know folks who lived in this house (I am pretty sure it is the same house – used to be yellow) years ago, when the neighborhood was decidedly less popular. Let’s just say if those walls had ears, there would be stories to tell that would curl your hair!

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