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  • ooooh love it! I’m assuming it’s not one large house and is split up into condos/apts… Still gorgeous!

  • It’s a lovely house in many ways, but the lack of symmetry between the two turrets really bugs me.

  • Oh my God, that’s the old youth hostel. It used to be painted all white and you barely noticed it. The new paint job really brings out the architectural features. I wish they’d make it a single family but these days you know it won’t happen.

  • i used to live across the street. it’s definetly been improved in the past several years. although, i don’t think this is a single family residence. i think it’s a halfway house of sorts.

  • It used to be a halfway house but the DC gov’t sold it. It’s now just rental apartments.

  • It’s almost unrecognizable, they did a great job with the new paint and sprucing up the grounds.

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